Prepare Your Office For A Deep Spring Clean

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Spring signifies renewal so it’s important to declutter your environment and get a deep spring clean. You can pluck up the courage and tackle the job on your own or consider a professional cleaning service.

Spring is also a significant time for Perth commercial businesses as it means the start of a new season. A time for new beginnings; why not start the year right with a fresh clean office.

How to Make Your Office Clean and Fresh

You wouldn’t think twice about giving your home a deep spring cleaning; the same should go for your workplace.

Your commercial and office premises shouldn’t be left behind. Professional office cleaning services that specialise in various tasks such as carpet cleaning will give your office a full makeover.

Office Cleaning During the Spring

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Just as your home needs a full spring clean after the harsh winter, so does your office premises. There are cleaners who offer specialised office cleaning during the spring.

An important aspect of office cleaning is getting the carpets cleaned because the floor gathers a lot of dirt. However, even if you hand over the cleaning to a professional cleaner, there are some preparations that you should make before they arrive.

If you are planning to get your commercial space spring-cleaned, there are a few ways to prepare your commercial premise for the cleaning company.

Clear Carpeted Areas

A carpeted room that is well furnished can be tough to clean, and if you don’t remove the furniture beforehand, the carpet cleaning company may not be able to do a satisfactory cleaning job. This is why you should clear out carpeted areas as much as possible and rearrange the unfixed furniture in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the cleaning.

Move Your Personal Belongings

There may be structures that cannot be moved like cubicles, but make sure that items like computer tables, rolling chairs, and other personal belongings are cleared. However, before you make any preparations yourself, find out if the office cleaners will move the furniture as a part of their carpet cleaning package.

Roll up Floor Drapes

Many offices have drapery that reaches and even bundles up on the floor. It is a smart idea to roll or pin them up so that they don’t get in the way of the cleaners. The same goes for furniture that may have skirts that reach the floor. Again, before doing any preparation yourself, discuss with the cleaner if they provide any preparation support as a part of a upholstery cleaning package.

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Do Your Own Inspection

The cleaners are likely to do a thorough inspection when they arrive, but it is a good idea to assess the condition of your carpets first. This will ensure that you are prepared with your requirements for the cleaning service.

Make sure you let the cleaners know the areas that you need cleaned to perfection, for example, the common areas, or the trail leading to reception from the front door.

Keep Your Office Clean and Professional

To know whether your office needs a thorough clean, try to see it through the eyes of a client. You may not realise it, but there may be many things in the office environment which might portray a sloppy image of your company in the mind of the client.

There might be a particularly dusty filing cabinet or a large glass window streaked with dust.

Does Your Office Need a Full Clean?

Reorganising the office may help you realise it requires a deep office clean. Can you remember the last time you got the entire place cleaned from top to bottom?

If several years have gone by, it’s a good idea to let the professionals take over and give your office a fresh and clean makeover. If your company is moving to another office location, you should consider an end of lease clean.

Clean Common Areas

Common areas get dirty faster which is why cleaners should pay special attention to them. You can also give the responsibility of cleaning common areas to the employees as they are the ones who are going to be using the common areas.

The work can be delegated, and clear rules can be made that will keep the space consistently clean. Also, pay attention to door and window cleaning.

Filing Documents

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Tidying up can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of the documents to be sorted, cleaned and reorganized. This is one task that cannot be done by a cleaning company as it requires the knowledge of someone familiar with the documents, the uses, and which ones can be safely discarded.

Therefore, for this too, you have to fall back on your employees. Have staff take some time out of their daily duties to reorganise the document storage. This is especially important if your company is dependent on paperwork. Follow these tips to clean document storage:

  • Go paperless with bank statements and bills
  • Shred personal documents
  • Recycle any stacks of magazines or newspapers
  • Create a filing system
  • Put a recycling bag or bin near the front door
  • Create a designated space for office storage

Keep Computers Clean

Without frequent dusting, dirt and debris may form a thin layer on computers and electrical wires. Now would be the best time to clean your computers and other electronics.

If you want the inside of your computers to be cleaned, you can hire a technician. Below are some tips for keeping your computer clean:

  • Tidy up stray electrical wires
  • Avoid cleaning solutions or a vacuum
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior

Get Everybody Involved

If you are sitting in your office every day, you may not notice the grime that has gathered around you. These are the indicators that you need to get your office thoroughly cleaned.

Windows may have muddy streaks, and electronics, computers, and storage units may have a light layer of dust. These need to be cleaned properly and safely.

A clean office not only impresses customers, but it also raises employee morale and productivity. Give your employees a chance to participate in the cleaning and make sure that everyone does their part.

Get in contact with the professionals at Perth Home Cleaners to discuss which cleaning service is right for you.

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