What Cleaning Products Do An Agency Use?

There are many different products, equipment and materials that a cleaning agency will use to clean your home or office. Each cleaning company will have its preferred products. Some individual cleaners might also have their preferred products or equipment within those.

If you have allergies or you just want to know what products we use, please get in touch.

Cleaners will often separate their products and equipment to deal with different areas of the house. Areas such as:

  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Food and meal areas
  • Kitchen and dishes
  • Laundry area(s)
  • Oven(s)
  • Disinfecting cleaners

In addition to these items, a cleaning company will also use a vacuum cleaner for a first pass and, if applicable, supplies and machinery necessary to clean your carpet.

Unless you specify that you want the home cleaners to use your products, a cleaning service should generally use commercial-grade cleaning products. Commercial-grade or professional cleaning products can be more effective at killing bacteria, withstand higher water temperatures, and have specialized variations to cover different room needs.

You may choose to have cleaners use your own eco-friendly, green products. The cleaners used are your choice and important to consider if you are sick, pregnant, or have allergies and feel harder cleaners would make your physical situation worse.

If you want a cleaning service to use their own supplies, be sure to ask if they use environmentally friendly, commercial-grade cleaning supplies rather than things you can buy at Coles or Woolies. If cleaners use consumer products, be sure the products meet your requirements. In general, your house cleaning service should have at least five types of cleaning products.

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Let’s go through some of them.

A disinfecting, all-purpose surface cleaner

Disinfectant removes germs which may cause illness. This is important for you and your family’s health, especially during a pandemic. Some cleaning companies offer a specialized “disinfecting” service, which would be useful if you are caring for a sick loved one in your home or have general concerns about germs or viruses.

An acid-based, disinfecting bathroom cleaner

Mildly acidic cleaners dissolve hard water deposits, eliminate mild rust stains, and clean soap film from the sink and shower doors.

Use acid-based cleaners to remove tarnish from brass and copper. Acid-based cleaners often include vinegar and lemon juice in their ingredients.

A bleach-based or chlorine-based disinfecting bathroom cleaner

Bleach-based or chlorine-based products help clean dirt and mould, and also kill dangerous bacteria, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, and salmonella.

Bleach-based cleaning products also help kill viruses like covid, the flu and common cold. If you’re concerned about the spread of sickness or viruses, be sure a bleach or chlorine-based cleaner is used.

A neutral pH floor cleaner

A lot of debris falls onto bathroom floors and since bathrooms are a high-traffic area, people bring germs in on their shoes.

Cleaners should be neutral pH and safe on surfaces. Neutral pH cleaners will not damage any surface you use water on but will still clean effectively

A window cleaner

Historically, rubbing alcohol, or a derivate of it, has been an ingredient in window cleaners. Now, you can find window cleaners featuring vinegar, lemon juice, or other agents.

Whether general house cleaning, bond cleaning, vacate cleaning, emergency cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, rental cleaning, or a final clean, your cleaning service should have these five basic types of products.

If your cleaning agreement includes washing your dishes, cleaning your oven, or doing your laundry, be sure to ask if cleaners will bring dish soap, oven cleaner, or laundry detergent.

However, many customers want to use their own laundry detergent. Sponges, towels, and cleaners used in a bathroom should be kept separate from those used in other parts of the home to avoid transporting germs.

The same is true for items used in the kitchen; they should be kept separate. If you are doing a handover clean, you may also want to add carpet cleaning to your cleaning agreement.

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