Looking For Some Help With Housecleaning? Tips On Cleaning The Living Room

We all wish that cleaning wasn’t a thing, or we could click our fingers and our homes would be sparkling clean and tidy. More realistically what we can do is to hire a professional cleaner on a regular basis. However, sometimes this option isn’t viable. We’ve got something that will hopefully be a close second to professional cleaning services that you should find useful and might even bring some fun to your cleaning routine.

Cleaning our homes can be a really daunting task so breaking it down into individual rooms is going to feel much less overwhelming. In this article we’re going to be talking about our living rooms and giving you some ways that should help you with cleaning and keeping on top of potentially the biggest room in the home.

Making Our Living Rooms Liveable

Our living rooms are our family rooms, they are usually the biggest and have the most foot traffic in the home and for these two reasons alone can make them the most difficult to keep feeling fresh. However, this is also why it is the most important to keep on top of them. If we want to be able to enjoy our spaces, we are going to need a clean living room without piles of mess.

We want to be regularly tidying our spaces, especially our favourite areas. Fifteen minutes every night, around the whole home or in just one room will add up and make a world of difference in the long run. Creating a much smoother process for when you come to cleaning. It may seem boring and tiring, particularly if you’ve had a long day but you’d be surprised how quickly the time will pass. You may even start to look forward to a point in the day where you don’t have to think or worry about the outside world. You could even turn it into a form of ‘me time’ by putting on a good podcast, audiobook, or music. You can expand on this by making this time for small cleaning tasks too as we don’t have to do whole rooms all at once and can break them up in to smaller more manageable tasks. This simple task can go a long way in boosting the “Feng Shui” of your home.

You would be surprised at how little you need to actually clean your living room and home, thinking that we need disinfectants and polish for your surfaces in this space when really all you need is a microfiber cloth and a little water. We’ve always been told that we need a million and one products but in actuality we really don’t. Simpler options are just as effective and can be cheaper. Make it simple and easy for yourself so that you are more likely to do it.

Remember to not be too hard on yourself, we all have busy lives, with stresses and responsibilities and people to take care of. Being mean to ourselves isn’t going to achieve anything except make you feel worse and less likely to actually do anything productive for ourselves or home. We want to work with our lives, creating systems and habits that greatly benefit us. More importantly the habits must be realistic, sustainable and require minimal effort.

How Often and How Best To

Not every area of your living room needs to be cleaned the same amount, which in the end actually makes cleaning feel more attainable. With certain tasks needing to be done more frequently than others, so you do not have to do everything all at once. Floors should be done 1-2 times per week, either vacuuming or sweeping and mopping twice a month. For carpets you can use a carpet cleaner on certain areas or sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum it up to give a refreshed feeling.

Lounge chairs and sofas should be vacuumed about every two weeks, with the cushions being pulled out too.  Cleaning upholstery really depends on the type of material they are made with; leather or suede and their faux counterparts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Fabric sofas are a bit of a different story, each one should come with how best to clean instructions, usually on a tag attached to the sofa or cushion, indicating whether to use water, solvent based cleaner or only vacuum.

Surfaces like tv stands and such should be cleaned once a week with a damp microfiber cloth or spray. You must also remember to clean the ceiling; which can collect dust. This can be done about twice a month with a duster or (if you feel like braving spider’s cobwebs), a microfiber cloth. With things like door handles, they should be cleaned every week with a disinfectant spray or as often as makes you comfortable.

Windows and tv screens can be done once every two weeks, however if you have younger ones on the go, more often if you are able to. We know they do love to smoosh their faces on the glass. A simple glass cleaner should do the trick of cleaning TV screens and windows.

I bet you everyone had forgotten about their curtains! Once every one to two months you should give them a quick vacuum on both sides and toss them in the washing machine.

Tips On Keeping It Simple and Easy:

Here Are Some Basics To Remember:

· Schedule your cleaning days as soon as you know what your week looks like, for both bigger and smaller cleaning session

· Try tidying or cleaning for just 15 minutes a day

· Vacuuming can be your best friend. If you’re tired after a long day or week, this trick can save the day. With a variety of different nozzles, you can vacuum just about every surface and be done in no time

· Don’t put it down. Having to do a big tidy of your space before every cleaning can be an annoying step and mess can gather quickly in our living rooms. If it’ll take you less than a minute or two to put it away, put it where it belongs

· Make it fun. Maybe have cute gloves you put on, or a specific cleaning playlist that gets your motivated and excited, or have something ready for yourself as a reward. Cleaning doesn’t have to be as horrible as we think it is

· Break your rooms up. We have the misconception that we have to clean a whole room and the whole house even in one go and this can lead us to feeling overwhelmed and not actually doing anything. Break your spaces up into smaller cleaning tasks to avoid procrastination

· Imperfectly done is better than not done at all

Keep It Natural and Simple Around the Home

As mentioned earlier, we don’t need a dozen different products to clean our homes, sometimes, simple really is best and can actually encourage us to clean more as it feels less daunting. More natural, sustainable and even homemade products are becoming more popular.

 Hopefully you’re feeling inspired now with either fresh ideas or motivation in order to revaluate or revamp your cleaning routine. Or at the very least realise it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed and know that cleaning doesn’t have to be as difficult and time consuming as it seems. Simple is truly best and small steps often really are the ones that make the difference in the long run.