Pest Infestation: Warning Signs To Be Aware Of

Many households fall victim to some form of Pest Infestation. The most irksome pests that are a threat to hygiene include rats, bedbugs, and insects.

 A vast majority of these infestations can lead to monetary losses. For example, termites eventually erode wooden doors or artifacts within your house. Similarly, an excess of bedbugs could deprive you of well-deserved rest, a rodent hidden in the crevices of your home could raid your groceries.

The Importance of Recognizing Signs Early

Most homeowners often don’t recognize the signs of pest infestations and only pay attention to the problem once the damage has gotten out of control. It is important to note that the problem only aggravates if early signs are not taken care of and an army of pests sneak in.

What are the signs that my home has been affected by pests?

Generic signs such as ants storming over a dropped cube of sugar or rat sightings within your living room are obvious indicators that your house is affected by pests. But some red flags are more subtle than others, here are some of the early warning signs to spot and deal with to ensure your home can stay clean, healthy, and be a pest-free environment.

1. Odd Smells and Unpleasant Odours

This might sound like a simple one, but if your nose detects something fishy at any certain area of your house, there is a high probability that rodents or other pests have infiltrated your home. You might want to look out for pungent, unexplainable smells as they could be directly linked with stinky little creatures lurking around you. Often such smells can be traced into dark corners or hidden in cupboards; so, make sure that these easily ignored areas are given extra attention to whilst cleaning your home.

2. Dirt Trails

Have you ever discovered a trail of strange liquid running across your counter? Or maybe you’ve found tiny little cubes of sugar scattered around far from where they should be. There is no need to worry; but the odds are that infestation might have begun. In typical cases of pest-infested houses; a trail of their nasty droppings can often be found lying around, or there could be grime build-up on the wall.

Droppings that tiny bugs and insects leave behind can be harder to recognize compared to mice or rats. Hence, it is essential to recognize these nasty tracks immediately so you may get rid of these pests immediately before they spread to the entire house.

3. Damaged Plants

While gardening can often serve as a fruitful endeavour; it could be another risk to the sanitation of your home if you’re not cautious enough. It is important to pay attention to each plant you have residing in your home to ensure they have not been damaged by bugs. Outdoor plants, including grass, can also be infested just as easily. Make sure you keep an eye out for uneven grass or dead patches of lawn as they could be hinting towards an outbreak of pests.

4. Signs of Nesting

More often than not; rodents, insects, and bugs look for discreet locations to make their nest so they can all jam together. Even if a large quantity of them isn’t present, you might get to see the hiding spot that has been serving them for the past few days.

Figuring out where the pests in your home reside could be the most important step to recover from infestation. It can be a valuable area to set traps or baits that the pests are guaranteed to come across.

To help you in identifying a nest, it can be made of grass clippings, leaves, shredded paper or similar objects to create a cosy environment.

5. Unfamiliar Sound

If you can hear sounds that you can’t explain; it might be time to invest some time and effort into pesticides. These sounds may include squeaking, squealing, and scratching. Some pests, like rats, may become more active in the evenings so make sure to keep an ear out for strange sounds in the night.

Paying close attention to what you hear could go a long way in attempting to fight off pest infestations.

6. Misplaced Objects, Damaged Furniture, and Damaged Clothing

Tiny weight-less objects may seem to wander around your home randomly and may even find themselves in unimaginable corners.

Similarly, pieces of furniture could be damaged or even torn; which would signify a need for pest control. You could also spot signs of dirtied furniture.

Another common complaint people have regarding pests are damaged clothing, so it may pay off to keep an eye on your closet for signs of infestation as well.

What to do if Signs have Become Clear and Obvious?

If the situation is still mild and no significant damage has been done to the property; a good, thorough cleansing of every suspected corner could serve as an excellent remedy. Disinfectant sprays are commonly sought in every other store and it wouldn’t be a bad investment if they help in eradicating the problem.

Do keep in mind though that it is important to wear gloves (and even a mask) whilst applying disinfectants where you reside as the liquid itself could prove to be toxic.

If the matter is getting out of your hands and you find yourself swarmed with pests of all kinds; it might be time to call the local exterminator and let a professional handle it. Contacting a professional pest control company will ensure maximum output whilst applying the pesticides in the safest way possible. Moreover, they immediately discover the source of the infestation and help you understand how to prevent these pests in the future. Therefore, do not be embarrassed to ask for help as the pest problem is a global problem.