Simple But Effective Home Cleaning Tips For Elderly And Seniors

There is no right or wrong time to help elders clean their homes. It can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or even sporadically. Whatever method you choose to do it or whenever you choose to do it, your loved one will appreciate the kind gesture.

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Start By Eliminating Any Clutter

Any domestic cleaning service should start by eliminating clutter. Belongings can quickly accumulate over time and makes the house look messy and dangerous. But having few possessions can make it feel less chaotic. A house where elderly people live must be clutter-free to make it more manoeuvrable. Otherwise, they risk falling.

Keep walkways and hallways clear by tidying up the items that block frequently used pathways. Get rid of items that are not needed and only keep items that are regularly used. Use storage boxes/bins that are easy to carry so you can store wrapping accessories, art supplies, gardening aids, and cleaning tools easily.

Professional Home Cleaning Service

When you have an elderly family member living alone, you worry about how to always keep their house in good condition. Elderly people deserve a clean sanctuary as they are vulnerable and susceptible to diseases due to their weak immune systems. You can hire a professional cleaning service for seniors to keep homes exceptionally clean.

If the house of your elder loved one is not kept spotless, it becomes a risky environment that threatens their well-being. A Professional deep cleaning service can be geared towards helping clean up in a senior home. Deep cleaning can help the prevention of respiratory issues, reduce viral infections, and improve air quality, leading to hygienic living.

Clean The Medicine Cabinets

The medicine cabinet is an area that is often overlooked. Paying attention to it is important because it contains items that keep the seniors medically fit and healthy. Spring cleaning the cabinets involves checking the dates on the medications. If they are expired or no longer needed, you need to properly get rid of them.

Disposing of expired medications properly means taking them to any local take-back drug stores that will safely eliminate them without any questions asked. If this option is not available in your area, consult the flush list. Once you have cleaned the cabinet, make sure to replace it if needed.

In-Home Support Services

If you have parents living alone, invest in an in-home assistance package. The in-home support services, including house cleaning for the elderly, can provide personal care assistance for your parents.

The all-inclusive package will also include meal preparation, grocery shopping, bathing, grooming, and laundry. Typically, IHSS is a government-funded program for older adults so they can stay at home comfortably. To be eligible for the program, you must have crossed a certain age bracket. It is a perfect alternative to nursing homes or broad care facilities, which require the candidate to be with strangers and away from home.

Make Them Feel Productive

If you oversee the cleaning service for seniors, they may not be able to help you with carrying heavy trash bags, but they can make cleaning the house enjoyable. Give them a few light tasks that can contribute to the house cleaning activity. Here are a few tips;

Seniors can sort out the paperwork and segregate them into useful ones to keep and useless ones to throw out. They can go through their mementoes and decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard. Give them a few items that need to be dusted, which can be done while sitting on the couch. These tasks can make them feel productive.

Involve Other Family Members

The primary caregivers of elders do not have to exclusively bear the brunt of their care. Enlist the assistance of family members who are willing and able to spend some time at the elderly relative’s home. Working with the assistance of others can make the work go faster than otherwise.

Although there are cleaning services for seniors available, it is a good idea to show your love and care by engaging in a spring-cleaning activity. The more rigorous task can be done by the primary caregiver, and the assignments can be split among others. Split the task by room to make it look impartial and objective.

Home Maintenance Hygiene Aids

Invest in essential home hygiene aids that are readily available on the market. These aids are designed to address hygiene issues in addressing support services for the elderly at home. By providing them with these devices, you are telling them that you care and that you understand the difficulties they are experiencing.

Shower benches or chairs can be useful for those who have balance or strength problems. Shower brushes, bathing wipes, easy nail clippers, and shampoo caps can be invaluable to them. Assistive devices such as hair washing trays make house cleaning for pensioners easier and quicker.

The overwhelming task of massive home cleaning of elders can take a toll on care providers. If you find it intimidating, try some of the tricks mentioned here. And if you are unsure where to start, the rule of thumb is to start anywhere. But it does not have to be completed in a single day. Take your time but do it consistently every day.

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