How To Disinfect Your Home

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With the rise in pandemic flu, especially right now, it’s important that you know how to properly clean your home.

Disinfection works by killing the germs that linger on the surfaces you come into contact with. The most important areas to regularly disinfect are counter-tops, doorknobs, drawer handles, light switches, phones, toys, keyboards and any other surfaces you regularly tough.

A surface might look clean and still be covered in germs. It’s best to setup a regular cleaning schedule to take care of them.

How to disinfect your home:

  1. Wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands.
  2. Make a small bucket of warm, soapy water.
  3. Using a rag or a tea towel, wipe down all hard surfaces with the soapy water.
  4. Use a dry tea towel to pat dry any excess soapy water or let the surface air dry for a more thorough disinfection.

If you’re worried about a possible Coronavirus infection in your house, the CDC in America has detailed instructions on the best way to clean specific household items and recommended disinfectant uses.

You can also contact us for a professional, deep clean of your house. Please make sure you let us know if anyone in the house is sick, so we can take extra precautions.

How Should You Clean During the Flu Season?

The cold and flu season comes with reoccurring worries of getting ill and wondering what we can do to avoid it.

If you are knee deep in disinfectant spray and rubber gloves with the onset of the flu season every year, you have found the right place.

Cold and flu viruses have a sneaky way of sitting on objects in your house, but the following disinfecting cleaning steps will help to keep you and your family healthy and germ-free in the flu season.

Disinfecting the House Yourself

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The good news is that disinfecting your house doesn’t always need a professional cleaning service.

You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals to get a clean house, and what’s more, it can also be cheap. The following are proven and safe methods to clean your home without cleaning out your wallet.

Use Water and Soap for Cleaning Surfaces

If you are not dealing with particularly heavy-duty germs and just want to give your house a general clean, there is nothing better than pure soap and water.

  • It’s eco-friendly and will make your house squeaky clean
  • Add disinfecting soap into a bucket of warm water and use it to clean floors, countertops and various other surfaces
  • Excellent for greasy kitchen counters and grimy window panes.

Disinfecting Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are areas of the home where many germs are harbouring, regardless of how clean they look from the inside.

Cold and flu viruses also hide in the bathroom. This is why the floors and corners of the bathroom should be cleaned with a disinfectant toilet cleaner regularly.

Do not forget the bath and sink surfaces.

Use Tea Tree Oil for Tiles

Tree tea oil is an excellent product for getting rid of impurities from the skin and is generally used as a cosmetic product. However, its potency as a home cleaner is not as well known.

  • Tea Tree oil is naturally antifungal and antibacterial and can be mixed with water to clean tiles and tabletops.
  • If a family member has recently been suffering from the flu, tea tree oil is a great way to clean their surroundings and belongings to disinfect them.

Disinfect Handles and Doorknobs

Handles and doorknobs are areas in a house where germs are most prominent. This is due to them being touched by everyone, especially by people who are coming from outside.

  • Spraying the handles and doorknobs with a good disinfectant spray can be effective against the flu virus.
  • After the disinfectant is sprayed, make sure the area is not wiped for some time as it is during the process of evaporation that the germs are destroyed.

Why it’s Important to Disinfect Your House

Disinfecting your house, especially after someone in your family has recovered from the flu is not only recommended but necessary. This keeps your home environment healthy and makes sure that your family is breathing in germ-free air and touching disinfected surfaces.

Ways to Keep Your Home Germ Free

You may want to keep the domestic areas in your house germ-free by disinfecting regularly. However, you should first keep in mind that it is practically impossible to live a completely germ-free life.

You can keep germs at bay and maintain a healthy home environment by following the steps given below.

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Routine Cleaning

Instead of trying to clean your entire house right before the festive season or at the beginning of the flu season every year, you can do a little every day so that it doesn’t become a burden which is too hard to tackle. This is the easiest way to keep your home germ-free.

Wash Your Curtains

Pollution is on the rise, and most of the dust that blows in the wind might get caught in your curtains.

Other debris and dirt might also accumulate in the fabric over time. This is why you need to keep your curtains clean by spot cleaning or getting a professional service to wash them.

Cleaning your curtains is important, especially if someone in your house suffers from frequent allergies.

Scrubbing Your Bathroom

Make sure you scrub the bath and sink weekly to ensure that they are spotless and germ-free.

Disinfect the bathroom floor and give it a good scrub every couple of months.

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Dispose of sponges when appropriate as they can become filled with germs.

Sponges can be put through the washing machine to kill all the germs.

Cleaning Your Carpet

The carpet is an important part of the room that needs frequent cleaning.

It’s essential to remove the build-up of dirt and debris including germs.

A dirty carpet can make children as well as pets get sick.

Carpets should be spot cleaned when stains and spills occur.

Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week and steam-cleaned every few months.

Is It Possible to Have a Completely Germ Free House?

Getting a completely germ-free house is not possible, but you can put some effort into disinfecting your house as much as possible. Many areas of your house may get dirty easily and start harbouring germs if not cleaned regularly.

Examples are carpets, curtains, bathroom floors, sinks, and the baths.

  • Carpets catch a lot of the dirt and dust that is brought in by shoes
  • Curtains come in contact with air from the outside; dirt and germs can accumulate in the fabric
  • Both should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, not just once a year

If you want an expert to take care of your cleaning, then you can contact a professional cleaning service in Perth to disinfect your house and make it germ-free.

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