How to Keep Your Office Carpet and Upholstery Spotlessly Clean

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Whether you manage a small shop or large commercial facility, you know appearances matter when it comes to customers. Commercial facilities and businesses all over West Australia depend on their ability to create a good impression on prospective clients, customers, and business associates.

Why it’s Important Your Office Carpet is Cleaned

Having dirty carpets, stained upholstery or dusty walls can be a disaster for the image of a company.

Clean floors go a long way to making the whole office feel clean. And vice versa, if the floors are dirty or stained, it can ruin the whole office.

In a high traffic area like an office, with lots of people walking over it every day, it’s usually not feasible to get your staff to clean the carpets. You’re much better off with them working on your business and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company with their industrial strength equipment.

Stains that may easily occur in an office include:

  • Coffee spills
  • Food crumbs
  • Oil, grease or dirt brought in by shoes

Stains can destroy the look of a carpet and create a bad image of the company in the minds of the customer or prospective clients.

To maintain a spotlessly clean appearance of office premises, management should make sure the carpet remains fresh through regular cleaning and maintenance. This promotes a clean office environment. Below are some methods of carpet cleaning that can be effective.

Remove Dry Soil

Many people walk in offices every day, including employees and customers. As a result, dirt and debris are brought in by many pairs of shoes and dirt can get stuck in fabric of the carpet. Its recommended dirt and soil in the carpet should be removed with a good quality and high-powered vacuum cleaner.

  • High traffic areas should be vacuumed thoroughly every day if possible
  • Lesser used areas can do with a good vacuum once a week
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Routine Deep Cleaning

When there are spills or stains on carpets in Perth homes, they can be taken care of immediately. However, this cannot be done when a similar incident occurs in an office space. To a company, client satisfaction is of utmost importance and carpet spills are considered a secondary matter.

  • Possibly spills and stains are only addressed when a professional cleaning service arrives, which may be days or even weeks after the spill
  • The stain then sets and dries, and cannot be removed by simple blotting with a cleaning solution
  • Carpets should then be deep cleaned, dried and vacuumed

This is why a professional deep carpet cleaning is needed every few months.

Why is Cleaning Your Office Carpet Important?

One concern that managers of commercial facilities have is how the carpet and upholstery looks to their customers. This is why managers of a property should make sure premises are spotlessly clean, which includes clean carpets. Unlike carpets in residential areas, stains in the office often cannot be attended to as soon as they appear as this may hinder work. Therefore, regular and thorough deep cleaning is needed.

Keep Upholstery Clean

Everyone loves the look of a room after getting new upholstery. There is nothing like soft, vibrant fabric to bring new life to a boring room.

But how long does it take upholstery to lose its clean and crisp look? This is entirely up to you as it depends on how well you clean and take care of it.

Many people in Perth only clean upholstery when they move. But to keep the new look of your upholstery, there are some tips that you should follow.

Remove Dust Frequently

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Dust is the greatest enemy of any upholstery fabric. It can get into crevices and folds and can cause your furniture to smell musky or even get mould. But don’t worry, there are measures you can take to prevent this.

Your vacuum has special attachments that can be used to clean upholstery. This can be used to clean out accumulated dust from folds, creases and other areas that are beyond your reach.

  • Clear out the dust from upholstery by beating it by hand once every few weeks
  • Avoid getting food crumbs stuck in the fabric by insisting no one eats in the living room

Tackle Stains and Spills

The first rule of tackling stains and spills is to clean them before they have time to be absorbed deeper into the fabric. As soon as the spill occurs, get a clean paper or cloth and start blotting as much as you can.

Do Not Rub in Stains

Make sure you do not rub the stain as this will only make the stain harder to clean and also make it bigger. Professional cleaners call this blossoming, and it is one of the major stain disasters. While blotting, try moving your hands from the edges of the spill to the inside and keep going till its dry.

Bring out the Cleaning Solution

Blotting properly may get the job done if you are dealing with a small stain or spill.

But sometimes, you may see that while blotting has absorbed the extra debris the stain is still showing. This is when you should use a cleaning solution for carpet cleaning.

  • Make sure that the solution you are using will not damage your upholstery fabric by testing it on a small spot first
  • You can also make a cleaning solution at home by mixing vinegar and water

When to Use Upholstery Fabric Cleaning

New upholstery makes everyone happy as it gives the rooms a clean, crisp and fresh look. But a lot of the time, the shine is lost quickly.

The main reason is that upholstery fabric gets dusty, dirty, and stained frequently, however, if you want to keep your upholstery looking new and fresh, you can follow the below tips.

  • Get any spots or stains out as soon as they appear as this is when you can remove them easily
  • Use a cleaning solution and test it to make sure it is safe for the upholstery fabric
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Who Needs Office and Commercial Cleaning?

Many cleaning services provide office and commercial cleaning for people who are looking for a regular clean, are vacating or just want to carry out an occasional detailed office cleanup.

Multiplexes, units, factories, industrial kitchens or any other business entity can hire a professional cleaning service to maintain their properties efficiently.

What Cleaning Services Should You Get?

Once you have decided to hire professional cleaners, you should ask for a free quote. The cleaners will let you know prices according to size and cleaning requirements of the property.

It’s a straightforward process after the terms have been agreed. Trained and skilled cleaners can take care of any dust, dirt, pollen and stains found on the property. The cleaners can also remove cobwebs and shampoo upholstery as part of a cleaning package.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services in Perth offer a variety of commercial and office cleaning services. Usually, regular cleaning services include:

  • High Rise Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Washing Walls and Other External Places
  • Car Park Cleanup
  • Air Filter and Cooling Room Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Involving Tiles and Grout in Bathrooms, Kitchens and Other Rooms
  • Sealing for Dust Protection

What Happens if You Have Other Office Cleaning Needs?

Regular cleanups can be arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis but you may need some specialist help with the office carpet along with other upholstered sofas or bathroom cleaning, commercial window cleaning and other maintenance tasks.

The cleaning of windows, both internal and external, is quite tricky for someone untrained since professional cleaners may have to use ladders and pole extensions to reach high places and wipe dirt off high sills and windows.

There are some handy tips available to keep your office space tidy and the carpet clean.

It’s important to keep your office floor clean, not just for employees, but for potential clients or visitors. To discuss your specific needs, contact your local Perth carpet cleaning service.

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