All About Cleaning Your Windows

We can get so used to the smudges and dust that cover our windows that we can start to forget that they are there, but just because these marks are “out of sight” does not mean they should be “out of mind”

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Our guidereveals some important information and tips oncleaning your windows. You will learn about selecting the right chemicals and right tools for achieving perfect, streak-free windows.

Preparing Your Windows for Cleaning

Are you interested in knowing how to prepare your windows for cleaning?There are a few things that you must do before applying any chemicals to your windows.

The very first thing is to use a clean and dry towel to collect all the dirt on the windowsill.

Also, close any slats present on your blinds and make sure to dust them.

If your windows have fabric treatments, take them off so that you don’t get any spills on them. If it is safe to do so you can give them a nice wash in the washing machine. You must dry them properly before you add them back on the windows.

Now carefully remove the screens of your windows. It might also be helpful to label them so that you don’t forget which screenfits on which window.

Now look into the frames and hinges and take off any spiderwebs and dirt stuck to them. You can use an umpire brush for this purpose. The main reason for using this brush is its ideal size – which can get into the tiny crevices of your windows. You can also read about other window cleaning brushes used in the market.

Before wetting your windows, it is important to dust off the dry dust present on them so that it doesn’t mix with the water and become even harder to get off.

External Window Cleaning

There are usually more dirt and stains present on the outside of the window. This is why more care is needed when cleaning the outer surfaces.

To get rid of this dirt, rinse the window with a generous amount of water.

Now take a bucket filled with water, add some liquid dish soap, mix it well, and there’s your dirt removing solution.

Now get a clean microfiber cloth, dip it in the solution and rub it over the surface of your window. To perform this step on the top of the window, you can use a sponge mop.

Once again rinse your window thoroughly with a hose.

Now take a spray bottle and add some water and vinegar, mix it well to make your window cleaning solution.

Now use a rubber-plated squeegee to wipe the window. Place the squeegee on the top of the window and move it from top to bottom.

You can also use a lint-free towel or even a newspaper to dry your window nicely.

If you are facing trouble with a hard stain on your window; apply the vinegar and water solution directly and let it sit for a few minutes. Clean it with a cloth after letting it rest for a while.

Another solution for hard stains is to use a soft scrubbing sponge which will not put scratches on your window and give you a thorough clean.

Cleaning window screens is an important step that usually requires water and vinegar. Apply this cleaning solution over your window screen, rinse with plain water, and finally let them dry for a minute.

Inside Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows from both sides is equally important because dust present on either side can dull the sparkle of your windows. Here is what you should consider when cleaning the inside of your windows.

Take a big pot, fill it with cool water, and add a good amount of quality dishwashing soap. Mix well until bubbles appear.

Place a big towel under the window to reduce spills and mess.

Now, take a sponge, clean cloth, or a microfiber cloth, and after dipping it into the pot with the water and soap solution, rub it starting from the bottom and moving to the top.

Now, use a commercial window cleaning solution to bring shine and neatness to your window.

You can also make one by mixing water with some vinegar and then spraying this mix onto the glass of your windows.

Moreover, drying the window in a Z shape (using a lint-free fibre that doesn’t leave fibre bits on the window screen) is important.

If the stains are hard and don’t come off after this procedure, repeat the process but leave the solutions on the windows for a few minutes for better action.

Squeaky-Clean Windows

When it comes to cleaning houses, the most irritating and difficult places to reach are the corners of the walls, ceilings, and of course, the windows. To many people, cleaning a window means just wiping and dusting off the glass. But this is not true, the dirt and debris struck in the piping or trail of your normal or sliding windows needs your attention too. Hopefully, this post will help teach you about doing both of these tasks successfully. Make sure to read about the common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows.

Cleaning your windows is a time-consuming task that not everyone wants to do. Perth Home Cleaners can help buy you some time by helping clean your windows! Contact us today with your enquiry and we will be in touch shorty.