Cleaning Your Bathroom: A Simple Guide

Bathrooms can be difficult to clean. That’s why they are often neglected, leading to a build-up of stains and scum. When it comes to removing the stains and scum you need to make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly each time or you will find it increasingly difficult to remove.

Let’s take a look at how to properly clean different bathroom areas. It will likely turn out to be less difficult than you may have assumed.

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Sink and Bathtub

Sinks require regular cleaning because of the daily stains and dirt they acquire from various use, including:

  • hair from shaving or combing
  • dried toothpaste spills
  • washing dirty hands
  • makeup spills

Bathtubs are likely to be just as dirty. They can easily develop scum if not cleaned frequently or if the wrong cleaning agents are used.

Aside from their constant use and the subsequent build-up, the sink and tub often appear extremely dirty simply because of the materials they are made of. Most bathroom sinks and tubs are ceramic, meaning they are smooth and probably have a light colour, which causes stains and splatters to appear even more obvious.

Here are some tips to properly clean your sink and bathtub:

Understand that the makeup of the material will determine the kind of cleaning equipment to be used. Since most sinks and bathtubs are made of ceramic or plastic, they don’t require abrasive pads. Instead, use a cloth and cleaning agent that can remove stains.

When removing dirt, don’t stress about getting the most highly targeted, expensive cleaning agent on the market. Regular detergent and water will usually do the trick. If not, see our article on household cleaning agents.

For stubborn stains like dyes, a stronger cleaning agent will be required. Most standard, multi-purpose bleaching agents can be used in this instance. Be sure to read the label thoroughly and use proper protective equipment.

When it comes to scum, a commercial scum remover or a homemade solution (a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar) will help. These products are conveniently available at local stores.

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Glass, Sliding Shower Door

If your shower has a sliding or glass door, it may have accumulated soapy water stains at the bottom and edges of the door. A mixture of detergent and water will help leave your glass door as clear as crystal.

Finish it off with a squeegee going from top to bottom.

If the soapy splatters are persistent, wash with undiluted white vinegar. Its acidic properties will remove the splatter and do no harm on the glass surface and chrome edge.

Remember to scrub your glass surfaces carefully. You may be tempted to use force, especially on stubborn water and soap splatters. But doing so could cause scratches or micro-abrasions. They may not be visible to the naked eye, but they’ll make it easier for scum to gather next time.

With the tips recommended above, you can be sure to get that satisfactory sparkle in your shower without risk of damaging the glass. Learn more about our window and glass cleaning service.


Most bathrooms have a rough floor to prevent slipping, whether it be tiles or terrazzo. Due to the friction of the surface, scrubbing with a tough-bristled brush will be more effective than sweeping with a mop.

An ordinary detergent mixed with water is all that is needed to clean the bathroom floor, followed by clearing out the water by use of a squeegee. The abrasion of the brush bristles will efficiently remove all dirt and grime build-up. A revolving electric brush makes the task even easier, sparing you the energy of scrubbing.

The joints between the tiles is called grout and is usually the filthiest and most difficult part of the bathroom floor to clean. You can find some useful tutorials on grout cleaning on Youtube, or contact us about our tile and grout cleaning service.

We also find that going over the floors with a steam cleaner is much better than a regular mop. You can pick them up pretty cheaply from anywhere you can get a vacuum.

Hopefully these tips will help make cleaning your bathroom a difficult or dreaded chore no longer and give you the tools to do a spotless job with ease.

If you want your bathrooms cleaned professionally, give us a call. It’s a lot easier to keep a bathroom clean than it is to get it looking like new.