Hire A Weekly Cleaning Service

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Do you ever look around at your house and think “I’m just so tired of running on this never-ending treadmill of cleaning”?

It’s not easy keeping the place clean, dishes done, clothes folded and put away, floors swept or vacuumed and rubbish out.

And let’s not even talk about the smudges on the walls you’ll get to “at some point”. When was the last time you properly cleaned your oven or microwave?

It’s not your fault – the last thing you want to do after working all day is to spend more time working. So you do just enough, waiting for that extra kick of energy to really get stuck in.

You could of course hire a weekly cleaning service to take care of a lot of that for you.

Why Hire A Weekly Cleaning Service?

A weekly cleaning service will take care of the big tasks that you usually put off. They will do those cleaning things or rooms you hate to do. They help keep your space hygienic, dust-free and stop those strange smells from happening.

More importantly, if you know you have someone coming every week to help with the cleaning, it frees up your mental energy, so you can enjoy the time you have with your family and friends, or just chill out after a long day.

It’s a lot easier to maintain a clean house than it is to let things get really bad, then stay up well past your regular bed time getting things back to normal.

We offer weekly or fortnightly cleaning services for either homes or offices. This can work well since you can easily hire a cleaner within your budget to help keep your home or office dust and germ-free.

Shared House Cleaning

If you have a few housemates, or perhaps grown children staying with you, a regular cleaning can be a great idea. If everyone pitches in to cover the very reasonable cost of the cleaning service, you’ll save yourselves from a lot of arguments over who left that mess in the microwave, whose turn it is to mop the floors or why no one cleaned that weird stain on the carpet.

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Importance of a Weekly Clean-up

A regular clean-up every week ensures that your space is not only clean and hygienic but also well-maintained and in order. This saves people from unnecessary hassle and is time-efficient as well. By getting a clean-up every week, you make sure that everything around you is neat, tidy and hygienic.

Houses in Perth should be maintained regularly. If a house has a large family room and lounge that is used heavily it needs regular upkeep in order to keep the dirt and other dangerous elements away.

Importance of a Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service is the best way to make sure that your private space is efficiently cleaned and devoid of any harmful substances. If you are still unsure of why you should hire a weekly cleaning service, the following reasons are some great examples:

  • Cleaning services make your life a lot easier with less stress
  • A weekly clean-up is much better than once a month, fortnightly or daily services. You save time, and your home is cleaned regularly
  • Real estate agents who are managing properties for sale will find a reliable cleaner effective and affordable
  • Windows and exterior spaces will be free of dust, muck or any other sticky components

Cleaning services such as Perth Home Cleaners are well-known around the area and utilised by customers on a regular basis.

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Window Cleaners

Clean Windows at Home Effectively

There are heaps of ways you can clean your windows at home without hassle. The first and foremost advice for window cleaning would be to hire a professional window cleaning service since they are better equipped and have the proper know-how. If this is not possible, then you can also attempt it yourself. However, the long-term effects may not be the same as a professional home cleaning service.

Make Your Own Window Cleaning Solution at Home

You may be surprised to find out that there are window cleaning liquids that are natural and without any chemical agents. Homemade cleaning solutions are also quite effective and can be easily made at home. Some of the natural, everyday cooking ingredients found in kitchens will work wonders on your windows.

DIY Natural Carpet Cleaning Solutions:

Water and White Vinegar

Mix both these elements in equal portions and store the liquid in a spray bottle. By spraying this on the windows and wiping clean with a lint-free cloth, you will be able to have squeaky clean windows. The vinegar removes film from glass surfaces and is highly effective for wiping away water marks or smudges.

Dry Cloth Cleaning

You can clean your windows without the use of a cleaning liquid. If you have a lint-free cloth, you can wipe the windows clean with it for a smudge and streak-free surface.

Lemon and Warm Water

By squeezing lemon juice in warm water, you can make a cleaning solution which will not only wipe off grease but also result in a shine.

For people in Perth, calling in a window cleaner is the best option for squeaky clean and shiny windows. However, if you are looking for a short-term solution, then these homemade window cleaners will get the job done.

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Why is Window Cleaning Important?

The windows are one of the more important building blocks in a structure. Whether it is a house, building or just a resting area, a window not only acts as a reflector of light but also enhances the space. Everyone appreciates a good view but with dirty windows, there will be none. Hence, whether you are in a house or a commercial building, keeping windows clean is essential to your overall well-being.

If windows are dusty and present a dim view due to layers of dirt or pollen, this can cause various issues. From a health point of view, windows with dirt are a potential hazard as well. Not only will it affect the light and air coming in, but the dust or pollen can lead to allergies as well as hygiene problems.

How to Keep Dirt Away

Residents of Perth have many great options. Those who have exterior-mounted screens can have them cleaned by professionals as the dust and pollen found under the mesh is difficult to remove.

Mounted screens can also be removed and stored during the winter so that they can be protected from dirt.

Other than that, here are a few more tips to keep dirt away:

  • Keep all your grills and equipment at least five feet away from all windows
  • Make sure that all bushes or leaves are trimmed and cleaned up
  • Position sprinklers away from the windows. The water from sprinklers can cause permanent damage
  • Keep the exhaust on when cooking
  • Make sure air conditioner filters are changed at regular intervals

These are some effective ways of keeping dirt from settling on your windows both inside and outside homes.