Renovation Cleaning and Builders Cleaning

Perth Home Cleaners offer comprehensive renovation cleaning and builder cleans throughout Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland, Rockingham and Mandurah in WA.  Our teams of experienced renovation cleaners can clean whole empty houses or a complex of units in a short space of time.  If you need a renovation clean please phone or email us anytime.

renovation cleaning

In general, recently built houses require a renovation clean after tradesmen have finished with the construction and all the finishing building details.  The last task to attend too is the cleaning.  A full interior building cleaning is available to make your new home ready to be lived in.  A renovation cleaning is an essential post construction detail to request after all building is completed and you are ready to make a clean property ready to be handed over to your customers.  Perth Home Cleaners provide professional builder cleans and have teams standing by to efficiently complete your after building cleaning service at a time and day that suits your schedule.

Comprehensive Vacate Renovation Cleaning

Perth Home Cleaners can provide comprehensive vacate renovation cleaning.  Vacate cleaning services are available for empty buildings or houses in Perth.  If your property is vacated and you require a renovation cleaning please contact us.  We can help if you are in the process of completing your renovations and are due to move in by a specified date.  Completing a full vacate builders clean on your requested date anywhere in Perth is our duty.  We are one of Perth’s most trusted builders cleaners because we can deliver a clean property quickly and easily.

We offer construction cleaning for building sites throughout Perth.  Whether this is for Brownfield sites or Greenfield sites we are ready for your construction cleaning.  Some construction sites have been used by countless tradesmen for many building jobs and the end result is one big mess that nobody wants to clean up.  There is no point undertaking extensive construction on a building or property if you can’t see it through all the builders dust, dirty windows and filthy floor.  Perth Home Cleaners have the equipment and materials to offer full construction cleaning services to competently complete your renovation cleaning.

Detailed and Deep Renovation Cleaning

final clean
Importance of final clean

After builder cleans is quite a detailed and deep cleaning task to request.  We find our customers expect perfection, having just completed a perfect construction for their customer they now expect the same of us.  As long as you have the budget we are able to exceed your expectations and provide a sparkling house, property or building at finish. Our after builder cleans is available on request.  We specialise in full and comprehensive builder cleans cleaning a property from top to bottom to a high specification.

Many times there isn’t much time to plan a renovation clean with our customers wanting urgent cleaning as soon as the building work is finished and don’t want to waste any time with the property sitting vacant.  We have enough depth and substance of cleaning experience that our booking system is easy and our execution of your vacate renovation cleaning or vacate builders cleaning is easy for us to complete to above specification.  Our cleaning is service is designed to be high quality and efficient and is available throughout Perth.

Our builders cleaning service involves a team of cleaners going carefully over every square inch of your property and properly cleaning any dust or dirt away.  We clean over sections move to another area and then return to the previous cleaned sectioned to make sure the dust and dirt has been successfully removed.  Many times the same areas require multiple cleans to completely clean away all the building dust.  Our cleaning service is specialised enough to provide experienced cleaners to provide such a detailed and comprehensive cleaning task like a builders clean post renovation or construction.

Post Renovation Cleaning

renovation clean, builders cleaning
Renovation clean for your property

When you contract Perth Home Cleaners for your post renovation clean you can relax and let the cleaning experts schedule and complete successfully your cleaning requirements.  An after builders clean can be a large and complex task and we recommend you choose a cleaning service that can professionally handle your situation and provide value for money through superior service and high quality cleaning.

After builders cleaning service is available for part cleaning after renovations or entire apartments, townhouses, villas, units and houses.  We are experienced builders cleaners specifically for large property developments, cleaning multiple properties at the same time on the same site.  We can handle entire floor or commercial office builders cleaning as well throughout Perth.

A builders clean or post renovation cleaning in Perth is popular given the large residential property market in Perth.  Renovating your house is a favourite pastime of Australians however it’s unfortunate that it creates such a mess.  We are a professional cleaning service that can enter your property and efficiently complete a builders clean.

Home owners and builders alike usually request post construction cleaning.  Our new building cleaning service is for newly build houses that need a full clean prior to handover or sale.  We can make sure the new building is up to standard and ready for inspection.

Expert in Renovation Cleaning and Builders Cleaning

Perth Home Cleaners are expert new building cleaners and offer property development cleaning and property complex cleaning.  The site maybe in any of the growth suburbs from Perth to Mandurah.  Sometimes we clean a two unit or townhouse development to high specifications.  Other times we provide full property development cleaning to four to eight unit sites.  We also provide multiple apartment cleaning for new apartment complexes.  We can save you time and money by delivering full cleaning services to multiple dwellings at the same time.

Perth Home Cleaners provide comprehensive builders cleaning for new unit constructions and new villa constructions.  We can clean an entire strata unit site from fence line to fence line.  Including all outside grounds and exterior of the units or villas.  We then attend to the whole interior of the property.  Cleaning away all building dust, cement, gyperock and dirt.  We wipe over all ceilings, light fixtures, light switches, all windows and frames, and clean all skirting boards, doors.  Our duty includes focusing on the wet areas kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry because even though they might be brand new, it can take a lot of work to remove every speck of dust from these important high use areas.

After Construction and Renovation Cleaning

builders cleaning Perth
Complete builders cleaning

We specialise in cleaning new houses and homes after construction or renovation.  If you are planning for your post renovation move in we can help as the last item to check off prior to the removalist trucks arriving at your house ready to unload and help create your new home.  We take bookings in advance as well as urgent bookings for emergencies.  New home constructions can be a testing time and it’s common to make mistakes and for things to not work out.  If this happens and you find you urgently need a professional after builders cleaning service phone or email us anytime and we should be able to assist.  We can provide consistent quality at a scheduled time that best suites your specific requirements from Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Rockingham and Mandurah.

Perth Home Cleaners renovation cleaning and builders cleaning is able to provide you a property ready for to handover.  We can take the stress out of any looming deadline and work to your instructions.  We can also provide assistance during construction providing part cleaning services to help you keep working efficiently.

If you have recently completed some renovations or construction our cleaning service for entry cleaning or move in cleaning is a typical example for when our builders clean is utilised.  In these situations home owners are anxious to move in as soon as possible which is when it’s a good time to call Perth Home Cleaners to enquire how our builders cleaning service can assist you to meet your goals.

Importance of Final Handover Cleaning Perth for Commercial Buildings

There is no doubt that vacuuming particles like bricks and rock dust with a regular vacuum cleaner can be a painstaking process which is likely to damage your vacuum cleaner. Professional builders final clean Perth companies have equipment which are tough, strong and powerful. Therefore, the construction debris will not damage these equipment. Therefore, even if you have just renovated a tiny area of your home such as the bathroom door, you will still require a thorough cleaning because the construction guys who did the renovation job for you are likely to leave the place in such a mess.

Builders final clean Perth companies are also called in for cleaning premises such as offices and commercial buildings. Real estate agents are usually their best business associates as they always direct cleaning job to these cleaning Perth. They understand that builders clean Perth companies are capable of providing cleaning services that meet their specific standards.

Reliable Final Clean Experts are Here for You

The amount you pay for your builders final cleaning depends on the builders clean Perth and how much they charge. Reputable builders clean Perth will first ask you for an address so they can come and carry out an assessment and inspection of the building site so that they can estimate the total hours for the job.

Professional cleaners usually concentrate on cleaning the most difficult areas first before doing the easy job as they want to reduce your stressful moment as much as possible. Builders final cleaning job usually takes more than one day and can take up to a week, depending on the condition and size of the premises and the amount of cleaners.

A reputable builders final clean Perth company will follow up and ensure that you were happy with the services they rendered. Good builders final clean Perth is always looking for ways to improve and discover modern and useful methods to clean better for customers.

Move Out Renovation Cleaning


Exit cleaning or move out cleaning is rare with most people moving in, not out.  But sometimes our customers are moving out of their property after renovations. Hence, we can provide a full cleaning service to your property in Perth.  If you are undertaking extensions of your rental property to increase its rental prospects Perth Home Cleaners can clean your new extensions and any other parts of the property and provide a full and extensive property clean for your building in Perth and metro suburbs.

Our property cleaning after building or construction is suitable for any size property, the larger and more complex the cleaning task the more comfortable we are and thrive on providing large cleaning assignments throughout Perth.

Perth Home Cleaners provide a professional building clean up service in Perth and we are just a phone call away.  Our professional cleaning teams are ready to clean all surfaces, windows and anything else you would expect from a comprehensive clean up at your building site.  We complete our building clean ups promptly with great customer service from all team members.  We are happy to follow instructions and clean to your direction.

Building cleaning in Perth is popular with residents, business owners and contractors constantly working to improve the value of a property or building.  Our comprehensive building cleaning uses modern techniques and equipment to complete your builders clean to your satisfaction.

Renovation Cleaning Can Remodel Your Property

The next step after making modifications to a property is returning it to its original condition. Meanwhile, customers can request a bond clean instead of a builders clean.  Either way our experienced cleaners can handle your cleaning task.  It is normal to renovate houses in order to successfully complete the property condition report the rental property. New tenants should have a completely clean slate of place to stay. By doing this, they will have comfortable house to rent and live in. It is vital to provide a clear description of the property condition prior to moving in. Our builder cleaners are available for your rental or bond cleans after construction.

Builders cleaning and renovation cleaning are usually a one off cleaning service. The main objective is to meet a specific requirement for your property and its condition. We can also schedule carpet cleaning to occur when we conduct your builders clean.  Simply let us know the relevant details and we can provide a quote for you.

A builders clean or renovation clean is one of the more popular emergency cleaning services requested.  Luckily Perth Home Cleaners operate to provide on demand cleaning services for almost any situation. We have been dealing with various difficult situations. This is why you can feel secure when booking with Perth Home Cleaners. As a result, you can trust us to complete any urgent renovation cleaning.

Final Clean for Your Property

It is extremely easy to include window cleaning in your builders cleaning. We are professional window cleaners so can make light work of any dirty windows.

Commercial cleaning services post renovations or extensions to your business site is a complex task to navigate.  Industrial cleaning, office cleaning and commercial cleaning customers require high spec renovation cleaning to large commercial premises. Therefore, it is important to provide on time delivery and high quality workmanship.  Perth Home Cleaners is able deliver commercial standard cleaning to any customer in no time.

Perth Home Cleaners also offers carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Please, phone or email Perth Home Cleaners to enquire about a renovation cleaning quote.

Commercial Fit Out Cleaning

Part of Perth Home Cleaners suite of commercial cleaning services is professional shop fitters cleaning.  Thus, clients often request for our cleaning after new shop fit outs or renovations.  Perth Home Cleaners are the perfect choice to ready your shop for business.  Perth Home Cleaners offer builders clean and final cleans for just finished shop and restaurant fit out. We specially design the cleans for your needs. Our teams will be on your site and meet your deadline. You can then publish grand opening with ease.  Our office fitter’s final clean is also available to business owners and tradesman. They more likely require a completion of construction work in order to provide a clean office on handover.

We understand that construction companies work to tight deadlines and published grand openings to the public. This is why we find shop commercial fitters require competent final cleans delivered promptly and to specification.  Hence, feel free to contact us on short notice to provide full final handover cleans for your new build.  Since we have years of experience dealing with many points of contacts, we understand building sites are constantly changing. Besides that, Perth Home Cleaners provides a degree of certainty in such an uncertain environment with our scheduling. Our schedule is flexible enough to change to your requirements and consistent enough to keep any appointment time you make.

Additional Information on Builders Cleaning Perth

This is completely a different information altogether in this context. But especially those who opt for commercial cleaning of upholstery. Hence, we are most of the time search for builders cleaning service in Perth.

Normally, a new office complex or even part of a house will be quite messy once after undergoing new construction or renovation. This means there will be leftover of dirt, stone chips and other debris. In such case, experienced builders cleaning services become a necessity.

Building cleaners scrutinise the entire area and use appropriate tools for giving their client a complete new and clean foundation. Be it a minor restoration work or a major high rise construction, anyone can have the most efficient service from them.

You can make this worthy investment and get a highly satisfying result in return. Thus, it’s time that you contact a carpet cleaning and window cleaning service in Australia now. These professionals also provide upholstery cleaning as well as builders cleaning Perth facility; so that you don’t have to go hunting for separate service providers. Perth Home Cleaners can be the much-needed help you are looking for.