How To Prepare Your House Before Cleaners Arrive

So you’ve done your research, asked some friends or family, read the reviews online and finally chosen a cleaning company to come and clean your house.

It’s not quite time to put your feet up and relax.

To get the most value out of your cleaners, you still have some preparation to do.

Clarify the scope of the job

Don’t assume the cleaning company will be able to move your furniture around, particularly if you have heavy or old furniture.

If you aren’t sure what’s covered in the cleaning service, make sure you clarify it with the cleaners before.

Open communication will help everyone. You will get what’s most important to you done and the cleaners won’t have to guess at what matters most to you.

Even if you have finalised the job, there are usually areas or things you can drop from the list to make sure the areas you want done are done.

Don’t assume that an “all inclusive clean” includes everything you think it does. Just ask the cleaning company as your idea may be different from their idea.

Even when the cleaners rock up on the day, it’s not too late to manage expectations and get clarity on the scope of the clean.

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Think about what you DON’T want included

You may have pieces of art, rooms of the house, or draws that you don’t want touched. You may like them the way they are or be protective of them.

That’s totally fine. Just make sure you list them for the cleaners.

You know your house best. There may be a particular rug that if it’s not handled gently it will fall apart.

Clearly explaining which parts of the house you don’t want included in the clean will help everyone involved.

If you feel comfortable giving reasons why you don’t want particular things touched, the cleaners may be able to suggest ways they could help, or give you tips on taking care of them that you may not have though of.

Preparing the house for cleaning

If the cleaning company is not able to move furniture, you may want to move couches and chairs so cleaners can sweep and clean behind furniture.

Pick up and put away items that are lying around, especially in bedrooms. You want cleaners to spend their time cleaning, not organizing.

If cleaners are using your cleaning supplies, make sure the supplies and rags are readily available. You don’t want to be spending their time (that you’re paying for) waiting while you hunt for that thing they need, that you said would be there, but you put “somewhere safe”.

Put all your jewellery and valuables in a safe or discreet compartment. This will keep items from getting misplaced or damaged. Use a safe if you have it, keep them with you, or put them in the boot of your car if it’s in the garage.

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Put away any important documents on your desk like bills, insurance paperwork, bank statements, etc. You don’t want the cleaners to mistake important documents for rubbish.

Take care of any other self-identifying information, especially if you’ll be out when the cleaners are working. Before the cleaners arrive, you may want to attach post-it notes indicating specific files not be moved or disturbed.

Secure your pets. If your pet gets overexcited or in the way of cleaning, secure them in a pet crate or a locked room before the cleaners arrive.

Do a quick home inspection for anything broken. You don’t want to blame cleaners for items that are already damaged.

Be clear about your expectations and stick to them. Point out any problem areas you particularly want addressed and make sure it’s included in the clean.

If you aren’t home when the cleaners arrive, make sure they can get into your house and have instructions for turning off your home alarm system. You can always change the alarm code after they leave if you’re worried about security.

Once you’ve taken care of things, sit back and relax while the cleaners make your home spotless.

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