Cleaning Your House At The End Of Your Tenancy

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An end of tenancy clean is absolutely something you should do if you are moving out of a property. No matter if it’s rented, or you are just selling your house, cleaning will ensure that every inch of the house is covered and cleaned from top to bottom, and ready for the next tenant.

At Perth Home Cleaners, we are in the Perth area and specialise in end of tenancy cleaning. We provide quality service at a great price for domestic areas and commercial businesses.

Why Should I Book an End of Tenancy Clean?

Save Time by Hiring a Professional Service

The cleaning process is smooth, quick and saves you time. Your property should be ready for any new tenants, so having a professional cleaning service will guarantee that your landlord is satisfied with the cleanliness of your property, no matter how high their standards are.

Meeting your landlord’s standards will help ensure you will receive your bond back. This works for both post and pre-tenancy cleaning, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

Get a Professional Vacate Clean

Perth cleaning teams are usually made up of professional cleaners who are well trained, experienced and efficient.

Properties are cleaned every day across Perth for tenants, landlords, homeowners, estate agencies, property managers and caretakers, to help a property to remain as good as new.

An end of tenancy clean provides a comprehensive and in-depth clean, with a thorough inspection of the home.

What Does a Typical End of Lease Clean Include?

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An end of lease clean is designed to be a deep, comprehensive clean. It typically includes:

  • A dust down of every room to ensure every inch of the home is left spotless,
  • Cobwebs and dust are removed from ceilings and high shelves,
  • A wipe down of all curtain rails, skirting boards, lights and light switches,
  • Windows and mirrors are also included with a full wipe down to ensure no marks remain for the next tenant,
  • All door and ledge tops are wiped, including in and around the fireplace and door handles, as they will have been touched countless times

Common Mistakes Made While Cleaning

People often focus on maintaining a clean house but forget the places hidden high up, or behind furniture. End of tenancy cleaners in Perth are known for their professionalism and efficiency so they can easily help with these often missed areas.

Kitchen Areas

The kitchen is left spotless after the removal of mildew, grime, and stains or food deposits, that have been left over a lengthy period of time.


The curtains wiped down and vacuumed, to ensure no dust or cob webs are left interspersed within the curtain material.


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The bathroom is notorious for a build-up of dirt and lime scale, which is why cleaners spend a considerable period of time in bathrooms smallest crevices and corners.

  • The grooves in the sink, shower and bath taps are often cleaned with a cloth made from specific material; any marks or scuffs are buffed out leaving the taps looking brand new
  • Any hair or dirt that is found in the drainage is removed and the drain scrubbed down for a free-flowing drainage system. Bath sides, shower screens and walls are all wiped down and cleansed of any lime scale build-up that may have accumulated

An end of lease clean should also focus on bathroom and kitchen appliances such as the oven, which garners a lot of grease and food stains through heavy use and should be cleaned with a degreasing solvent, which is also used on the grills and hobs where items of food are cooked and prepared.

What Does a Deep Clean Cover?

Shower heads should be properly scrubbed to breakdown lime scale and any dirt that has built up around the shower nozzles.

The towel rails and radiators may have worn and lost the original sheen that made them so attractive, so cleaners can use their tools on removing any grime or marks that may have blemished the appearance of the radiator.

Lastly, a deep-clean finishes with a general tidy up which disposes of any unwanted items or clutter that takes up needed room around the home. This gives the next tenants more room and freedom when deciding how to decorate each area of the house.

Help New Tenants Move into a Clean Space

An end of tenancy clean is a great way to ensure a property is left in impeccable condition, prior to new tenants moving in, making you appear as a considerate and respectable person by the new tenants, and the owner of the property.

Choose the Right Cleaner in Perth

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Cleaners in Perth provide many affordable services that can help to make your house look brand new.

With a variety of local cleaners in Perth, we recommend you choose a quality cleaning company that takes pride in its work and uses high quality cleaning products.

Would you prefer to choose a cleaner that skimps on cleaning tools and solutions or a professional cleaner that has the right tools for each job?

Contact Perth Home Cleaners today to get a free quote.

Why Having Your Rental Thoroughly Cleaned is a Good Idea

Property owners and agents should keep their rental properties in top-notch condition at all times. This is important since potential tenants looking to rent or buy a place will only consider properties that are spick and span, and devoid of any harmful elements like pollen or dust.

In order to assist with a thorough cleanup of your rental, you should hire a cleaning service. Cleaners offer special equipment and trained cleaners who apply strong chemicals against dirt, grease, and limescale. Cleaners like Perth Home Cleaners help property owners and agents get their rental back into top-notch shape after being vacated.

Rental Vacate Cleaning

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Vacate cleaning works wonders for tenants and agents equally as the former can save their deposit while the latter benefits from a comprehensive and quick cleanup before putting the property back on the market.

Lease cleaning services offered include various packages such as bathroom cleanups, garage cleaning and window cleaning as well as restoration.

Here are some tips to follow for rental vacate cleaning:

  • Keep all your cleaning supplies close by; pop them all in a portable holder, or even a bucket, to speed up the cleaning process
  • For the best results, we recommend cleaning from left to right, back to front, and top to bottom
  • Begin with dry cleaning tasks (such as dusting, vacuuming and sweeping) before wiping surfaces down with a damp cloth or mop
  • Don’t forget about any mess created by your pets. Give kennels, tanks and cages a good clean. Fumigate the property if required
  • Arrange beforehand to dispose of any hazardous or prohibited items that your cleaner can’t get rid of

Tenants who are vacating their rental can purchase a bond clean, which can be affordable and leave a property spotless and shiny for the next occupants.

Exiting tenants can also make sure their bond will be returned in full since the landlord won’t have to use the bond to clean the property. Numerous cleaning services offer rental bond cleaning in Perth specifically for people who want to save their bond.

How to Choose a Cleaner?

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First and foremost, choosing a high-quality cleaning service involves research. An important aspect of a good cleaning service is the list of glowing testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

Examples of past work and the option for paid trials are also available. These cleaning services have a host of loyal customers who can vouch for the high quality of work.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Cleaner:

  • Experienced and Trained Cleaners
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Proven Track Record
  • Professionalism
  • Inspection Guarantee
  • Affordable Rates
  • The Range of Services Being Provided

A high-quality cleaning service is going to check all of these boxes and will have set standards to adhere to.

High Quality Cleaning Services in Perth

Residents in Perth have a lot of options to choose from, with many companies offering top-notch cleaning. If you are looking to hire a cleaner for regular domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning or any other cleaning situation, then all you have to do is choose a cleaner that you like and can do the job competently.

May we humbly suggest you give us a call and we can show you why so many people choose us.

Secure Your Deposit with End of Lease Cleaning

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Moving out from a leased apartment or house in Perth can come with a headache. If you are approaching the end of your lease, you should leave the property better than when you moved in.

It can be a time-consuming and mundane task to make sure your rental property is in a fit condition for its future residents. However, not everyone has the time it takes between jobs, families and studying.

A Professional cleaning service in Perth specialising in end of lease cleaning can help get your apartment or house back to pristine condition, saving you a headache and the time.

Leaving Your Rental Unit?

A cleaning service helps you meet the standard Perth-area rental cleaning requirements. It’s wise to choose a company that has been operating for many years as the cleaners have grown accustomed to the quality standards.

Professional cleaners will make the process easy so the tenant only has to worry about packing. Cleaners make sure your place sparkles like new so when the landlord does a final walkthrough, you don’t have to worry about your security deposit.

How nice would it be to not stress about whether your house is up to code for the end of your lease? That’s what professional cleaners are for! It is ideal to choose one that has a ton of experience in the end of lease cleaning space with countless happy clients.

Using an End of Lease Cleaning Service

Cleaning service experts understand what it takes to get a Perth home back in perfect condition before, during, and after a move. The team will prepare every inch of the home to pass even the toughest landlord’s inspection. A bond cleaning service is also an efficient and fast cleaning service designed to solve a major headache.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms

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Trained and experienced cleaners are able to revamp any house without
disrupting your personal life. Cleaning Professionals are equipped with high-end products designed to restore a residence to showcase perfection. Cleaners attend to:


The bathtub, sink, and toilet should be fully disinfected, and scrubbed until sparkling clean.

Bathtubs and showers meticulously scrubbed with strong, yet eco-friendly products that removes difficult soap scum and grime.

  • A fine brush can be used against grout and around fixtures
  • A scrubbing brush used on rough or exceptionally dirty floors and wall tiles
  • Glass cleaner used on the faucets
  • The shower dry, shining and no soap scum will be present when a finger is run along the tile
  • The tiles scrubbed, showerheads descaled and mirrors wiped down


Landlords spend extensive time evaluating your kitchen. It’s the room in which your guests form their first impressions of your home. It is where food is prepared and a lot of time is spent. Cleaners will:

  • Ensure your cabinets, counter, and shelf are scrubbed clean
  • Freezers are properly defrosted, and the refrigerator is disinfected well
  • Make sure grease is removed from around the stove walls and backsplash

Hiring a Cleaning Service for Airbnb

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Perth is home to many travelers, freelancers, and professionals who may be looking for temporary homes outside of the hotel and hospitality industry. Using Airbnb to rent a space for a short time is a great way to make extra cash and meet new people, but preparing the property simply might not fit into your schedule. Professional cleaners will ensure that:

  • A thorough cleaning of walls, floors and fixtures in the home are completed
  • Upholstery is cleaned and beds made up for maximum comfort
  • Furniture organised to create the perfect atmosphere for future Airbnb renters
  • Cleaning solutions supplied by the company and will use the appropriate methods to simplify the entire process

The best part about outsourcing end of lease cleaning is that you do not have to worry about figuring out how to properly clean the carpet or how to get unwanted marks off the walls.

If you want a professional cleaning service then why not book an appointment to ensure your home is restored to mint condition. The team will be fully equipped with everything they need to make any residence look like a dream home. Whether you are moving out in a hurry, or need extra assistance preparing your sublet quickly, a commercial cleaning company is the perfect solution for all your needs.

We cover from Mandurah and Rockingham through Fremantle, Cottesloe and Scarborough to Karrinyup, Sorrento, Ocean Reef and Joondalup, all the way to Mindarie and Butler. We work from Wanneroo, Morley and Mirrabooka to Ellenbrook, Caversham and Midland, through Kalamunda, Victoria Park, Applecross and Cannington to Gosnells, Kelmscott, Armadale and Roleystone and down to Jarrahdale, Serpentine and Baldivis. Wherever you need end of lease cleaning, Perth Home Cleaners will take care of you.

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