What Are The Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning?

There are three main categories of carpet cleaning.

There is steam cleaning, which is the gold standard for a deep clean, with a longer drying time.

There is dry cleaning, also known as a surface or maintenance clean, which has a very short drying time, or none at all.

Then there is the DIY method, where you use whatever machines and cleaning supplies you have at your disposal.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

When a carpet is steam cleaned, water is injected into the carpet along with cleaning liquid.

Later, the water is extracted or vacuumed back out. Depending on the amount of water, the carpet may take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to dry.

Steam cleaning injects moisture into carpet fibres, but much less moisture than if you shampooed your carpet by hand.

Steam cleaning can work well if you or your family members have allergies or sensitivities to scents. Cleaning the carpet can reduce smell, also steam cleaning removes bacteria and dirt. Unlike dry cleansers and sprays, steam cleaning a carpet doesn’t leave residue on carpet strands.

Steam cleaning can get rid of mould and pet odours and improve the appearance of carpets which have not been serviced over time. Issues with carpets are often seen in high traffic areas, such as hallway carpets. When other cleaning fails, steam cleaning often yields results. 

A person in dirty hiking boots walking across a cream carpet

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning carpets uses no-moisture or very low moisture methods.

Your carpet cleaner will use special dry cleaning solutions to remove stains and clean your carpet. They are particularly strong alkaline and acidic cleaning solutions to create heat, break up stains, and release dirt from your carpet fibres.

Dry carpet cleaning is conventionally used for residential purposes when homeowners are seeking spot treatment (not deep cleaning), but dry carpet cleaning is also ideal when you have a difficult time limiting traffic on a carpet (like at the entrance or hallway in a property).

Dry cleaning systems cost less than steam cleaners, which make it attractive if you’re on a tight budget. Because dry cleaning systems use less moisture, floors are typically only out of service for thirty minutes to an hour. 

However, dry carpet cleaning may be less effective when dealing with residue that has collected over time. Dry carpet cleaning may also be less friendly if you have allergies.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

When you clean your carpets yourself, you are only limited by your knowledge and equipment.

Most people at least have a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning, which is a good thing to keep up, even if you get professional carpet cleaners in a few times a year.

The downside of doing it yourself is that you have to be the expert. Do you have access to a machine that can properly deep clean the fibres of the carpets? Do you know the correct way to get a wine stain out? Do you know not to use the same method to clean sauce out of the carpet can cause the stain to set deeper? If so, then go for it, you’ve got this!

professional carpet cleaner cleaning with machine extender

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

As with other cleaning services for your home, whether you opt for dry or steam carpet cleaning, there are specific questions you should ask.

  1. Ask if the carpet cleaning solution the cleaners use is eco-friendly. The cleaning service may also offer green or organic carpet cleaning solutions 
  2. Be sure to express any concerns you have about allergies
  3. Ask if the cleaning service offers a guarantee for their carpet cleaning
  4. Some carpet cleaners can apply an antibacterial safe-coating to your carpets as well. Ask whether the cleaning service does this 
  5. Ask if the cleaning service has “before and after” pictures of their carpet cleaning service 
  6. Ask for any customer testimonials or reviews available. A cleaning service should have some on their website or be able to send them via email 
  7. Ask about the timeframe. How quickly can the cleaners schedule the job and send someone out? Confirm if carpet cleaning can be coordinated with your house cleaning 

Perth Home Cleaners can incorporate carpet cleaning in an end of lease cleaning service, which is an added convenience if you are moving.

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