How to Deep Clean Your Home and Stay Safe from Covid

Whatever your position on Covid-19, it’s unquestionable that the demand for deep cleaning has gone up as a result. At some point, coronavirus will fade into the background. But there will always be viruses and bacterial outbreaks of various levels of danger.

Learning to deep clean your home will help protect you and your family by reducing lingering effects and reinfection. It also destroys the conditions that bacteria love to replicate in.

Sanitation: the most important tool

Coronavirus spreads from contact with bodily fluids from of an infected individual. The bodily fluids can gather on surfaces and carry the risk of infection for hours. While not as infectious from surfaces as measles, you can unsuspectingly fall victim to the infection if you happen to touch furniture previously used by an asymptomatic patient, who may have happened to cough/sneeze on it previously. In such a situation, it becomes extremely important to not only keep yourself healthy but also sanitise your surroundings.

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Importance of deep cleaning

Deep cleaning your house or apartment can help you ward off Covid. Deep cleaning, unlike regular cleaning, involves disinfecting your home, including furniture, benches and carpets.

Some disease causing viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces or in the fibres of carpets for days on end.

If you just wipe down the surfaces with a sponge, you’re not actually cleaning the germs. You’re just moving them around.

How to deep clean your house and surroundings

Before you disinfect your house, you must clean it because disinfection will not be as effective on dirty surface areas.

Disinfection requires cleaning with a chemical agent.

No matter what cleaning agent you choose to use, make sure you read the instructions first. Cleaning away germs and viruses effectively is not easy and you need to be aware of just how to go about it.

Clean your house often. If possible, make it a habit to clean your house thoroughly every few days. If a family member in the household is sick you ought to clean almost every day.

Sanitise germ hotspots and high traffic areas carefully. You should deep clean countertops, doorknobs, remotes, bathrooms and light switches. Also, don’t share your towel with another person.

Do not forget to wash your hands immediately after cleaning and avoid touching your face before you’ve done so.

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One useful method is to wipe down surfaces in an ‘S’ shape. Work your way from one side of the surface to the other. You do not want to re-contaminate the part you’ve just cleaned.

Wash and dry the cleaning rag you’re using with soap water when finished.

If you own a dishwasher, use it to wash your dishes and cutlery at high temperature. Otherwise, simply use hot water, dishwashing liquid and a sponge to clean your cutlery.

Similarly, a washing machine can be used to properly clean and disinfect your laundry under hot temperatures. Always remember to wash your hands afterwards. Be sure to read the label on your clothes first, because some fabrics aren’t designed for hot water.

Prevention is better than cure

Why let your environment get contaminated with germs and bacteria in the first place? Cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow while coughing. Wash your hands frequently.

If a family member falls sick, have them quarantine in a room away from the rest of the house. Always wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself every time you visit their room. Wash your hands thoroughly after leaving the room and before entering other parts of the house. If they have a bacterial infection, use an alcohol based hand sanitiser. If it’s a virus, hand sanitizer doesn’t work – you need to use soap.

Cleaning the room thoroughly may pose an even more difficult task. Think about whether you want to do this yourself or hire a professional deep cleaning service.

Professional deep cleaning services around the world have seen a high spike in demand due to covid-19. Everybody wants their house and office deep cleaned and disinfected to protect them from infection risk. You too can benefit from deep cleaning services.

Deep cleaning service providers are experienced and trained in thoroughly cleaning a given space. They have the equipment and accessories required for disinfection and sanitising surface areas.

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