Professional Window Cleaners

Perth Home Cleaners provide either standalone window cleaning in Perth or as part of a combined service with our end of lease cleaning, builders cleaning, for sale cleaning, house cleaning or vacate cleaning services throughout Perth.

woman-cleaning-windowOur stand alone window cleaning is for customers in Perth who require just their windows cleaned. We provide total window cleaning services to residential and commercial customers in Perth that need professional window cleaners for their property. We clean all windows we can reach on a step ladder. This usually covers the majority of windows on a house because even 2 story houses often have balcony’s we can use. We can not clean 2nd story windows where access requires an extension ladder.

Our window cleaning services  includes the whole window glass, frame and fly wire. We take our time to safely remove the fly wire, clean the fly wire, clean the whole window including the surrounds and then we re-install the fly wire. We clean away any cobwebs around the windows and wipe clean the glass so that when completed the windows are streak free and crystal clear.

The time it takes to clean the windows in a house depends on the number of windows and their condition. We can provide estimates over the phone or via email.

We recommend you plan your window cleaning for a time when there is no rain predicted to ensure your windows stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. Often we find our window cleaning services are needed urgently because windows are often cleaned when a home owner is having guests over and want to show of their home.

Our window cleaning services are available in Perth and surrounding suburbs. We find our customers have high standards and expectations so it is important for us to perform and deliver clean windows in a prompt and professional manner.

Window cleaning in Perth is common. We often service large 2 story townhouses that have been built recently.  New home owners are particularly conscious of maintaining their property and window cleaning assists with this desire. Our window cleaners are careful to maintain all windows in their original condition and structure and work to simply clean the glass and surrounds as efficiently and thoroughly as we can.

We are commonly requested to provide full house window cleaning for either an end of lease clean or for stand alone cleaning. We find that even with Perth’s diverse population most of our customers expect the same level of quality which we are happy to assert we can deliver. Homes in Perth are often 10-20 years old and require professional window cleaners to promptly and efficiently clean away years of dirt and muck.

With a growing rental market in Perth we are usually asked to include window cleaning when we are carrying our end of lease cleaning. With so many houses close to the ocean, windows can quickly start to build up salt residue which begins to deteriorate the structure of the metal frame and makes it hard to get a clear view out of the glass.  We use special cleaning agents to cut through salt build up easily, and wipe clean all metal and timber window frames. Our window cleaning should significantly increase the life of your windows and frames.

Perth has access to waterside houses be it either the ocean or river systems. We find customers from Perth request window cleaning often to enhance their viewing pleasure of their outlook. Perth Home Cleaners clean windows thoroughly and includes the difficult task of cleaning all the accumulated dirt out of the window tracks, this can be time consuming and difficult to achieve. Window tracks are almost never cleaned, always being the area left to itself, giving ample opportunity for that horrible black dust to form along with dead flies and spiders. We take our time to clean the tracks properly when we are cleaning the glass, frames and surrounds.

End of lease cleaning in Perth can include window including it is your choice. A full end of lease clean automatically includes window cleaning but it can also be specifically requested. Bond cleaning usually states all windows must be clean and clear and in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy.

Builders cleaning in Perth almost always include the windows. Very fine dust accumulates on glass and frames while building is going on so it’s important to include window cleaning when conducting a builders clean.

Window cleaning is also part and parcel of our spring cleaning. Cleaning windows is very important to present the house. Perth Home Cleaners provide high quality window cleaning for your spring cleaning.

One off cleaning of windows is easy to arrange simply phone or email us to book in a time or to obtain a quote. One off window cleaning is common and is often a large cleaning task left to the professionals, even if you’re cleaning the rest of the house yourself.

Perth Home Cleaners provide commercial window cleaning services to all office and commercial complexes in Perth.  Precision and quality are of the utmost importance for our commercial window cleaning customers. Offices requiring window cleaning often need a regular service, even if that’s once a year. We can schedule office window cleaning anytime whether it’s during business hours or outside of business hours.

We can clean all windows we can reach on a step ladder so while this may mean we can’t clean every window we find we are able to clean the majority of the important windows and do so to a high specification.

Phone or email Perth Home Cleaners for all your window cleaning needs in Perth.