It’s Ok To Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

Many people believe cleaning is a straight-forward process that anyone can do.

That’s kind of true. Most people, with enough time, elbow grease, equipment and research can figure out how to get the best results.

But professional cleaners already have the skills, knowledge and equipment to get the best results, every time, without spending hours trying to figure out whether to use a steam carpet clean or a dry carpet clean.

Like did you know that if you treat a wine stain the same as a dirt stain, you can actually make the stain worse?

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Cleaners must have a good understanding of how to clean a wide variety of materials, a thorough knowledge of cleaning products, acute awareness of what needs cleaning and the skill to clean everything to a high standard.

And that’s before realising they have access to specialised equipment that only makes sense to purchase if you’re using it every day.

There’s far more to the job than meets the eye.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Company?

Although some households prefer to clean themselves, a growing number of people are hiring professional cleaners to take care of it.

Hiring cleaners offer a number of advantages over doing the job yourself. Some benefits include the following…

Professional cleaners are thorough and fast

Often what may take you two or three hours to complete can be done in an hour by a speedy, experienced professional cleaner.

Why waste precious time when you can delegate the task to a cleaner?

If you and your partner or housemates are working all day, do you really want to spend your entire weekend cleaning? Especially when you can hire a cleaning company for a few hours, who will do a better job while you catch up on admin, take the kids to the park, or just veg in front of the tv?

Professional cleaners get great results

Removing stubborn stains or bringing a shine to challenging surfaces takes practice.

A professional cleaner knows what products and equipment gives the best results for each room in a home. If you want to remove ingrained dirt, discolouration, limescale build-up or other problematic cleaning challenges, professional cleaners are up to the job.

Professional cleaners are not only good at what they do, they’re also enthusiastic and genuinely enjoy cleaning. For someone who doesn’t like to clean, hiring someone is a great choice.

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Free up time for family and hobbies

If your leisure time is limited, prioritising important things in life matter.

Using a cleaner means that rather than spending your day on chores, you can enjoy quality time with friends and family.

You don’t usually have to be home while the cleaners are working. You can use that time to run errands, get the shopping done, see a movie or catch up with friends.

Cleaning to suit your schedule

Often, the need for a clean home doesn’t coincide with available time to clean. For example, after a hard week at work, homeowners expecting weekend guests possibly don’t have time to clean before visitors arrive.

Professional cleaners can get to work when needed, ensuring a property looks immaculate while working with your schedule.

Let’s be honest – you secretly love when your friends say “I don’t know how they manage doing all that”.

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When Do People Use a Home Cleaning Service?

There are a lot of situations when professional cleaners are a good purchase.

Skilled professionals are able to clean almost any property quickly and thoroughly. Using a cleaner is ideal for occasions when a home has to look its best.

Some examples of situations when professionals can be used include:

  • Deep cleaning at the end of a lease, or taking on a new tenant
  • One-off completion of larger tasks, such as window cleaning or washing down paintwork
  • Whole house clean
  • Regular, scheduled cleaning to ensure your home stays pristine
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Cleaning following renovation, remodelling or refurbishment
  • Cleaning of communal areas in shared accommodation
  • Cleaning on behalf of landlords in rented accommodation
  • Cleaning before or after a family has gone on holiday, or has left a home unoccupied for a period of time

Cleaning companies can clean a single property or a variety of different houses. As well as working on standard home cleaning tasks, a versatile team can also clean elsewhere. If you have a boat, motorhome, caravan or home office, professional cleaners may be able to help out.

What Sort of Tasks Do Professional Cleaners Complete?

Professional cleaners usually do the following tasks:

How Often Should I Use a Cleaning Service?

This depends on a number of factors. A busy home that experiences heavy usage will benefit from more cleaning than a small apartment with fewer residents.

Homes with children, adults with health problems or those who suffer from allergies may need more cleaning than homes with lower risk occupants.

Seasonal variations in cleaning is not uncommon. Some households find they need to clean less often during the warmer months as occupants spend more time outside or on holiday.

It’s also usually a great idea to get professional help with Spring cleaning after the house has been less ventilated during Winter.

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Cleaning in a way that benefits the environment applies not only to caring for the planet, but to ensuring the interior environment of your home is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent dirt, dust, allergens, irritants and pathogens from building up. Although it’s important to remove grime regularly, the wrong techniques or chemicals can cause problems.

Harsh cleaning agents (such as bleach or ammonia), as well as strong fragrances or stain removers, can end up reducing air quality inside your home. For this reason it’s important cleaners use techniques which have minimal negative impact.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices Include:

  • Using physical removal methods (sweeping, vacuuming, polishing etc) rather than chemical methods for dirt removal
  • Using specialist cleaners (such as steam cleaners) to remove ingrained dirt using natural, harmless ingredients
  • If cleaning products need to be used, opt for eco-friendly formulas that are kind to the environment when disposed of
  • Using the correct quantities of chemicals, ensuring no waste and optimal impact

As well as usual cleaning duties, Perth Home Cleaners will usually be able to help with:

  • Oven cleaning
  • Cupboard cleaning
  • Tile deep cleaning
  • Applying wax or other compounds to marble counter tops, wooden flooring and similar specialist surfaces
  • Cleaning leather couches or recliners
  • Mattress turning

Contact us today to see how we can help you get your home or business looking in top shape.

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