Vacate Cleaning Services: A Complete Guide

Moving from one property to the next can be quite demanding. When you need to relocate into a new home, and sometimes a new city, just thinking about the entire process can stress you out.

When the time comes for you to vacate a rental property, it is your responsibility to return the house in the state you got it, minus some expected wear and tear if you’ve been there for a while. Doing so will get you get your bond back in full. This is where our Perth vacate cleaning service comes in.

Generally, vacate cleaning services are carried out by professionals who guarantee great results. However, you need to be serious about finding a company that can deliver top-notch, premium home cleaning services with the aim to get your bond back.

There are many companies to choose from, including some contractors with questionable expertise. Fortunately, Perth Home Cleaners can always assist with your end of lease cleaning.

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Vacate Cleaning in Perth

We specialize in end of lease cleaning for houses, villas and townhouses. If you are a tenant who wishes to get their bond back without much fuss, this guide attempts to answer any questions you might have for hiring a competent and reliable vacate cleaning service in Perth.

A vacate clean, also known as an end of lease clean or a bond clean, requires the expertise of professional cleaners. As you probably know, there are numerous contracts across Perth, all with the same aim of meeting your cleaning needs within a set timeframe.

It is well known that cleaning your home in preparation for leaving is not an easy thing to do, especially when so many other things need organizing. Finding an easy, reliable service to conduct a deep clean of your rental property is needed to ensure the full return of your bond money.

A vacate clean is usually the last thing you do before you hand over the keys. You don’t want to hire someone to clean the place while you’re still packing up. It’s the last stage of returning the place to its original state.

The purpose of the bond is to cover any cleaning or repairs the landlord might have to do to get the place ready for the next tenant. If there’s nothing left to do, there’s no reason to keep your bond.

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Standard end of lease clean packages:

A standard vacate cleaning package includes:

  • General cleaning: lights and light switches, fans and air conditioner filters, walls checked for marks and washed with a sugar soap or a light degreaser, doors, window frames, skirting tiles, any blinds or shutters, cobwebs removed, floors vacuumed, furniture moved, and finally floor mopped using a disinfectant.
  • All areas: hard floors vacuumed and mopped, carpets steam cleaned, skirting boards & window sills, built-in cabinetry, door handles & frames, mirrors, internal doors, occasional spot cleaning of walls, and light fittings if accessible, light switches & power-points, among others.
  • Kitchen: Sinks, basin & taps, stovetop, all cabinetry inside and out, oven including grills and trays, and rangehood.
  • Bathrooms & Toilets: toilets cleaned and sanitized, walls & floor tiles & grout, vanity units, sink basin & taps, baths and taps, shower area including shower-head, taps and screens.
  • Other rooms: all surfaces dusted and washed as well as doors and window frames and sills, mirrors cleaned, dusting fans, air conditioning units including filters cleaned, cupboards and wardrobes cleaned, skirting boards, floors vacuumed and washed.
  • Outdoor areas: grass mown, weed and hedges trimmed, leaves and other debris removed from the pool, external areas swept, bins emptied and washed, removal of oil stains on driveway or in the garage, cobwebs removed.
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What are the benefits of using a vacate cleaning service?

Regardless of how thoroughly you might have cleaned the house yourself, the rental agent may still hire a cleaning company to clean some hard-to-reach corners of the house or other parts that you might have neglected.

So why not just let them sort out a cleaner? You could, but who do you think will be more motivated to negotiate the best price? You’re also more likely to hire a cleaner to get the place “good enough”, rather than the landlord who may hire a cleaner to get it “in tip top condition”, which will take a lot more time and cost you a lot more.

Just imagine the trouble if you had already moved out of town. Choosing your own professional vacate clean provider will undoubtedly save you a mountain of stress.

On top of the services included in the standard package, professional vacate cleans can also cover appliances cleaning, walls and window cleaning.

If you need your home, small or large, to be cleaned, Perth Home Cleaners are here to assist you. With our expertise, tools and products, our cleaners will allow you to focus on settling into your new home. The combination of our skilled cleaners, and experience with what rental agents look for, will provide you with the reassurance you need to get your bond back.

Our services will save you time, money, and unwanted troubles.

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Why hire Perth Home Cleaners?

As a long-standing, reliable service provider in Perth our staff are specifically trained to get your bond back for your vacated property. You are guaranteed a quality service to discuss any issues you might have. Thorough cleaning and maximum satisfaction are guaranteed.

It is generally suggested that you hire a vacate cleaner at the end of your tenancy to save time, money, get your bond money back and enjoy its convenience. Then you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

Can you get a personal quote?

Perth Home Cleaners is a time-based service provider, that offers accurate calculations on how long your clean will take. Having done many end of lease cleans over the years, we have the expertise and knowledge to determine the price for your specific job. Accurate and efficient cleaning will ensure a spotless property, ease of mind, and costs kept to a minimum.

Contact us today to get a personalised, no obligation quote.

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