10 Questions To Guide Business Owners When They Are Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If you are a business owner or manager responsible for the upkeep of your offices, we are going to assume that, if those offices have carpets, arranging for carpet cleaning to be done is one of the tasks on your list. That is not to say that you will clean those carpets yourself, but instead will hire someone to clean them for you, and in most cases that ‘someone’ will be a professional carpet cleaning company.

Selecting a carpet cleaning company can be tricky, especially if you have not done it before. We are not suggesting there is anything to be concerned about, but instead, that, as many excellent carpet cleaning companies exist, you might be spoilt for choice. To help you make that choice, here are ten questions where the answers will help you select the right carpet cleaning company for your business.

Have They Been Recommended To You?

One of the best starts to your search for a carpet cleaning company is being given a recommendation by someone whose opinion you trust. This can shorten the whole process provided they meet the additional criteria we have listed below.

How Positive Are Their Reviews?

Any carpet cleaning company with a good track record should have reviews you can check. These can be found on websites like Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google. As well as checking the review scores, take time to read the comments from their previous clients.

Does Their Website Exude Professionalism?

Whilst a website will not tell you everything about a company, it will at least give you a feel for their professionalism. A well-designed website, which has an updated blog, testimonials, easy navigation, and explains their carpet cleaning services in simple language is a positive.

What Industry Certifications Do They Have?

The carpet cleaning industry is not as regulated as some sectors, but that does not mean it has poor standards. A carpet cleaning company with certifications such as those from the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute is one that you should have confidence in.

Are You Able To Speak Directly With Them?

Both at the selection stage and looking ahead to any potential future communications you might have, it is better if you have a carpet cleaning company that enables easy access to them, normally via telephone, where you can speak with one of their team directly.

Does Their Carpet Cleaning Services Suit Your Needs?

This is quite simply a check to ensure that the list of carpet cleaning services that a company offers includes everything that you believe you will need for the cleaning and upkeep of your office’s carpets.

Do They Offer Site Visits?

Speaking on the phone is all good and well, but where a carpet cleaning company excels is if it will carry out site visits before agreeing on a price to see the size and types of carpets to be cleaned, and discuss your needs relating to carpet cleaning face-to-face.

Will They Give You A Written Quote?

Always be reluctant to hire any company, be that for carpet cleaning or any other service, which refuses to give quotes in writing. Verbal quotes can never be fully relied upon and risk the price being increased once the work has started.

Is The Price For The Complete Carpet Cleaning Service?

Continuing on the theme of prices, always check that any price that has been provided in a written quote includes everything and that there are no additional fees that might be added for other ancillary services.

Are Their Warranties Satisfactory?

Finally, you want to be sure that any warranties or guarantees offered to you are satisfactory and will cover you against any loss or damage if something should go wrong, plus set a minimum standard of carpet cleaning.