Perth Home Cleaners FAQ’s

We hope the following list of frequently asked questions about Perth Home Cleaners will help your research into home cleaning. If your question is not answered from the list below, be sure to contact us with your query.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Operate in My Area?

Perth Home Cleaners service residents in Perth, WA and all suburbs surrounding the following metro centres: Fremantle, Joondalup, Yanchep, Midland, Armadale, Rockingham, and Mandurah. If you are not sure whether we service your area, give us a call to confirm.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Provide Free Estimates and Quotes?

Yes, we provide free online estimates through our website, via email or phone. These are sight unseen estimates, not finalized quotes.

Are the Estimates and Quotes Accurate?

We estimate the cost of a wide variety of cleaning services. However, all estimates and quotes are tentative until a site visit has been arranged. The estimated price of cleaning is accurate if the information supplied is accurate. During a quote visit, our team can walk through your home, assess the cleaning, and discuss service pricing.

What Days and Times are Services Available?

For your convenience, our cleaning teams work seven days a week. The first clean of the day can start at 8:00am and the last clean finishes at 6:00pm.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Have an Hourly Rate?

Perth Home Cleaners can work via an hourly rate. We work all booked hours and complete all items on our projects. This means your property will always be cleaned to the highest standard.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Have Monthly Contracts?

No. There are no contracts to sign, nor minimum periods of cleaning. You can pay per clean.

When Do You Take Payments?

Payment is at time of booking. However, for the convenience of the customer we can process payments the day before the cleaning service, or take cash on the day.

Is There a Package for When I Move into a Home?

We recommend our vacate cleaning package if your property is vacant and unfurnished. This package provides a detailed clean in all areas of the property. If your property is furnished, we recommend our spring-cleaning package.

What Time Will Cleaners Arrive at My Property?

Before the cleaning date, a Perth Home Cleaner representative will confirm the exact start time and arrangements for entering your home. If our representative is unable to reach you, we will leave a message, so be sure to check messages to ensure you finalize your details. Cleaners need to know if you plan to be home and if they have to disarm an alarm system.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Supply Equipment and Cleaning Products to Complete the Job?

Cleaners bring everything including mops, buckets, vacuum cleaner, cloths, and all other necessary cleaning supplies. We do need hot running water, safe usable electrical outlets, and working lights at every property we clean. Alternatively, we can use your cleaning products if you prefer.

Are Commercial or Industrial Strength Cleaning Products Used?

Yes, we use hospital-grade disinfectant and other high-quality cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Can You Use My Cleaning Products?

Yes. However, please let us know in advance so we know how to prepare. We are happy to use your products but cannot guarantee their effectiveness. If you have concerns about allergens or Eco-friendly cleaning products, please let us know in advance.

Can My Pets Be Home?

We love pets, but we want to be able to clean effectively. If you have an aggressive pet, please secure them in a safe location or remove from the property for the duration of the cleaning time. If we are cleaning pet hair, having the pet present during the clean may be counterproductive.

Can Cleaners Move Furniture to Clean Behind it?

Due to insurance restrictions, our cleaners cannot move heavy or large furniture items (couches, chairs, tables, or white goods) to clean behind or under them. If you’d like to move furniture prior to or during the cleaning service, our cleaners will happily clean behind them.

Do You Clean Blinds or Curtains?

Yes, we do. Speak to a representative to ensure this is part of your package before cleaners arrive to service your home.

Do You Clean the Outside Area of My Property?

For our end-of-lease and vacate cleaning packages, we clean your exterior doors, patio, balcony, and cobwebs. Be sure to discuss your need for exterior cleaning during an estimate or quote visit.

Can I Change What is Included in My Cleaning Package?

Perth Home Cleaners welcome your business, and we are happy to provide additional services. However, if you request changes after cleaners arrive, cleaners may not be able to complete the changes on the same day. We may have to schedule additional time and agree on pricing before we can complete additional services. 

Will I Have the Same Cleaners Each Time?

We will try to keep the same cleaners for you on each visit. However, unforeseen circumstances may prevent this from being possible. If so, we will ensure your cleaning service is still covered.

Should I Be Present When the Cleaning Service Takes Place?

It’s up to you. Our cleaners are fully insured, police cleared, and capable of working alone on your property. Please ensure you confirm access arrangements with your cleaning representative(s) before the cleaner’s arrival if you will not be at home during the cleaning service.

What Does “Police Cleared” Mean?

Our cleaners have valid state or national police clearance that was issued less than four years ago. Upon request, our cleaning representatives can give you a copy of a cleaner’s police clearance.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Change Light Globes (Bulbs) and/or Unscrew Light Fittings?

Cleaners don’t carry any tools and don’t use tools to remove light fittings for cleaning. Also, our cleaning representatives don’t have spare light globes (bulbs).

I Have High Ceilings; Will Cleaners Be Able to Clean That High?

Our cleaners carry standard step ladders.  Also, if cleaners feel they can safely complete the cleaning task with an extendable reach tool, they will do so.

Which Payment Methods Does Perth Home Cleaners Accept?

Perth Home Cleaners accept all major credit cards for the final payment on the day of the cleaning.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Help Get Bond Money Back?

We cannot account for all aspects for which your real estate agent or owner may withhold a bond, however, we do guarantee a professional clean. If your real estate agent or owner is unhappy with any aspect of the cleaning as listed in our end-of-lease or vacate cleaning package, then contact us to discuss how to amend those items. Service guarantee terms and conditions apply.

Does Perth Home Cleaners Do Carpet Cleaning?

Yes, Perth Home Cleaners offer carpet cleaning and can arrange for it to accompany your end-of-lease or vacate cleaning service. We offer basic carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning. Basic is a cheaper, quicker cleaning of a carpet, using non-invasive equipment. If you require a more thorough carpet clean, stubborn stain treatment, or more, then the professional carpet clean is the best option.

Is Perth Home Cleaners Hiring?

Perth Home Cleaners is constantly looking for qualified new members to join our team. If you think you’d be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us via our website or phone number (which you can find on our website).

Does Perth Home Cleaners Have Any Testimonials or Reviews from Previous Customers?

Yes, we have many testimonies from satisfied customers. You can find all our previous customer reviews and testimonials on our website.