5 Effective House Cleaning Hacks

The age old adage, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, is arguably a platitude that a lot of people (especially the not-too-religiously-inclined) will already find banal in these modern times. However, it can also be argued that still applies to people’s daily lives. After all, making the effort to clean allows you to reap invaluable benefits that a lot of people often overlook simply because it’s become routine for most of us.

And, mind you, it’s not just the usual advantages of safeguarding yourself from potential germ-borne diseases. Cleaning, after all, is an activity that inherently promotes a sense of responsibility, an overall positive mindset, and even gives you motivation. This is why, if you have been viewing it more like a burdensome chore, just take the time to reflect on the immense impacts of the seemingly simple act of cleaning on your life. In the process, we hope that you will regard the act in a more positive light.

That said, there’s a reason why a lot of us consider it such a hassle. Most of the time it’s just because you don’t take the time to learn how to do it properly or more efficiently.

We intend to remedy that once and for all by providing you with all the best home cleaning tips and hacks that you can immediately start doing today. And should you just not have time to do it yourself, we have also thrown in a lot of industry-exclusive pointers to help you partner with an excellent Perth cleaning company.

Effective Washing Hacks to Help You Save Time and Money Straight from Professional Cleaners of Perth

We are going to make it clear from the outset that these tips come from actual expert cleaning professionals in the Perth area. These are well-trained cleaners who took the time to study and accumulate cleaning experience that they can swiftly and proficiently apply to any cleaning job assigned to them.

Learning and practicing them yourself, it’s safe to say, will only allow you to boost your cleaning skills that, in turn, will surely save you a lot of time and money. Here they are as follows:

Refrain from washing by hand and start using the dishwasher more often.

Experts have proven that it actually saves a lot of water and time. And we mean A LOT because you practically use on average six times the amount of water a dishwasher will typically use every time you rely on handwashing. Nothing beats the speed in which a dishwasher can thoroughly clean these kitchen utensils so you are guaranteed to save plenty of time as well. Nature will be very grateful to you too in the process.

Stop rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

If you happen to be guilty of doing this, it’s high time to drop the habit altogether because it is basically a waste of time and effort – unless you have no other choice but to rely on handwashing. Most dishwashers are designed to perform this for you and almost always manage to ensure the same result every time. That said, you definitely still have to scrape off any food debris from the dishes before popping them into the machine.

Start using vinegar more often to clean the dishwasher.

This is already a fairly popular tip but we have included it here precisely because a lot of experts can back it up (which not a lot of other claims about cleaning can boast of having). It’s not just about efficiency because vinegar is arguably the more economical option than any other cleaning agents in the long run. Distilled vinegar is good, but it won’t hurt to invest in actual cleaning vinegar as well.

One caveat, though: do make sure that the dishwasher you are using actually allows this. Check it out in the manual. Better yet, start choosing dishwashers that will let you use vinegar to clean them. One cup of vinegar will suffice for most cases. Simply pour it in the top rack or the bottom part of the unit (depending on the make of your dishwasher) then turn it on full-cycle for it to start cleaning itself!

Extra tip: Did you know that you can also use vinegar in your washing machine to brighten the colours of fabrics? In fact, it is best applied to yellowing white clothing to whiten it more.

Use hot water from time to time to clean the interior drum of dishwashers.

This is the part of the dishwasher that requires extra attention because it is what determines its capacity (i.e. where the dishes are held most of the time during washing). Experts suggest running your washer with a hot load on occasion to clean it thoroughly using your washing machine. Hotter water has always been proven to be more effective in removing germs and stubborn stains, after all. All the better if your dishwasher already has a “hot” setting, which is almost always in the case in most modern models.

Learn to recycle and convert containers into a water tank.

This is an obvious money-saver for households with large containers or bins that can serve the purpose of a greywater tank. If you haven’t been using greywater in the past, it’s high time to start doing so because it is a sustainable habit and can even be treated.

If you happen to have a wheelie bin, for instance, this actually makes for a great alternative as many homeowners can attest to having converted theirs into fully functional greywater tanks. Water tanks may not be readily available in your area, after all, and if they are, there’s a very high chance that you’ll end up shelling out way too much money for it.

Once you take the time to treat the greywater, you practically unlock numerous other uses for it, allowing you to save more and be more environmentally friendly in the process.

Busting “Cleaning Hacks” that Actually Do Little to No Good

One common problem surrounding cleaning hacks you learn online is that very few rightfully earn the spotlight. There is a great number of bogus claims as well, which will do you a lot of good to steer clear of.

Below, we have outlined the ones that have received a lot of undeserved media coverage and virality. This is so you can be well informed and dissuaded if you happen to have been hooked by these fake tips and are still considering trying out one or more of them. These are the “hacks” that any good cleaner won’t hesitate to give you the finger wag if they happen to see you doing them.

Using lemon juice to clean your dishwasher.

Make no mistake lemons are natural disinfectants but it simply would be pushing it if you are going to rely on them when cleaning your dishwasher. Almost any single detergent brand can trump a dozen lemons when making sure that your dishwasher is 100% sanitised. Seriously, there are numerous other practical uses for lemons (not least of which is some sumptuous ice-cold lemonade to beat the summer heat).

Removing burnt debris from a pan or tray using dryer sheets.

Food that has been burned on pans and trays are arguably one of the biggest hassles to clean. And while using dryer sheets may work (though some cleaning experts are quick to say that they don’t), there are far better alternatives that work and cheaper too. You can, for instance, just use good, old vinegar mixed with water instead, as demonstrated in this video. The cleaning effect is relatively faster, too.

Using mouthwash to sterilise your washing machine.

Ever considered pouring mouthwash in your washing machine to rid it of germs because you have run out of disinfectant? No? Good for you. Because as it turns out this is also another fairly popular cleaning “trick” that is being circulated online that many people practice. Even if it appears to work, it’s safe to say that you’ll almost always end up with half-baked results, considering any mouthwash is designed solely to clean, well, your orifice.

Other cleaning tips that the pros will get behind:

  • Always try to go for the hitting-two-birds-with-one-stone route when cleaning. Clean blinds as you scrub the windows, for example.
  • Keep a steady supply of cleaning products stocked up over time. You can never really enough of them. This is so you won’t have to even consider doing the bogus hacks we put on the spotlight above.
  • Have a solid inkling of what “clean” really means to you. This only makes it easier for you to conduct your cleaning and make it known to a cleaner (should you think of hiring one) how you want your place cleaned.
  • Construct a cleaning plan and checklist. This one from Good Housekeeping is a good example. More often than not, cleaning at whim only leads to incomplete and unsatisfactory results.

You Can Always Rely on Our Professional Cleaners

While it doesn’t hurt to learn all these cleaning tips and informing yourself more about basic and advanced home hygiene, it’s understandable that not all people can always be available to conduct a thorough home cleaning. If you find yourself in such a situation, then it’s almost always best to rely on professional cleaners.

In Perth, there are numerous cleaning individuals, agencies, and companies operating, so it can inevitably get hard to decide on which one to hire. Read on to find out how you can overcome this common problem among lots of Perth homeowners.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring Perth Cleaners?

One of the facts you should acknowledge from the start is that relying on a professional does not instantly translate to great results or experiences every time. There is no absence of homeowners who complain of hiring “professional” cleaners who do a subpar job once they arrive home.

There are also those who have had experiences of cleaners arriving an hour late and still charging for that extra hour. This tends to happen if the owner is usually not around when the cleaner renders the service. Know that you have every right to decline to pay those cleaners for those missed hours.

These are but some of the scenarios you should anticipate and should ultimately help you gauge the performance of a specific cleaning company. Obviously, it would be best to seek for better alternatives if you encounter these kinds of cleaners.

So What’s the Secret to Hiring Really Good Cleaners in Perth?

These are tips that come directly from locals who have experience in availing of services operating in Perth. So this goes beyond the basic recommendations like relying on referrals and checking out the cleaning company’s credentials. We hope you’ll find these golden bits of knowledge useful in helping you know more about the cleaning industry in Perth, Western Australia and, ultimately, in your decisions from now on.

The more options and customizations, the better.

One of the best gauges of how proficient and versatile a cleaning company in Perth can be is if they are able to adjust to your specific needs and budget. Every home is different, after all, and most of the time, you’ll only end up paying more if the company only offers set or static cleaning service packages. If the company can say outright the factors that determine their rates.

If they can provide reasonable and affirmative answers to these questions, then they are already halfway to earning the “good” label:

  • Do they offer more than what you can consider as static cleaning services?
  • Are their rates based a lot on time allotted and arranged between you and the cleaner?
  • Do they take into consideration the size of the property, its general condition when suggesting the cleaning process that they will be doing?
  • Are they open to helping the client fulfill his own personal cleaning checklist if he has one?
  • Do they freely provide you with suggestions and feedback regarding the work to be done and their own cleaners’ performance?
  • Do you have the option to choose which cleaners to render the service and switch cleaners anytime?

A good company is a superb mix of adaptability, efficiency, and professionalism. Settling for anything less, it can be argued, equates to chucking away your hard-earned cash.

Do not overlook how the company handles your safety.

One good sign of a great cleaning service is when they make it known to you from the start that they prioritize your home’s security. You can never be too careful, after all, and those services that take all the extra steps to get their cleaning team security cleared are well worth This takes checking whether the company performs security clearances of their team of cleaners Perth.

Ultimately, it goes without saying that you want to work with a company that you can easily enjoy a relative peace of mind – i.e. those with cleaners that you won’t have to get too leery to leave your keys to. You will know these types of cleaners from the get-go, with the way to conduct their service with utmost openness and professionalism.

Ask what kind of equipment they use for cleaning.

Companies that do not skimp on tools and equipment that can do finish the job better and faster should be your top choices. They are a direct reflection, after all, of the service’s cleaning philosophy: whether they value efficiency and thorough sanitation. There’s also no denying the fact that the experience and skill of cleaners Perth will only be magnified tenfold once they are complemented by the proper tools and gadgets.

To be clear, you don’t need to learn the technicalities involved in every cleaning equipment. Simply use the willingness (or enthusiasm) of the company to divulge on how their tools work as a gauge of how serious they are in giving you a satisfactory experience.

Favouring cheap services is like a shot in the dark every time.

It’s understandable that you want to save as much money as possible when hiring cleaners Perth. However, you should certainly not expect to get stellar results every time, especially if you do happen to find a seemingly good company that offers budget-friendly rates.

It’s for this reason why, as much as possible, you should take the time to find out whether their rates are commensurate with their performance. This may take hiring the company for a brief period of time so you can gauge their cleaners’ performance. A one-time service simply will not suffice to form an accurate assessment.

Just look around at forums about the first-hand experience of people with various cheap cleaning services, and you will definitely know what we mean before long. Incidentally, these forums actually serve as a good reference as well because they provide plenty of informative insights about cleaning services in Perth not found elsewhere.

If you have the time, these places are definitely worth checking out for the gold mine of first-hand accounts and suggestions they can provide.

Opt for companies with cleaners that are regular employees than contractual workers.

This is a crucial question that your prospective Perth cleaning company has to have a solid answer to before you make your decision. Most of the time, contractual workers are actually not trained that well compared to full-time cleaners. The latter are largely replaceable and have little association with the company.

If the cleaning company chooses to rely solely on contractual workers, it’s best to steer clear of them. Companies that take the time and money to hone and support their cleaners as full-time employees always manage to be on top of their job every time. On the contrary, contractual arrangements are not only downright exploitative of cleaners but create an environment harmful to businesses, too.

Bonafide examples of good cleaners and agencies are the technicians in the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia. They go the limit in training their recruits in various cleaning disciplines. This is why if the company also happens to be a member of the CCAWA, it’s definitely a telling sign that you will be placing yourself in good, professional hands.

Be more inclined to choose those who have eco-friendly cleaning policies and strategies.

Always remember that it’s not just a matter of getting your place spick and span every time the cleaner comes. You also have to make sure that the company you chose is doing its part in helping to minimise the environmental impacts of cleaning tools and products.

They may offer loads of cleaning services that can fit everyone’s needs, but are all of their methods safe for the environment? Kudos to those who immediately reveal that they do take the extra steps to do this. We won’t have any second thoughts in recommending agencies that exemplify this kind of responsibility, to say the least.

Never overlook insurance and the litigious aspect of availing these services.

In these times when lawsuits can take place in practically any kind of seemingly everyday scenario, it’s only important that you pay attention to this as well. How will you and the company be able to respond if a cleaner got injured? This warrants careful examination of the company’s policies and terms of service regarding such scenarios, so be sure to take the time to request for one and read and understand them.

This also underscores the value of a company that has insurance. They should be able to confidently cover any damage to your home that might be done by their cleaners Perth during the course of service. Yes, they might have higher rates as a direct result, but would you really have peace of mind if you settle for an agency that offers zero levels of assurance?

There are a lot of really good cleaners in Perth, that much is certain. But there are certainly gems that stand out from the rest, and they are the ones that exemplify the qualities we have outlined above. The fact that these professionals are more than willing to help out homeowners by sharing their hacks only goes to show how. They are out there, alright; you just have to know where to look. And we hope that the details we shared will point you towards the right direction.