Upholstery & Couch Cleaning

Perth Home Cleaners offer professional upholstery cleaning services for all your couches and sofas.

Many people will agree that it’s best for professionals to carry out upholstery cleaning. The team at Perth Home Cleaners always welcomes new clients and takes pride in its couch-cleaning service.

Upholstery stains can be difficult to shift, and the material itself can be easily worn out by over-scrubbing. Our company uses the best tried and tested methods to safely remove stains without damaging the couch fabric or fading the colour.

Our professional cleaning products are gentle on textiles, and we can deal with any size of sofa, chair or padded furnishings.

If you find that the colour of your armchair looks dull, it could need a deep clean with special materials. Our couch cleaners can put life back into your favourite chair very quickly.

Pets can turn a clean sofa into a dirty one, and pet hairs can carry germs that must be dealt with.

Perth Home Cleaners also provide high-quality upholstery cleaning and for end of lease cleaning situations.

Regular cleaning and dusting of the house, including carpets and rugs, is something common, but it is equally important to get your upholstery cleaned by professionals. The team at Perth Home Cleaners are ready to help you in this process.

How Having Your Upholstery Cleaned Will Benefit Your Home

The fact is most people in Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland, Rockingham, and Mandurah in WA have extremely busy schedules. So, finding time out of it to clean your couches becomes quite a challenging task. This is where you need professional help, like Perth Home Cleaners.

Here are the benefits of hiring Perth Home Cleaners’ upholstery cleaning service:

We Have All the Cleaning Resources You Need

We have all the necessary professional couch cleaning equipment to clean any material from vinyl and fabric to leather. You can be rest assured to have a deep cleaning of your upholstery, be it at home or office. All our local couch cleaning teams have experienced technicians who follow our company procedures to offer you a clean and safe home.

We Take Care Of Other Things Around

Our crews have undergone training to work with efficiency. We will specifically ensure no damage occurs during the cleaning procedure. While we are at work, we would request you to keep the glass and other fragile stuff separately before we reach.

We Use Appropriate Couch Cleaning Products

Using the wrong cleaning product or chemical can cause stains and can also result in a tear as well. We have years of experience with appropriate products to use for a particular upholstery material. Using our professional couch cleaners at Perth Home Cleaners will result in the fabric having a longer life. Our upholstery cleaning service will bring back the old shine of any furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Service For Your Sofa

Upholstery Cleaning in Perth

Whether you have a leather sofa or other material, we can clean your sofa or settee, making it look as good as new.  Our professional domestic and commercial upholstery and sofa cleaning service will make your sofas or chairs in your home or office clean and fresh.

Your upholstered furniture is amongst the most used pieces of furniture in homes or the workplace. Its appearance can tell a lot about you or your business.

Contact Perth Home Cleaners today and arrange for one of our professional residential upholstery cleaners to come and give your sofas and chairs a good professional clean.

Phone or email Perth Home Cleaners to enquire about an upholstery cleaning quote in Perth.

Ready To Hire Us To Clean Your Couches?

Well, before one proceeds with a house cleaning venture, we have some important information to share with everyone.

Cleaning of couches will be more effective if the furniture undergoes proper maintenance regularly. One can use the standard vacuum cleaner at home, which is perfect for removing the dirt on the upper layer of the fabric.

But those hidden and freely breeding in the deepest layers are left untouched. Perth Home Cleaners are efficient in offering a professional service to eliminate all those microbes that are unseen.

However, for DIY cleaning, one can use a spatula to remove the small chunks, a damp cloth or sponge and a mixture (natural detergent with warm water) to clean stains. You should dry the fabric properly before using it again.
[*Note: Remember removing stains are quite a task]

The Importance Of Professional Fabric And Upholstery Cleaning

Before moving to ‘why professionals’, let’s first discuss the necessity of cleaning these fabrics.

1. Making It Allergen-Free:

The foremost reason for cleaning these stuff is that you will be safe from allergens. Bacteria, moulds, mites, etc., breed on these fibres and can go deep into the layers. As a result, people might suffer from various health issues. These include cough, allergic infections, asthmatic attacks, weak immune system, other breathing issues, etc.

2. Having Clean Air Quality:

Once germs are removed, one will have good air quality within one’s living place. Again, unclean upholstery can also release unpleasant odours in the surrounding area. But we can get them cleaned by our expert professionals to ensure you live in a safe environment.

3. Increases Durability Of Furniture:

Stains and dirt can also lessen the durability of the furniture. However, by proper cleaning of the upholstery, one can ensure to have a longer life of the sofa sets, chairs, etc. It will also give an enhanced shine, and extra expenditure on buying new products can be saved.

Some More Tips That Might Be Of Help For Upholstery Cleaning:

We guess something ‘extra’ is not too bad. Here is some additional information that might be of help.

  1. Keep food and water at a distance from the furniture to avoid spilling over.
  2. While cleaning, ensure not to wet the upholstery.
  3. Besides the fabrics, don’t miss out on the cushion. Take it outside and beat it to remove some of the dirt from the upper layers. This also helps in loosening those inside.
  4. Rotate the positions of the cushions.