Why Do You Need A Professional Upholstery Cleaner Anyway?

Nobody likes a raggedy and unkempt living room. We all strive to maintain a beautiful, sometimes themed, entertainment space. Whether it is your sofas, stools, lounge chairs, or ottomans, your upholstered furniture needs constant cleaning and maintenance to keep your living room inviting. Nonetheless, most people are ignorant about cleaning their upholstered furniture. Others choose DIY hacks and tricks that eventually damage their furniture beyond repair or restoration.

This blog post contains predictions on four things that could go wrong with DIY upholstery cleaning. It also recommends using a professional upholstery cleaner and suggests four factors to help you land the best cleaner.

Discoloured Fabrics

Using store-bought upholstery cleaning products might seem cost-effective at first. However, you will quickly realize that this is but a short-term solution. Without the experience of a professional upholstery cleaner, you are unlikely to distinguish between effective and detrimental cleaning chemicals and solutions. If you use a product with harsh chemicals, you might damage your upholstery’s fabrics through discolouration.

Break Down

You may not realize the damage you are causing to your upholstered fabrics with grocery store products right away. They might even appear beautiful and well-maintained. However, consistently using DIY solutions and harsh chemicals break down your fabrics and decrease their lifespan. Their quality deteriorates with continued use. A professional upholstery cleaner would know to use approved solutions like Encap Fine Fabric by Actichem to care for and maintain your fabrics.

Wrong Product Use

As an amateur upholstery cleaner, you could potentially buy the wrong Product from the store. With the array of cleaning products on isles at the store, you buy the most economical ones. This means you overlook important things, including the type of chemicals constituting that Product. Unfortunately, this could wreck your fabrics through stains or tears. A professional cleaner will have the appropriate chemicals and tools for your specific upholstery fabric.

Wrong Cleaning Method

It takes training and experience to deal with stains and dirt on upholstered furniture. Without such knowledge, your DIY cleaning solution could make a small problem permanent. For example, a DIY product might cause you to ingrain a red wine stain on cotton fabrics. The directions on the product package might direct you to scrub or wipe the stains. The Product might also react negatively to the stains. This damages the appearance of your upholstered furniture.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

To avoid compromising the integrity and lifespan of your upholstered furniture, hire a professional cleaner. Perhaps the biggest question is, how do I know which company to hire? There is a limitless number of cleaning companies. With little to no barriers to market entry anybody can start an upholstery cleaning service. As such, getting the best professional can be daunting. So, what should you look for?


It is critical to check the years of experience of any service under consideration. A company that has been in operation for many years will be better than a newly established one. Companies that have been serving their clients for longer are likely to be effective and capable of satisfying your needs. This is because an established service will have employees with high expertise and professionalism with the ability to determine the best techniques and tools for your upholstery. Check whether or not the company you are considering has listed how long it has been in existence on its website. Most legitimate and established companies usually include this information.

Client Reviews and Recommendations

When looking for an upholstery cleaning professional, the experiences of previous clients will tell you who to hire. Whether or not past clients were satisfied with a company’s services will provide you with its reputation and what to expect. There is an undoubted peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cleaning company you are hiring will meet your expectations. Testimonials on a company website can tell you if hiring a specific upholstery cleaning company is your best option before entrusting it with your furniture. Meticulously maintaining your furniture depends significantly on how reputable a company is, and reviews provide a good idea of the quality, professionalism, and performance of a particular upholstery cleaning service.


Even though it should not be your only consideration for hiring an upholstery cleaning service, the price of the services you need is vital. Some companies include a catalog of their services and their charges. Going for a company with the lowest prices might seem attractive, but you should remember that the quality of service may not match your expectations. Typically, you should select a cleaning company that offers what you are looking for at a reasonable price. To get a sense of what a fair price for cleaning your upholstery could look like, you should ask your chosen service provider to explain their pricing.  

The Quality of Cleaning Equipment and Products

The quality of service by different cleaning professionals may differ based on their methods and tools. A cleaning company dedicated to using top-of-the-line products and equipment ensures your upholstery’s safety and future maintenance by carefully tending to their different fabrics with premium products. You want to work with a company that provides comprehensive services and gives you value for your money. When hiring a cleaning company, you expect the employees to deliver results using high-grade cleaning supplies and equipment to protect your upholstery.  

DIY upholstery cleaning solutions can be tempting as they are cheap and easy to do. Nevertheless, they will damage your upholstery fabrics and reduce their lifespan. Without knowing the right products and approach to use, you might discolour, tear, or make permanent stains on the fabrics. This is why you should hire a trusted professional cleaner. You should vet their track record, products and equipment, prices, client reviews and recommendations. Just as you want beautiful and appealing upholstered furniture, commit to treating it with the correct solutions. Do not DIY your upholstered furniture to its wreck. Contact Perth Home Cleaners to receive a free quote!