How to Choose a Good Bond Cleaning Company

So your rental contract period is going to end and you are busy in finding another place to move-in to and there is so much which you need to tick off from your to-do list. It’s not just the search but the shifting process with packing, moving and unpacking of your stuff that tends to get unmanageable at times. Bond cleaning is also an important task while shifting.

How to choose a good bond cleaning company

  • Look on google maps for bond cleaners in your area.
  • Ignore any cleaning companies that have fewer than 50 reviews.
  • Make sure the company has at least a 4 star average. That will leave only a few cleaning companies.
  • Call each company, explain what you need and ask how they can help. Do they sound professional, competent and helpful?
  • Choose your bond cleaning company from any of those that you like.

Importance of Bond cleaning

You have to give a bond or deposit amount when you lease or rent any residential or business property. If you take good care of the property and maintain it well, then you get the full deposit amount back. If you fail to do so there will be deductions from the deposit amount, depending on damage to the property or condition of the property. If you want to maintain your property and get the whole bond amount back then you should hire a bond cleaner. 

But you need to remember that even after hiring a bond cleaner in Perth, it’s not necessary that you will get the complete amount back. Your landlord will make some deductions for admin fees, performing credit checks or for any other crucial task. So, make sure you remember this before hiring and make necessary estimates of costs of vacate cleaning services and how much bond money you will get back. While you stay at the property, you need to take care of the house and pay utility bills so that landlords stay happy with you.

When the tenancy period is about to end, you will need to clean the property on your own or  hire a professional cleaner. As exciting as moving house can be, it can also be daunting and stressful, thus it will be better if you choose the hiring option as professional bond cleaners have the best tools, techniques and experience to perform a great job. So, hire a pro to get the final handover cleaning done which is a better idea as compared to doing it all by yourself. Although it may cost you a good amount of money getting professionally done bond cleaning, (which) you won’t be able to achieve the best results on your own.

You also need to keep in mind that you need to hire a good professional bond cleaning company in Perth to get desired results especially when you have a big house to be cleaned or commercial properties. Big buildings, houses or commercial properties are quite difficult to clean. This can be done only by a cleaning company. If you are planning to put your property on the market, this also requires good cleaning and it will make a total difference to any pictures.

One may not be able to handle everything on your own. One of the important tasks while shifting is bond cleaning or exit cleaning. It is a good decision to take help from a bond cleaning company.

Take help from a trustworthy company to get you through the important process of cleaning every part of the property which assist you in getting the security bond back without any fights or issues with your landowner.

You should do research. Even though there are various cleaning companies at competitive prices it’s advised to choose a few out of them and select the best one.

You have to be careful while making your selection as the company offering the lowest prices may not be the best. So you will have to compare the services offered, prices quoted and then make your selection.

Bond Cleaning steps

As you Google “Bond cleaning companies in Perth” you will find various companies on the internet claiming to have hands-on experience of working with over 100 clients and claiming to satisfy each one of them. Renters who have previous experience say that its best to choose the renowned service providers as there is less chance of being wrong with them. These types of companies constantly try to improve themselves by updating their tools, equipment, methods and products. You need to search customer reviews of these companies with the help of legitimate sources and save yourself from the pain of a bad decision.

The best lease cleaning services will provide cleaning of all the areas of your rented property. The usual services which are to be provided in an average bond cleaning booking are:

  • Attention to of areas that you can’t reach normally like cleaning vents and wiping the lights, ceiling fans and also removing spider webs from all the corners of the house and behind furniture etc.
  • Removal of all types of stains from walls, dusty areas around frames, fixtures, switches, skirting and sills of windows.
  • Companies should have specialisation in window cleaning. Complete washing of window glass frames and tracks and removing any dirt from them is a must.
  • Areas which are especially dirty in any house are mostly bathrooms. Cleaning companies should deal with the area by cleaning water scale, algae, stains and scum from taps, drains, showers, drawers, vanities, mirrors, etc.

Another place needing a lot of effort and time for cleansing is the kitchen. Cleaners need to clean everything from shelves, ovens, cupboards, sinks, cooking range and other various fittings.

All of the tubs and electrical fittings need to be properly washed from any dust in laundry areas. Any water seepage also needs to be cleaned after it has been repaired.

You can also have the cleaning company polish and clean the furniture and upholstery in the house if this is a requirement.

Floors are an important part of any basic cleaning and some cleaners try to avoid it. So you should make sure that the floors are cleaned with a wet mop or vacuum, including steam carpet cleaning if required.

Verandas and balcony areas also need to be swept and cleaned and any debris needs to be removed. Cleaning of all balustrades is also important.

You should ensure that real estate cleaning is not limited to general areas but also done in the following areas, in the following ways:

  • Garages need to be cleaned and any dust, wreckage, oil spills, etc needs to be removed, sometimes high pressure cleaning is required.
  • Venetian blinds are cleaned as its very time consuming and tricky to wash and get them.
  • Using the latest high powered steam extraction machines providing treatments to clean the carpets and upholstery.
  • Walls require proper washing use modern mould treatments
  • You also need to ask your cleaning company to perform mowing and gardening of backyard and front lawn if needed.
  • Tile and Grout cleaning might need a professional cleaner to remove all stains and mould making it look like new again.

Bond cleaning is an easy task if you follow a few simple guidelines, create a checklist and ensure that every cleaning step is performed. Your landowner won’t be able to hold any of your bond money back and you won’t have to get into any unnecessary fights with him if you hire a good expert bond cleaning company.

Finding a great cleaning company and becoming a regular client, takes the stress out of moving, especially if you move often.  Having a solid relationship with your cleaning company has benefits such as prioritised emergency appointments, discounted rates and the comfort that familiarity brings.

This article has described the importance of using a professional exit cleaning company. I am hoping that the tips and clean steps guide will help you in choosing a professional bond cleaning company in Perth. You can use these tips to sort good bond cleaning companies from bad ones.

Moving to a new home is a big decision and should be done after proper research and consideration.  Moving is exhausting and this is why we suggest that the task of the cleaning can be done by skilled professionals. This may cost you good money but you can be carefree that the job will leave you with peace of mind and your security bond money back in your pocket.

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