Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaners in Perth

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If you have a hectic working schedule, you may find that time gets away from you, and you barely have a moment to consider maintaining your house. After a while, you may find that your home is looking a little worse for wear.

Perhaps mild-dew spots may be building up in the showers, or the kitchen floor is starting to feel a little sticky. You wouldn’t want to spend a precious weekend scrubbing away when you could be relaxing.

Professional Spring Cleaning in Perth

3 reasons to get us to do your spring clean

Bring back the sparkle

After a couple months, even a house that has been cleaned regularly may start to look a little too lived in. After all not everyone would have the time to scrub the floors and wash the windows every week. Getting professionals to spring clean your house will bring back the shine and sparkle to your home with minimal effort.

Perfect refresher

We firmly believe that a beautiful clean home will improve your mood significantly when you get home from work. With the house having had a thorough deep clean, you can come home and feel relaxed without having to worry about any cleaning that still needs to be done.

Time saver

Perhaps you have always had to dedicate an entire weekend or two every year when the time comes to spring clean again. Why not give yourself a break this year and get someone else to do your dirty work! We will help clean every crevice of your house and ensure that you get a deep clean like never before. All without you having to lift a single finger. You will get to use that extra time to have a well deserved break.

Spring Cleaning Perth

What we clean for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Perth

Within the property

  • Cobwebs
  • Windows and window sills
  • Internal window tracks
  • Dusting blinds
  • Washing and wiping down walls
  • Removing dust and dirt from skirtings
  • Mopping and vacuuming of floors
  • Steam cleaning of carpets
Spring Cleaners near you in Perth WA


  • Oven and stove top
  • Wiping down counters
  • Sinks and basins
  • Pantry and cupboards
  • Exhaust fan
The Spring Clean Experts

Bathrooms & Toilets

  • Exhaust Fans
  • Shower recesses
  • Shower screens
  • Sinks and troughs
  • Splashbacks and mirrors
  • Grout in shower recess

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Perth Home Cleaners offer comprehensive spring cleaning services throughout Perth, servicing all suburbs. We accommodate a variety of needs, from cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and other intricate areas, to thorough cleaning for houses, townhouses, apartments, and more.

We provide spring cleaning for entry and exit cleans of rental or personal properties, pre-rental cleans, and bond cleaning services. This service is perfect for preparing a property for rental inspections or making a property ready for new tenants.

For those moving out, we provide meticulous cleaning services to ensure your house is spotless. If you’re ending your lease, we specialize in thorough cleaning to meet all the necessary standards and conditions. We can assist in vacate cleans and bond cleaning, which are essential for getting your bond back.

Perth Home Cleaners can also cater to rental properties, performing one-off cleans or handling specific cleaning tasks related to your bond conditions. We offer rent inspection cleaning services, meticulously preparing your house for regular inspections.

We provide comprehensive pre-sale cleaning for properties on the market, ensuring that your property is immaculate for public viewings. After a property sale, we offer a complete cleaning to meet contract conditions, preparing the home for the new owners.

If you’ve recently undergone construction, our spring cleaning service can ensure your space is spotless and ready to be occupied again. Our expertise extends to cleaning townhouses, villas, strata units, apartment complexes, and deceased estates.

Extra services we offer include window and carpet cleaning. We have professional equipment for maximum efficiency and cleanliness. Our carpet cleaning uses steam extraction and stain removal agents to ensure your carpets are as clean as possible.

We also extend our services to commercial settings, offering shop fitting cleaning, office cleaning, and first or second-build cleaning. We cater to last-minute cleaning requests and emergencies throughout Perth.

Our industrial cleaning services cover commercial sites that require a deep clean, including shop and restaurant fit-outs and new builds.

For any enquiries or to book a spring cleaning service, please contact us. We service Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Rockingham, and Mandurah.