What is Post Sale Cleaning?

Post sale cleaning is any cleaning done after the sale of a property and before moving in. It is usually done by a professional cleaning service that will go over every surface to make sure the property is as good as new. It is more commonly done for established houses.

Expect experienced post sale cleaning companies to be very thorough with their services; this is just one of the reasons why a lot of people have grown to rely on such services prior to home settlement.

Though we mentioned home settlement above, by no means is post sale cleaning limited to just residential abodes. Essentially, it includes any kind of property like offices and retail outlets as well.

It is also usually termed as the “final clean” as it seeks to really bring out the true beauty of the property as its designer intended it to look in its best condition. This also, in essence, highlights the need for very thorough polishing of the property prior to handover.

If pre-sale cleaning is done to raise the appeal of a property to a potential customer, post sale cleaning is to make sure that you are delivering what you promised to the money’s worth of the person you sold the property to. It’s rare for any new homeowner to want to move to a home that has not been cleaned before a move; the same goes for a business owner moving into a new store location.

Moving into a new home that is clean and at its best condition is undoubtedly preferred by almost anyone who has had to shell out a substantial to become its owner. Also, a clean home lays the foundation for your everyday wellness and peace of mind, which are nothing short of important once you start residing in it. This alone highlights the importance of post sale cleaning, assuming you want a professional to handle it for you.

Who Usually Uses Post Sale Cleaning Services?

People who commonly rely on professional post sale cleaning services are those who have either sold a property and want to have it cleaned for the owner or the owner himself after buying the property. Some people prefer to handle every aspect of their new property or have a stricter budget, after all.

This is why they decide to use a cleaning company instead of letting the previous owner do it for them. That said, not all people choose this route nor do they always avail of cleaning services.

What are the Benefits of Relying on Post Sale Cleaning Services?

Saves time and reduces stress

A very compelling reason why Post Sale Cleaning services are such a beneficial option is that it saves you plenty of time that you can invest elsewhere. Just consider the scope of having an entire newly purchased home cleaned, and you’ll probably just end up with a dizzying dilemma, especially if you have other things in your mind that need to be taken care of.

That being said, choosing this route also greatly reduces the stress that plenty of people have to put up with during the entire moving process, allowing them to actually enjoy their newly-bought property from the get-go.

Complete and thorough cleaning

Cleaning services are generally favoured not just because of the immense amount of time they can save for property buyers and sellers, but it is also for their very meticulous way of cleaning every nook and cranny of a home. These companies, at least those who are receiving consistently positive feedback, would not have specialised in property cleaning otherwise.

If these services are usually commissioned to help property owners pass the stringent laws in Australia regarding the end of lease cleaning, you can only imagine how much these companies take their scrubbing, sweeping, and tidying seriously.

Can’t believe it? Well, just go over the sample course on commercial cleaning available at the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Ltd. (BSCAA) website to see just how comprehensive a single discipline such as office cleaning can get. To say that they prioritise quality could prove to be an understatement.

If you are interested, you can even view sample training videos of cleaning support services below. You might even get a couple of invaluable cleaning tips from them.

Other Variations of Post Sale Cleaning

Post sale sanitation does not necessarily have to be limited to sterilisation after a sale of a property. It also encompasses any cleaning endeavor at the, as mentioned above, end of lease (such as a handover clean) or polishing as the equipment, furniture, and fixtures of a store or office are being installed (also called fitout cleaning). Let’s discuss each one further.

Handover clean

In general, handover cleaning or vacate cleaning refers to the end of lease cleaning. Many Australians who are renting often regard this responsibility with a small measure of dread because, for one, they are required by law to do it and, secondly, the landlord or owner might not be satisfied with the cleaning job, deeming it unsuitable for current real estate standards, and end up not releasing their rental bond.

The regulations are usually managed and placed by different governing bodies, like the Australian Institute of Building, and particularly their affiliate the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, which is responsible for the quality assessment of a property.

Essentially, a rental bond is a sum of money paid by the tenant or another individual to serve as security for the owner should the tenant fail to adhere to any terms on the lease agreement. Though not required, rental bonds are pretty much ubiquitous in pretty much any kind of lease agreement nowadays. Take note that each state in Australia has a separate rental bond authority tasked with handling these types of bonds. You can learn about each one by going to this site.

This stems from the fact that most lease agreements usually include a term that makes you responsible for keeping essential parts of the house (such as the floors and carpets) clean. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, as plenty of lease agreements need you to have it cleaned before It may even require you to conduct pest control on it before ultimately handing over your keys; hence, the term handover clean.

What are the important things to keep in mind about end of lease cleaning?

  1. You have to be aware of each detail in the lease agreement stating how you should leave the property once you reach the end of the lease. Failure to comply with any of the terms could lead to the owner filing a dispute, which is just another avoidable headache you can steer clear of if you simply take the time to know what cleaning you have to do.
  2. Gradually take care of the cleaning of essential rooms such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, and hallways. Allot time for each one days (if not weeks) before your end of lease arrives. Lawns, assuming the property has one, are best mowed a week before your tenancy ends.
  3. Make sure to get all your utilities disconnected a month before the expiration of your lease.
  4. A week before end of lease, be sure to have both the inside and outside of the property cleaned. Sweep the garage, rid the lawn of weeds, trim down the bushes and grass, then be sure to check the driveway for dirt, mud, and tyre tracks, As for the interior, check for any lighting that needs replacing or repair. Go through your checklist on the ceiling, blinds, and curtains, make sure there are no spots of dirt or stains on them. Also, appraise the AC and fans for any traces of dust.
  5. It is only advised to start cleaning the main rooms (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom) 2 to 3 days before vacating the house. Obviously, these are the best times so as to not do it in a rush and to ensure that the place will still be relatively newly cleaned once you hand over the keys to the owner.

The times we suggested are simply the most recommended by experts, but you do not have to stick to them to a tee. That said, a lot of cleaning services in Australia readily cover handover cleaning for a lot of departing tenants. If you do not want to have to do all the burden of having the place cleaned and sanitised and want to make sure that the property you will be vacating will pass all that is included in the owner’s checklist, then opting for a good cleaning company is the most practical and convenient route to take.

The sheer amount of work that normally has to be done to get a place as good as you first arrived makes them more than a worthy investment. The agencies that are great to work with, more often than not, come up with a solid cleaning plan and schedule which they would be more than willing to share with you.

How is fitout cleaning normally done?

If you are already not aware of it, a fitout is usually done to make the office or store of any business or organization look more modern or more in-tune with the demands and needs of customers and employees alike. Oftentimes, companies do it to make their offices more energy-efficient, for instance, or more attuned with the latest trends. It also does well to raise and maintain a brand’s reputation.

That said, this commonly entails a complete renovation or overhaul of the furniture and fixtures of the place including each main section of the site. Of course, any sort of endeavor that requires this will result in clutter and debris inevitably being strewn all over the place. For this, fitout cleaning is usually done.

There are two main ways that cleaning services usually offer fitout sanitation. One is during fitout process so that there will be minimal things to tidy up after the fitout has been completed. The other is only done after the fitout is finished, which most companies call post fitout cleanups.

Their approach to cleaning also changes based on the store they have been tasked to clean. In a restaurant or any food retail venue, for example, the ones that will be given a lot of attention for cleaning are the newly set-up kitchen equipment, cooking appliances, and sinks, as well as the fixtures such as cabinets, counters, shelves, and benches, to cite a few.

In most cases, you can expect cleaning companies to always pay great attention to essential aspects like the floor, windows, entrance-ways, and doors. The same rings true for the toilet area where sanitation is nothing short of necessary, regardless of what industry the business is operating in.

Keep in mind that a fitout can never be deemed complete without doing this last cleanup step. It wraps up the entire project extremely well, especially if the service does a topnotch job. The entire fitout process itself is exhausting enough for a lot of business owners so they are often willing to have a professional service do the final brushing and dusting for them.

Let a cleaning agency handle the fitout polishing for you

Same as handover cleaning, plenty of sanitation services also offer fitout cleaning for business and store owners. Besides adapting to the industry the establishment is concerned with, they also often have an entirely different approach when it comes to tidying up a place after a fitout and another completely unique strategy when it is done during one. And, more often than not, they will make this known to you even before you choose to avail of their services.

Of course, we’re only talking about the kind of cleaning agency that has shown a commendable track record through customer feedback and reputation when we mention these factors. Incidentally, this leads us to another important topic that you have to know once you decide to use a cleaning agency for your post sale cleaning.

Is there a difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning?

Keep in mind that there is a fine line distinguishing residential cleaning from a commercial one. An agency may offer both services but their approach can actually mean the difference between night and day.

Speaking of times of the day, normally, the cleaning of houses and apartments are done during the day. This is in complete contrast to most cleaning that is done for commercial venues and spaces as they are usually done during the night. Keep this in mind when planning your schedule for cleaning. Other slight differences include the following:

  • While there are houses that can be a bit hard to clean due to their sheer size, stores, shops, offices, and restaurants are usually harder to tidy up as most professional cleaners can attest. Commercial spaces simply require more resources such as skill and time to ensure optimal sanitation is achieved.
  • Highly specialised equipment might even be utilised for cleaning certain equipment and rooms in a commercial setting.
  • It generally takes less time to sanitise a home than a store or a shop. Again, this is because a home does not really require as much careful planning as a corporate office, retail store, or even an industrial unit.
  • There is a noticeable difference in the way cleaning is done as well. However, there are overlaps as well, particularly in the tools and methods used. Obviously, offices will require a completely different approach to having its cubicles, desks, and cabinets cleaned, compared to a home where the dusting of furniture and scrubbing of sinks and basins are practically the norm.
  • There is a level of organisation required in any kind of commercial cleaning that immediately sets it apart because of the way these establishments are uniquely designed and laid out. This could not be made more apparent by the fact that fitout cleaning usually requires the cleaning service to come up with a specific strategy for tidying up a certain establishment based on the industry it is operating in.

Whether you are planning to have your home cleaned or a recently bought store washed and tidied up, you have to make sure to share from the get-go the kind of property you mean to subject to post sale cleaning.

Do not hesitate to use the free quote that plenty of these companies offer and be sure to ask them questions to get more details about how they are going to go about with it. The more information you get, the better your decision will be. This leaves us with one final vital topic to discuss: how to decide on what cleaning agency to work with.

How to Find the Best Post Sale Cleaning Company

Now that you have gained a well-rounded overview of what after-sale cleaning is all about, you are probably already keen to decide on what service you are going to work with. Do not rush, though. Because going full speed ahead without even bothering to research about the cleaning agency you are going to work with could only lead to you not getting your money’s worth and, in turn, only end up with disappointment. Simply keep these pointers in mind so you will not have to put up with this hurdle.

Make sure the company offers post sale cleaning.

This may seem like something that is pretty obvious but people often overlook the fact that not all cleaning companies are good with all kinds of cleaning. Think about it, the cleaning industry would not have come up with such specificities for sanitation if they are not entirely different disciplines unto themselves. That said, the company has to be willing to reveal from the outset that they can competently take care of your post sale cleaning for you.

All the better if the information is readily available on their official website. Best if they take the time to expound on their exact methods and actually have feedback from past customers to back it up. If not, take the time to ask the agency you are considering about it.

Check their credentials and license

It can be easy to be swayed by a company if they have a rockstar website that seemingly fulfills all criteria for “high-quality professional cleaner”. Keep in mind that you should always take any information revealed on any website with a grain of salt. Ultimately, only their credentials and licenses will verify their status as a legally operating business. Otherwise, you might just end up with a company that will not be committed to getting the job done, or worse, might scam you outright.

It would be best if they are members of peak bodies in the Australian cleaning industry like the Australian Cleaning Contractors Alliance or the Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association. This is because these organizations are often responsible for maintaining the standards of the sanitation industry. A company that is a member of these kinds of organizations goes to show it is serious in its commitment to the industry and its clients.

Ask for feedback from past customers and their experience

Almost all kinds of service-oriented companies are valued for the amount of experience they have. The same goes for an agency that offers post sale cleaning. It should be willing to make known to you how experienced its team is in rendering this particular service.

Of course, one good gauge of a company’s performance is customer reviews. If they are readily available on the website, then that is a good sign that the company is not only trustworthy but actually delivers what it promises.

Most of these tips hinge on one thing: communication. Be open to communicating with your prospective cleaning company, and you will certainly have all the vital information you need before long. That is assuming the company has open lines of communication to receive and answer any kind of query you have as well. This goes to show that a good cleaning company should be receptive to their clients and should have initiative to reach out to them.

Post sale cleaning need not be a daunting endeavor for anyone, especially now that you are aware that there are reliable companies whose professional services you can avail of. Just keep these things in mind any time you intend to do a final clean, fitout or handover cleaning, and it will always be a breeze and hassle-free every time.

Contact us today if you’re ready to get started with a post-sale clean.