Builders Cleaning

builders cleaning perth

Builders’ cleaning is desirable for post-renovation after builders have completed their building assignment.

They can leave dust, dirt and debris strewn all over your freshly renovated property. This is the time to call in professional builder cleaners.

We will schedule our cleaning to follow any building work carried out at your property immediately.

Our builder’s house cleaning is efficient and specialised. In order to clean a house properly after construction, you need to clean every inch with a fine tooth comb to ensure you remove any leftover dust. We also can scrape off any packaging or stickers still attached to windows, glass or other household items.

After months your home renovation construction project is finally done. Now, it’s almost time to return the house back to the excited owners who can’t wait to step back into their Perth dream home!

As a construction contractor, you’re pleased with the craftsmanship and handiwork of your job well done, and you only have two days to get the home spotless and fresh and to turn it from a construction site into a model home condition.  Construction is your forte, not cleaning. You know you need a cleaning company, but not just any cleaning company. You need an after-building cleaning company.

Our Service Area in Perth For Your Builders Clean

Construction companies around Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland, Rockingham and Mandurah in WA trust us to complete their construction cleaning jobs to a high standard. Our professional new construction cleaning, new development, and shop fit cleaning services are also available upon request.  Either call or email us with the relevant details, including your specified time and date.

Perth Home Cleaners offer high-quality builders cleaning in all Perth metro areas and extends from part cleaning after minor renovation to a full builders clean. This includes the interior and exterior of the house. Our property cleaning service will make your new renovations shine and stand out.

Our customers are happy with the result and understand builders’ cleaning is difficult and specialised. Any cleaning after a renovation is best left to the professionals and experts. Otherwise, you may be finding dust in your new home for years to come.

Multi-Storey Apartment Cleaners Perth

Perth builders cleaners

Our builder’s cleaning is available to owners of large multi-office building companies. Multi-storey apartment cleaning and high-rise new build cleaning in Perth are one of our specialities.

Multi-storey property building owners in Perth often call us to provide builders cleaning services for them. We can clean up after renovations easily and specialise in offering full builders cleaning. Get in touch with us if you own any houses, multi-storey and/or high-rise buildings.

Our post-renovation cleaning in Perth and surrounding suburbs is mainly for after-character home restoration or new two or 3-story luxury townhouses or apartments. Households often call for our service to vacuum and wipe away all the brick dust and gyprock dust.

Sometimes even the smallest renovation in your house requires thorough cleaning afterwards. This can be from simply cutting a new door to new electrical work in the house. Tradesmen are specialists in their area and can’t afford the time to clean to the standard expected. Smart tradesmen phone Perth Home Cleaners for any of your home renovation cleanings.

A Specialised Skill from Our Builders Cleaners

It takes a team of trained professionals to turn a construction site into a showcase home in a day’s time.  And it takes more than just a regular cleaning company to do the job right.  It’s far more than just deep cleaning floors, carpets, bathrooms, tubs, sinks, and kitchen appliances. With an after-building cleaning company, you get a team of specialised cleaning professionals. These professionals know how to clean up a home post-construction to prepare it for turnover back to the client for move-in or sale.

These dedicated professionals will work tirelessly to comb through each room of the house. Other tasks include removing construction dust from all floors and surfaces, including ceiling fans, countertops, windows, appliance tops, wardrobe tops, light switches, and railings.  They will take the time to inspect your work and remove any excess paint or plaster that may splash onto another surface by accident.  They will find and dispose of any remaining construction debris you may miss by mistake.

Trust in Confidence

Building and construction clean ups in Perth

Using a professional after-building cleaning service like ours, you can rest with confidence that the job is being done right.  After building, cleaners have undergone specialised training and have all the right supplies and tools to get the job done.  Moonlighting home cleaners looking to make an extra buck sweeping and dusting is not our concept.

A full-time professional is serious about the associating profession. We know that both your reputation and our reputation are at stake for a job well done.

It is true that a newly built home must be pristine upon return to the client. We work our hardest to ensure the job is done right.  You know that a professional after-building cleaning service will be thorough and efficient. This is to focus on getting all traces of construction residue out of the home and transforming the property into a showcase piece fit for Sunday sales.

Your House will Sparkle with Our Builders Cleaning.

A professional cleaning service is what the doctor will order!  There are two typical situations that everyone faces. One of these is the deep clean you need every six months to get to all the parts of the house you can’t. The second situation is a restorative deep clean for vacating your home so you can get your deposit back, or when you’re ready to sell, call upon a professional cleaning service. Life is too short, and the dirtiest work, like most things in life, is best left to the professionals.

It will help if you provide the company with a list of anything that requires special attention. It would be handy always to make arrangements for the cleaners to be able to access the property-it sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how details can slip your mind when you’re busy!

If you have decided to hire one of the moving-out cleaners Perth offers, keeping the people who are helping you move fed and providing them with plenty of water is a good way to keep them on schedule.

Happy moving!

After Building Cleaning for All Occasions

A good after-building cleaning company can take on any after-building cleaning project. Sometimes, the construction project is a brand-new development of an entire building. Another case is the renovation of a specific room, is a single-family home or a multi-story complex; professional after-building cleaners use the same tools, techniques and methodologies to precision clean your project thoroughly and methodically. Wherever you are, know that you can count on a professional after-building cleaning service to get your property into spotless showcase shape for turnover back to your client, whether they’re moving back in or heading for the Sunday listings.

To sum it up, home cleaning is something that we cannot ignore. You have to make sure that your home remains clean if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy. Cleaning a 3-bedroom house can be a lot of work. Hence, it is best to assign this task to professionals like Perth Home Cleaners. This is because they can perform it in a better and an efficient manner. It is a good idea to compare quotes from different professional cleaners to find the best deal. The cost of cleaning doesn’t matter. In the end, the return you get for your investment in the health of your family is infinitely more valuable.

Builders Handover Clean Perth

Final builders clean

On completion of a new building or construction site, the final step before handing it over to the new owners is thoroughly cleaning the entire building. This cleaning includes a total clean of the interior of the building as well as window cleaning.

A builder’s final clean is always necessary, and it requires that the new building be ready and conducive for the new occupants. All cupboards and drawers are cleaned of debris and sawdust, the doors, frames and walls are cleaned to be dust-free, light fittings are cleaned, and bathrooms are cleaned and free of dust and paints.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a self-build or you’re a large builder; the final work to be done on the house is cleaning. Building a home is a very stressful task, so it is better to hand over the final builder’s cleaning to a professional builder’s cleaning company.

The final builder clean is an essential component in the process of residential and commercial construction and renovation; it prepares your property for immediate occupation by a tenant, for sale, or handover to your client. It is therefore important that, when considering construction cleaning companies for the job, you hire one you can trust to deliver the best possible vacate cleaning results.

Aspects of Final Clean Perth

A builder clean is the cleaning that is usually carried out when the construction or renovation is underway, while an after-builders clean is usually carried out after the construction or renovation must have been completed. Final or after builders clean is done before the final handing over to the occupants of the construction or renovation site.

A few examples of what builder’s cleaning Perth can do on your property are:

  • Use of pressure washers to clean the interior and exteriors of the building
  • Deep cleaning of all windows frames and window sills
  • Cleaning all light switches and sockets
  • Removing all residue of building materials, such as cement, paint etc., from floors, frames, windows and any other necessary place
  • Cleaning off the dust that might have settled on the walls and other surfaces
  • Deep cleaning all skirting boards, doors and door frames, as well as all glass and mirrors
  • Vacuum all carpeted area
  • Deep cleaning and polishing all wooden floors
  • Cleaning all radiators
  • Bathroom / Toilets- Scrub and disinfect toilet; Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Clean and remove all limescale from bath, showers and shower doors; Scrub and de-scale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters and clean mirrors.
  • Bedrooms and Lounge; Dusting, cleaning and polishing all wood furniture; Scrub, bath and polish hard floors.
  • Deep cleaning of the window from both inside and outside
  • Kitchen area; remove all lime scales and wash down all wash hand basins, lean in, out and on top of all cupboards, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and hobs.
  • Polishing of all kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning all common areas, such as the lobby, car park, corridors, and lifts

How to Choose a Professional Builders Cleaner for 3-Bedroom House Clean

Final handover clean Perth

As professional cleaners are the best available option for effective home cleaning. It is better to hire them to make your house healthy again.

The one problem that you might encounter here is finding the right service provider for this important job.

The health of your family and your Mandurah home is on the line, so you must make this decision carefully. The following are some tips that can help you choose a good professional cleaner to do your 3-bedroom house clean.

Technical Expertise

No compromise should be made on the technical expertise of a professional cleaner. Ensure that the service you are hiring for this crucial job has the necessary cleaning equipment. This is essential for effectively performing all cleaning chores. You can check with consummate ease by consulting the customer reviews that the company has received from its former clients. You can find these reviews online and also on the website of the cleaner. Here is a good place for you to start.

Years in The Industry

The number of years the cleaning service has been in the cleaning industry is a good indicator of its trustworthiness and experience. Such cleaners have the equipment to handle the issues that might arise up during a 3-bedroom house clean. Moreover, they have the requisite industry knowledge and can perform a much better cleaning job. They are better than an amateur service that has been in the business for a little while only.


There are ways to verify your chosen professional cleaner for the 3-bedroom house clean is not a scam. It is a good idea to check for certifications. You should see to it that a certified body recognises the company. That is saying the cleaning staff should possess certification of training from a credible institution.

Customer Care

It is always good to remember tips when looking for professionals to get a 3-bedroom house clean. The tip is to assess the responsiveness of its customer care services. Good cleaners have highly trained customer support staff that answers requests for quotes in a prompt and timely manner.

Builders Cleaning for Commercial Offices

Among the commercial premises and offices in WA, our builders cleaning is known as a top-notch service. Our teams work well together, and we can clean very large commercial offices quickly. We find there are constant commercial improvements occurring in Perth. Hence, customers call us to clean up after the builders. In today’s world, people have high expectations and focus on the importance of delivery excellence. Hence, we can assure you that you will receive premium quality builders cleaning from us. We provide a clean site upon completion for both domestic and commercial clients.

Some business owners tend to look for serious cleaning in order to open for business. This often occurs after undergoing an expensive fit-out of a building. Hence, this is when Perth Home Cleaners can assist, and we are happy to provide full builders cleaning.

Phone or email us to discuss in detail your specific requirements and the current situation you need to resolve. We promise to act honestly and with integrity in order to give you peace of mind. We ensure that you are dealing with professional builders cleaner. The mess at your property after building will soon disappear once we provide your cleaning service in Perth.