End of Lease Cleaning Guide

When tenants are nearing the end of their lease, they should make sure the property is left in good condition. If you leave dirt, grime or stains, the owner is going to have a hard time leasing it out again.

Cleaning is the main reason why tenants need to pay a bond as collateral so the owner can cover any costs. Suggestions for tenants include:

  • Try to make the property clean
  • Make sure there is no dust or garbage left behind
  • Leave the property in good condition

You also have to remember, that you’re used to seeing that weird stain over there or the blotches on the carpet. You may have lived in the place for years. You might even have forgotten how they got there or that it wasn’t like that when you moved in.

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End of Lease Cleaning

Tenants who left the property with no additional cleaning needed and no damage will be able to receive their bond back. Professional end of lease cleaning or bond cleaning will help you get your bond back in full.

Tenants in Perth can hire professional cleaners to make sure the property they vacate has no dirt, dust, pollen, or harmful elements. Cleaning services such as Perth Home Cleaners offer customers comprehensive cleanups at affordable rates.

Which Cleaning Service to Choose?

There are several end of lease cleaners in Perth, and they all have competitive prices. This means end of lease cleaning won’t be a burden on your pocket.

If you are confused about which service to choose, you can always look up reviews and decide whichever one suits your needs the best. May we be so bold as to suggest ourselves. We have over 150 reviews from our lovely clients and a 4.5 star rating on Google.

The following are some important points to remember when choosing a service:

  • Make sure you are choosing a professional service
  • The completion time needs to be noted
  • Quality should be preferred over price
  • Don’t compromise on your needs
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Who Does End of Lease Cleaning in Perth?

Many people feel pressure to clean the house they are vacating after the end of a lease. It is understandable, given there are so many things which need to be tended to when a person or family is moving out. If you hire a cleaning service then that is one less thing you have to do. It can certainly make the entire moving process much easier.

  • It is a good idea to call a few companies before you finalise the cleaning quote
  • Make sure to ask for a bond back guarantee
  • Don’t settle for the cheapest quote if there are no reviews available for the business, or the reviews are bad

How to Get Your Bond Back?

Usually, when you enter into a lease with a property owner, you are required to lodge a bond, also known as a deposit, which helps cover any costs after you leave the property.

If you vacate your premises and want to hire a cleaning service to take care of all of the cleaning, there will be a better chance of you getting your bond back in full.

Why is End of Lease Cleaning Important?

End of lease cleaning provides much needed relief to stressed individuals who are vacating their rental or property. Usually, the end of a lease involves a comprehensive cleanup of the property.

You’re going to have to clean the place fully anyway. But right when you need to be scrubbing, wiping and disinfecting, you are also packing and moving to a new place.

You’ve got enough stress going on with the move. The last thing you need to worry about when you’re exhausted is a detailed grout cleaning in the bathroom!

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What Cleaning Service are Available for Tenants?

Some cleaning services provide moving out facilities, which makes it easier for a tenant to get everything in place. Generally, there is a checklist issued by realtors to the departing tenants. This can be quite a daunting task when added to the pressure of moving out and packing. By hiring a cleaning service, tenants can effectively delegate cleaning and reduce their workload significantly.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

A list of the whole house specifying what’s expected to be cleaned:

  • Window cleaning
  • Tiles and wash basin cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Removing grease from sliding door tracks
  • Removing stains from skirting boards and doors
  • Powerboard and switch cleaning
  • Wardrobe and cupboard cleaning
  • Garage and ceiling fan cleaning
  • Floor mopping
  • Extensive kitchen cleaning

Why Make a Checklist?

A checklist may seem like you have copious amounts of work to perform in the house. It can be difficult to ensure all of the boxes are checked thoroughly and every job is completed to its full extent.

A cleaning service provides the option of having the list delegated to cleaners who then carry out a number of tasks efficiently. You can check out what customers have to say about the cleaning service you are considering to book for your end of lease clean.

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