Finding The Right House Cleaning Company

Are you busy with work, kids & parents? Are you tired of taking care of the house cleaning and want to hire someone to come in once a week or once a month to keep on top of things?

Maybe you regularly throw dinner parties. You like doing the cooking and entertaining, but hate the clean up either before or after. Perhaps you don’t need a regular cleaner, but you need to have someone you can call as and when needed.

You could have pets, but prefer to spend time playing with them, rather than cleaning their hair off every surface.

Whatever your reason, you’re thinking about getting some help from a house cleaning service.

You’ve come to the right place.

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Choosing a regular or at call house cleaning service is not as easy as searching the internet, choosing the first company in your area and picking up the phone.

These people are going to be in your home. You need to be able to trust them. They need to have insurance, just in case something goes wrong. They need to stand behind their work, so they don’t leave you with more mess than they started.

It can be good to hire an individual cleaner if you know them, but most people will be better off hiring a cleaning company. If it’s important to you, you can request that the same person comes each time. But if they’re sick and you need your house cleaned for that big dinner party, a company will have the staff to send someone else.

A cleaning company is far more likely to have better equipment than a person doing it on their own. That person might do a great job, but you just can’t get the same results vacuuming a carpet as you can with an industrial strength steam cleaner.

Look for referrals and testimonials

Make sure to check the Google Business page for any prospective cleaning company. Look for the reviews on their page. If they only have one or two reviews, that’s often a red flag that they haven’t been in business for long. There will always be a couple of bad reviews, no matter how good their service. You want to see that generally, most people are happy with having hired them.

Meeting the Domestic Cleaning Service

First, meet and interview the cleaning company. Why? You are considering letting the cleaners into your home, and should be comfortable with them. If possible, meet with a management representative of the company and the cleaners who will be cleaning your home. It’s okay if they are the same person, but ask for both. Get a feel for the company.

If you don’t want to meet people from the company in person, at least have a talk with them over the phone. Making sure your expectations match with what they intend to deliver is probably the most important thing in setting up a long term working relationship.

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Who is the Crew?

Ask if the cleaning service will send the same crew for each clean. Unlike other services you may hire, house cleaners have access to personal, intimate spaces in your home.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to develop a level of trust with the cleaners. But theft can sometimes occur if you hire the wrong company. So, having the same cleaners helps you anticipate who will be in your home.

Ideally, the same cleaners visit your home each time so you can get to know them, and vice versa as they get to know your preferences for your home. Be sure to ask if the same cleaning crew will be attending if you have repeat services.

Ask for a Background Check

House cleaners have access to intimate spaces in your home. You should feel safe that you can trust them. Ask if the company does background checks to ensure the cleaners have police clearances. Ask to see a background check for anyone who will be working in your home.

It’s essential to remember even if a company background checks its cleaners, a background check isn’t always foolproof. Ask if the cleaner coming to your home is new to the company. If new, ask for an experienced worker to accompany them.

We always send at least two cleaners, just to make sure everything goes smoothly for everyone.

Ask About Liability Insurance

Ask if the cleaning service maintains proper liability insurance. You really shouldn’t hire a cleaning company that doesn’t have proper insurance. That’s just asking for trouble and suggests the company may not be well run.

Hopefully everything will be fine every time. But insurance is there for everyone’s peace of mind. It shows you that the cleaning company is thinking long term, is run professionally, and cares about protecting their staff and their clients’ possessions.

Never hire a maid or cleaning service that is not fully insured and police cleared. Before hiring a cleaning service, ask for proof of liability insurance, and verify the cleaners are police cleared. You can ask for the company’s policy number and call the insurance company to confirm the policy is current.

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Ask About Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning companies will bring their own cleaning supplies. If you have specific allergies or you like a particular product, make sure you mention that when booking a house cleaner.

Double check with them that they will be happy using the products you supply. They may need additional protection, or the products may not be enough to properly clean the areas you need. Just remember that if you are supplying the cleaning products, the cleaning company may not be able to guarantee the standard of cleanliness or that it won’t cause staining or damage to the surfaces in your house.

If you are at all unsure, you can always ask the cleaning company what products they use. They should be able to tell you over the phone.

Other concerns may be using your own rags, sponges, or mop head. If you prefer your using your rags to be used, many companies will oblige and ask you to have them ready and organized.

Ask if Products are Eco-Friendly or Natural

If you have concerns about allergens, let the cleaning company know your concerns and ask if the products are allergen safe.

The best cleaning companies use cleaning products that are less likely to provoke allergies. Remember, the cleaners have to work with the products every day. If they’re out with allergies, they can’t do their job.

If it’s important to you that the cleaning products are eco-friendly or natural, or if you have specific allergies, you can ask to see the label for additional information.

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Call Ahead

With so many questions and considerations in mind, call ahead to schedule a meeting and in-house quote. Many house cleaning services require a minimum notice of a few days for an appointment. During the holiday months, cleaners may need longer notice.

Establish Clear Expectations

Before you have a meeting or discuss cost, take the time to consider the details of what you want.

  • Do you want a one-time or ongoing cleaning?
  • Do you want to test the services and then go long-term after that?
  • Do you want to incorporate carpet cleaning?
  • Do you want your entire home cleaned?
  • Do you prefer the cleaners to use your cleaning products and rags, or should they bring their own?

Getting Accurate Quotes

The answers to questions about your requirements will help the cleaning company provide an accurate quote as the cost of the services depends on what sort of tasks you request, the frequency of visits, and the size of the home you want cleaned.

Don’t be timid about making your desires known. If you want the cleaners to remove clutter from under the beds, organize desks, empty the rubbish, or dust a seven-foot bookshelf during each visit, just ask ahead of time, so that they price their service accordingly and allow enough time.

The Cleaning Service May Have its Own Requests

The cleaners may ask you to strip bedding before arriving, or walk-through the house and list your cleaning priorities. When the cleaners attend an in-house quote, take them on a walk-through. It may take a few cleans for you both to get accustomed to each other.

Ask About the Cost

Asking about the cost is the discussion everyone holds off on having, but it’s vital you clearly convey what you’re looking for before discussing costs.

Once you can articulate what you’re looking for and can walk the cleaners through the house, explain what you’re after and ask if they charge by the hour or by the project. Ask if the cleaners discount their rate for regular cleaning.

Remember, you aren’t required to do an estimate over the phone. Many local companies will provide free in-home estimates. So, you can conduct an interview and get a quote in the same visit.

Finalising Your Choice

Once you’ve asked all your questions, made your expectations clear, and settled on the cost, you’re ready to finalise your choice and schedule the first clean. Get ready for professional cleaners to take charge while you enjoy the break. However, your work is not over yet. You still should prepare your house for the cleaning company’s arrival.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote and we can get started making your house a haven of cleanliness.

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