Author: Kate Johnson

How To Clean Your House Effectively


To the average person cleaning your home may seem like a task with no set guide or right answer, however there are some guidelines one can follow to avoid wasting their time.

Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning

There’s something about sparking windows and the beautiful aesthetic it adds to your home. And also, think about the outdoor wind, dust, pollen, or even flying birds that naturally makes the windows dirty.

All About Cleaning Your Windows

Window Cleaner Perth

We can get so used to the smudges and dust that cover our windows that we can start to forget that they are there, but just because these marks are “out of sight” does not mean they should be “out of mind”

Finding The Right House Cleaning Company

Cleaning Equipment

Are you busy with work, kids & parents? Are you tired of taking care of the house cleaning and want to hire someone to come in once a week or once a month to keep on top of things? Maybe you regularly throw dinner parties. You like doing the cooking and entertaining, but hate the clean up either before or after. Perhaps you don’t need a regular cleaner, but you need to have someone you …

Vacate Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Rent inspections

Vacate cleaning and end of lease cleaning are simply two different terms for the same service. They can also be called bond cleaning or move-out cleaning. These services can be as beneficial to landlords or property owners as they are to tenants. Everyone is busy with hectic, break-neck schedules, leaving less time to clean their property thoroughly. Yet we all want our houses to be neat and clean – whether we own the property or …