House Cleaners in Perth: A Complete Guide

Many people are of the opinion that keeping a house clean and leaving it that way ought to be a daily or periodic task. Sometimes, it seems plausible. At such time, it becomes important to consider hiring a professional house cleaner. There are numerous reasons why you should delegate your cleaning services to experts. If you do not have the luxury of time to clean your house yourself. If you would rather prefer a sparkling clean house, which you do not think you can achieve all by yourself. You definitely need a house cleaner.

Now, what exactly do professional house cleaners do? Simply, they clean houses. Are you based in Perth or other parts of Western Australia? It might interest you to note that there are countless house cleaners around you. As regards choosing the right cleaning service that suits your household needs, this guide answers some of your questions.

Perth House Cleaners

Wherever you are based in and around Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Yanchep, Midland, Rockingham, Mandurah, or others; your choice of professional cleaner is a good one. This is because they all have undergone some trial cleaning and stringent vetting before they are made available for the general consumers.

Nothing is left to chance in terms of safety and cleanliness. There is no substitute for premium quality, and this has made bond cleaning in Perth a thriving and lucrative business. Apart from it being sought after by many, it is relatively affordable for the average consumer.

House cleaners in Perth: What services do they offer?

Many a times, the broad list of responsibilities are classified under any of the following. An average Perth-located house cleaner offers any or all of these.

  • Vacate cleaning
  • Bond cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • House cleaning
  • Post renovation
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Repossessed house cleaning

Do I need a checklist?

Most times, house cleaners have a checklist. Meanwhile, you can make special requests depending on what you want. Maybe you have your own checklist which is a function of your needs, and oftentimes, the size of your household. Or you want your cleaners to pay special attention to some parts of the house for more thorough cleaning.

These requests can be accommodated. Because they are vested with the responsibility of providing premium house cleaning, a checklist makes the process easy.

Who provides the cleaning products/equipment?

Normally, the cleaners will bring their cleaning products or equipment. However, you can discuss with them prior to the first cleaning session to get the required details. For example, you can ask them to enquire about the specific type of cleaning products they intend using.

Similarly, you can discuss your preferred choice, if any. That is, perhaps you would prefer green cleaning products. Elsewhere, it is not a problem if the client does not have the cleaning product to be used. It only becomes one when they do not state their requirements clearly ahead of time so the cleaners bring them along when they show up.

Never forget to discuss your preferred cleaning products with your cleaners. Particularly if you prefer organic cleaners or you are picky because of certain allergies. Just be clear about it.

What should I expect from my house cleaner?

Going by the numerous nearby options, you might have to choose based on what your expectations are. House cleaners are professionals who will stop at nothing to satisfy you and give you a spick-and-span home. Yet, for the desired wow effect, you have to be more specific with your expectations. A typical premium house cleaning checklist entails:

  • Vacuuming carpets and floors
  • Emptying the trash
  • Dusting- high and low
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Cleaning the door handles and light fixtures
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances on the outside
  • Washing the dishes
  • Changing linen (in most cases, is an extra service)
  • Wiping in and out of the kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom/toilet
  • Thorough cleaning of the sink, showers and bathtubs

Other special services include window cleaning, vacation and rentals cleaning, post-construction cleaning, move in/out cleaning, among others.

These special services are covered under more specific areas and delve into more detail. While this is a general checklist, depending on what you want, you can ask your service provider for a personalised cleaning checklist.

Is it okay to choose a house cleaner who does not have insurance?

The ideal thing is that any house cleaning service you choose must have insurance. Therefore, it is fair to ask them before the scheduled cleaning date to confirm. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with Perth Home Cleaners. One with insurance offers an added advantage.

Are there things my house cleaner hides from me?

The truth is, house cleaners might have to put up with some clients’ annoying habits. Let’s show you some real-life stories. These stories would guide your expectations, to say the least. Most clients have unrealistic expectations. Imagine a client that wants their five-bedroom house to be done in two hours. You need to give your provider enough time to clean thoroughly, and for absolute satisfaction.

Some house cleaners complain that their clients are not reasonable. Don’t get it twisted. Normally, the house cleaner just wants to come and get your house cleaned. It is ridiculous when you ask them to scrub out your mailbox or pull out the refrigerator so they can clean behind it.

Do you have dirty pans? Because dish washing is oftentimes part of the house cleaning services, it would be very helpful if you soak them before your house cleaner comes around. This will ensure efficient and prompt cleaning so they can fix other things on time. Besides, cleaning your kitchen sink should also be done on a regular basis, and not until your cleaner comes around. It is in fact considered one of the many ways people get cleaning the kitchen wrong. A tiny kindness also goes a long way. With that, you won’t rack your head unnecessarily about what your cleaner is thinking. They just want to clean. That’s all.

Can my house cleaner offer a better clean than myself?

It is not a problem if you think you can handle your house cleaning better. But think about these things. Some of the perquisites of choosing a professional house cleaner in Perth are:

  • Sparkling clean house: House void of germs and thoroughly disinfected to get rid of common bacteria and viruses
  • Use of leading technologies: Many cleaners use safe disinfectants borne out of the technological innovation to minimize cross contamination
  • Insurance: bond cleaners Perth are insured as well as bonded and this should be convincing enough to consider them
  • Reliability and professionalism

How much exactly does house cleaning cost?

Some companies offer simple plans and simple pricing that an average customer can afford. You can easily estimate your pricing depending on what you want. Based on cleaning frequency and the total number of area to be covered in square meters, the house cleaning services and their pricing are categorized under:

  • Basic Service: $140 per service or week
  • Premium Service; $190 per service or week
  • Post Renovation: $290 per service or week

In case you choose other service providers, kindly check their website or write to them about what you need to get the estimate.

Does it make sense to leave the house during the bond clean?
Cleaners generally advise that the home owners give them some space while they do their job. This is to allow them to do a thorough and unhindered job. But if you want to stay around to do some things, ensure you do not hinder their activities in any way.

How does house cleaning work?

House cleaners simply follow a booking approach and clean-up procedure for shiny spaces. The process includes: getting an estimate, the cleaners come around on the desired date and execute the cleaning.

The bond cleaners in Perth are professionals driven by quality delivery and nothing short. We take pride in our work, offering first class and premium quality service to customers. Typically, a bond clean offers many services like dusting, mopping, soap scum removal, internal walls spot cleaned, vacuuming, and others. The other services can be found in the checklist and added to your quote. You are in good hands because:

  • They are fully insured
  • They provide their own equipment
  • They have their own cleaning agents and products
  • They offer a bond back guarantee in case of gaps in satisfaction.

The question of how long the cleaning would take depends on the condition of the house and its size. A professional house cleaner works within a reasonable and feasible time frame and therefore, you might have to allow them to do their job for thorough cleaning.

I am a first timer, any helpful tips?

Now that you have made up your mind to hire professional cleaners for your home. Outsourcing your cleaning tasks will afford you the opportunity to take more control of your time and focus on other family and social obligations?

Thanks to the advent of professional cleaners, you can get a detailed and thorough cleaning on a periodic basis, and subsequently. In case this is your first time hiring house cleaners, and need some help. The catch is simple and straightforward. They perform an all-encompassing cleaning with inclusions of every aspect you desire to be cleaned.

Meanwhile, communication is important. Perth Home Cleaners have a handful of information on what to do every time they come for house cleaning. They understand and execute based on the standard inclusions for the different types of cleaning. Thus, it is pertinent that you check the inclusions before you hire their services.

The standard inclusions for cleaning service are basically offered by a regular cleaning service provider. But if you desire a more thorough clean for your house, you have to include the deep cleaning service in your request.

Is an instant transformation after cleaning possible or achievable?

Basically, a detailed clean will birth a new life into your apartment. However, realistically, you cannot expect to achieve a glorious and shiny clean in a single approach. This does not take away the fact that your house will give a fresh scent and look clean. But in truth, you might need to allow your cleaner to do several cleans for some period of weeks to totally get rid of the hard stains and dirt especially post-construction. The question of how long it will take therefore depends on the thoroughness of the cleaning done and the frequency of cleaning. Ensure a minimum of two cleans for relative satisfaction.

Another way you can assist cleaners with meeting your expectations is to be specific about your cleaning needs. If you have special requests about an area of your house, simply state them so they focus more on the area. The cleaners are interested in serving well and thus, you can make their work less stressful by informing them of the tasks you want them to give more attention to. So, in essence, a gradual transformation is possible as against an instant sparkling expectation.

Can professional cleaners run errands for me?

The cleaner’s job description does not involve running errands for clients. You do not want to ask them to help buy items from the grocery. That’s super weird. Their interest is in helping you keep a sparkling clean home. Tasking them with other responsibilities can be awkward. As a general rule, their duties are confined to the client’s house and the inside alone.

What do house cleaners owe their standard to?

Many of the house cleaners in Perth owe their sustainable growth and standard to the quality clients they engage in over time. With teams of motivated persons who aim at giving a fresh clean, the goal remains that customers will always have something less to be troubled about.

What are the steps involved in house cleaning?

House cleaners in Perth have a goal, which is to wow/thrill customers with every clean. In a simple approach of book-clean-relax, you can get your house cleaning needs met in a jiffy. Just book by selecting the date and time you would like the cleaning to be done.

The cleaner comes around and does his job, while you sit back and enjoy your sparkling home. That’s all. The purpose is to give an outstanding treatment of cleaning via top-notch customer service delivery. Many of these providers are also committed to the absolute trust and safety of their clients.

How many people should I expect when I book a house cleaning service?

Having booked service by calling a staff or filling out the online booking form of your preferred house cleaner website, enter relevant details to complete the booking.

Meanwhile, the number of people that would come for the cleaning depends on the policy of the company. Nonetheless, the standard is a team of 2 people with an extra person. If the job is small, a single person is sent to the house for the cleaning. For instance, if for a studio or it’s some touch-up jobs.

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning service?

House cleaning services have a money-back guarantee and relatively friendly and approachable customer support unit. Inform them about your displeasure or dissatisfaction in 48 hours to effect the necessary change.

Perth Home Cleaners has a primary goal, which is to provide satisfactory service at all times even if it means putting in extra work for maximum satisfaction and complaints resolution.

I have a commercial space, can a house cleaner help?

For thorough cleaning in Perth, you also get unparalleled service for residential and commercial spaces. That is, house cleaning service is not only limited to residential homes. Thanks to the amount of knowledge and technical capability of the staff, you can get your office space cleaned with top-rated biodegradable cleaning products for a sparkling clean space.

What parts of the country does the cleaning cover?

Bond cleaning, otherwise called the end of lease cleaning, typically takes about 4-7 hours per home, and depending on the house’s condition, and individual requirements, you can rest assured that your need will be met by a nearby provider who is absolutely capable as well.

Why do I have to prefer a provider to another?

It is important that you pay attention to certain details before hiring a professional house cleaner. There are various providers in today’s market and due diligence is your prerogative. However, your choice of a house cleaner over another can be as a result of previous customers’ feedback. You can as well consider the number of years they have spent in the industry delivering excellent customer service across the country. In short, testimonials can help a great deal in determining who you should go for.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay in cash or with a credit card at the beginning of the service. But keep in mind that you get charged when paying with a card. On the average, a house cleaning service provider offers this amount of flexibility depending on your choice.

If something gets broken or damaged in the process of cleaning, who pays for it? Perth Home Cleaners are extra careful when it comes to delivering their cleaning services. But one cannot take away the chances of possible mistakes or errors which could lead to breakage of some items. In case of any damage caused by any of the team members, they take absolute responsibility for the damage.

What if my house is so messed up?

A cleaner once shared his story of how there were piles of poop in places around the house. One of the most disgusting tasks they have ever undertaken.

Imagine a cleaner having to clean mouldy cheese and slime in the fridge, and piles of poop in the living room. This is just an instance of what some cleaners encounter. They do not enjoy this, but they have to do their job anyway. Disposing of the tons of beer cans, bottles, garbage and left over food can be tiresome and unpleasant.

Are there any house cleaning services under $50?

The price you pay for cleaning depends on your options of the areas to be covered and other factors. But in Perth, you can get it for as low as $30 which covers the living/dining/bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This does not compromise the quality anyway. The healthy living of your family is intact.

For commercial cleaning, where you get retail cleaning, gym cleaning, office cleaning, commercial building, warehouse/factory cleaning, and school cleaning, you might have to pay more. Also, for a one-off cleaning where you move out and seek a swift and effective cleaning service, you can make the right and trustworthy selection. This goes for nothing less than $140 too.

What are the provisions of the law concerning the industry?

The house cleaning industry is fast growing with many providers performing already. For instance, you can check the broad services group of the nation’s industry to figure out what you want and what the rules are. Do you want property maintenance, commercial cleaning, house cleaning, or other things? Check for the laws binding these services to have some leverage.

The umbrella industry in Australia?

Buildings Service Contractors Association of Australia, BSCAA is the country’s peak industry representative body for any services related to building. Their members include cleaning, security, and facilities management contractors. Basically, they provide leadership for members and other relevant quality services. Working closely with the government and other stakeholders in the industry, their aim is to ensure and improve professionalism across.

House Cleaning Story: Interesting Case

Upon completion of cleaning, a house cleaner left the doors and windows open so that the fragrance of the flowers filled the house. The client arrived and disliked how the room scented. She preferred a better fragrance. And this is why clients have to state specifically what they want, while the cleaner also absolves himself of any guesswork or assumptions.

Domestic House Cleaning Services Never Go Out of Fashion

We close with the clearer perspective of the cleaning industry in Australia. The commonest perception is that cleaning is a member of the facilities management family and that anyone can do just that. No skill. No prior experience. This is an outright misconception as the contract cleaning industry in the country has over 125,000 people nationwide and is currently served by 28,000 companies.

As is the case in any contracting industry, cleaning has its own challenges. And in order to serve clients the best way possible, being a highly competitive market, the trend of labour management situations, need for training for required seasoned and skilled personnel, industry associations, to mention a few, highlight the modalities of the industry.