Professional Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

Removing Tough Carpet Stains

Carpets are hard to clean. Even when you think you have done things right, there will be stains you thought you had cleaned or creases you thought were straightened out.

This is why we recommend you avoid DIY carpet cleaning and opt for professionals who know precisely what it takes to do a great job. A professionally trained carpet cleaner will leave your floors looking and smelling great at an affordable cost.

Before the experts come along, there are things you need to do that will possibly save your carpet from permanent stain. These steps will also make their work easier and ensure optimal results. Below you will find some of those tips and tricks.

Remove delicate items from the cleaning area

If you have prized possessions that could break as your carpet is being cleaned, move them away from, or out of the cleaning area. If you have valuable possessions within the area, lock them away to avoid incidents like breakages. No professional would ever touch your valuables, but that doesn’t mean these can’t be broken.

Moving Furniture

There are some cleaners out there who will move furniture to create an adequate cleaning area on the customers behalf. However, there are others who expect you to do that before they arrive. This is especially true of bulky pieces of furniture that may require more than one person to lift. To be on the safe side, just move your furniture and appliances to make cleaning easier and avoid wasting time when the professionals finally arrive. Time is money.

Vacuum things up

Cleaners would rather focus on dirt that has caked into your carpets, so help them do just that. You can make that possible by getting rid of dirt on the surface of the fiber using a vacuum cleaner The task is easy to accomplish, takes less than an hour, and makes work a lot easier for the professionals. You don’t need to be thorough, but you do need to get rid of most of the superficial dirt.

Types of carpet stains

There is an endless number of pesky things that can stain your flooring. Professional carpet cleaning companies receive all types of calls and each day brings something different. Some of the most common calls are from customer’s who need help with stains like wine , blood , vomit and pet urine. Professional cleaners are trained to remove even the most stubborn stains and odours. Most are also equipped to deal with products like wax, grease or chewing gum.

Fat and oil-based stains

Fat and oil-based stains are very problematic because they tend to stick on to things. If you spill oils on your carpet, it will be very difficult to scrub them off. This is because oils stick fast to other oils, and some carpets have petroleum in them. The good news is that manufactures know about this problem and go out of their way to make sure that most carpets have treatments and coatings through them. This makes the carpets a lot easier to clean.

Water soluble stains

Water is a very friendly element, so water soluble stains are the easiest to clean . Once these stains show up on your carpet, scrape off the solids on top and allow the professional to get rid of them using a mild detergent . These include things like soda , coffee, nail polish, juice and dark fruits. Keep in mind, you always want to blot spilled items. Scrubbing can push stains deep into the fibers of the carpet making it almost impossible to get out.

How long does a carpet take to dry?

Most cleaning experts will tell you to give your carpet anything between 6 and 10 hours to dry, but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours especially if temperatures are spotty and air circulation is poor. Ceiling fans and central AC can make a dramatic difference.

You can walk on the carpet after it’s dry but be sure to wear clean socks or disposable shoe covers the first time to protect the clean material from any dirt on your feet. This is because there might still be areas of wetness on the fabric, and body oils from a bare foot might transfer stains.