4 Common Vacate Cleaning Questions

Vacate cleaning is done whenever someone moves out of a house. It could be because they are a tenant in a rental property, or because they are a homeowner who sold the house.

People call us from either side of the transaction. They might be the person leaving, who needs to pass on the house or unit in a clean condition, or they might be the person moving in, who doesn’t want to inherit all the dirt, grime and bacteria of the last resident.

Here, in no particular order are four of the most common questions we hear about vacate cleaning:

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Is a vacate clean a good idea prior to selling or after buying a house or unit?

It is vital that sellers clean their home after they move in. The choice to clean is dependent on several factors such as the seller preferences, legal requirements and contract agreements. A vacate clean is a good idea prior to selling your house for several reasons.

  • Increases the bargaining power. While some buyers may prefer the cleaning be done after moving in furniture and items as a way of maximising the exercise, a vacate clean increases the bargaining power and the seller is likely to sell the house or property under a short period. The bargaining power is achieved through improved present ability of the property being prepared for sale. Moreover, the professional cleaners help to ensure that the property looks new and also smells good due to the use of deodorants.
  • Saves time and effort. Through experienced trained experts, cleaning of the house prior to selling takes less time especially because of elimination of items or property previously owned. The exercise is even faster for a new property.
  • A vacate clean prior to selling creates a room for identifying the minor damages and thus make replacements on time. This is essential especially in retaining positive ratings. Many buyers dislike changes as well as repairs after buying a property. They prefer all the repairs to be performed before buying a property.

Would my house sell for more if I got a vacate clean before selling?

Ensuring a vacate cleaning before selling the house would help a house to sell for more. This outcome is mainly dependent on the type of cleaning services that the selected cleaning company will perform.

Some companies provide value for money at the same time offering good services that are likely to capture the buyers’ attention. Additionally, most customers will look through a house prior to viewing and deciding to buy it.

Another reason why cleaning the house would help to increase the sale price is that the move helps you identify potential problems within the house. Upon realisation of the problems the necessary repairs and replacement are made on time.

Once the repairs are made, it eliminates the chances of the buyer avoiding buying the house or negotiating the price. A vacate clean before selling a house allows the buyer to be imaginative of his or her future within the space.

The imagination helps the buyer more attracted to the house and also become willing to buy the house at the price being offered. Once the convincing power is high, it means that the seller has an option of relatively increasing the price thus earning more from the sale of the house.

Lastly, a vacate clean creates an opportunity for the seller to make adjustments depending on the market needs. Some of the possible changes he could implement include new painting. The modifications are crucial to the value and appealing image of the house thus increasing the probability of buying the house at a high cost.

Should I sell my house with or without furniture?

If I have furniture in my house can I still get a vacate clean?

Deciding to sell a house with or without furniture is subject to many factors, which include:

  • Stress involved in relocating the furniture.
  • Bargaining power involved.
  • The price the customer is willing to offer inclusive of the furniture.
  • Customers’ preference.

I would suggest selling the house with furniture. This option will not only increase your marketability but also the appeal of the house. Moreover, depending on the furniture installed, the value of the house is likely to be high thereby increasing your profit margin.

It is possible to obtain a vacate clean while you still possess furniture. Most companies have the necessary expertise to perform this type of operation. All they need to do is prioritising all the parts and equipment within the house.

Other advantages of selling the house with furniture include:

  • Helps to cover up for small imperfections. Imperfections such as marks on the carpet may affect the willingness of the buyer to buy a house. However, some of the furniture such as sofas may help to cover up those imperfections thereby maintaining potential buyers.
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of the furniture allows the potential buyers to perceive the house as a home as opposed to house. The perception is vital in attracting a higher purchase.
  • Puts the house above the competition. The purchase and selling of houses face stiff competition. The inclusion of amazing furniture does not only make the house unique but also appealing thereby outdoing other houses in the market.

Is a vacate clean a good idea if looking after a deceased estate?

If looking for a deceased estate, vacate clean is a good idea. A vacate clean ensures that all unwanted rubbish is removed and organised. Nevertheless, they arrange all the necessary repairs needed for the property.

The price of obtaining a house within a deceased estate is also fair enough and a vacate clean also does a quality job in ensuring that the previous memories are well eliminated. Moreover, depending on the deceased estate, one can always check the ratings of a vacate clean company involved.

One of the unique factors that is highly considerable is how the companies make the house attain the favourable first impression.

Considering the house was deceased, the first impression is crucial in ensuring that the buyers don’t have a second thought on the idea of purchasing the house.

Uniquely, considering the clean company is essential in helping the buyer see the purpose of every house. For example, the combination of a TV room and play room.

The cleaning company will do a quality work while cleaning a deceased house and the buyer is sure that the house will soot all his or her needs effectively.

The last reason why one would consider the option of a vacate clean is their favourable terms and consideration. For instance, estate owner may get favourable discounts for each time they subscribe to their services.