Professional Emergency Cleaners

We can provide emergency cleaning for a number of situations in Perth. Our cleaning service is able to take last minute bookings for cleaning appointments and we pride ourselves in delivering consistent customer service and satisfaction. Perth Home Cleaners offers full cleaning services and usually has availability to make appointments that customers absolutely must have in a hurry.

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Our end of lease cleaning in Perth is one of our most requested cleaning services. We make last minute bookings for end of lease cleaning for various reasons. Some of the more common complaints is that an existing cleaning service that was booked was booked on the wrong day or week.  The customer only finds out either on the day of the appointed clean or  half an hour after the appointed time. Quite often the customer rings the cleaning company only to discover the details were recorded incorrectly and now the day that was booked is taken and unavailable. This is where we can help.

We find also that many customers turn away their initial cleaning company after realising that they appear unprofessional and unable to handle the task and have established little to no trust with the customer. Sometimes customers experience a shock on arrival and discover the quoted price has changed and the job description to perform has been altered.

At Perth Home Cleaners we pride ourselves in offering full and frank disclosure for all cleaning descriptions and prices. Customers in Perth can rest assured that Perth Home Cleaners is an honest business and can be trusted to enter your house and perform as expected. You only have to read some of our customers testimonials to see how our customers rate us.

Emergency cleaning in Perth for your end of lease cleaning can be a useful service if you require a one off vacate clean the next day or even the same day. Our bond cleaners will work hard to accommodate your requests.

House cleaning that you need done in hurry can also be provided by Perth Home Cleaners in Perth. We can offer our usual high standards for any domestic cleaning or spring cleaning for your home or property. Our house cleaning services for emergency situations is available throughout Perth.

It is all too common to receive urgent phone calls from builders in Perth who require a builders clean urgently. We have teams with builders cleaning experience for any post renovation or post construction cleaning. We find that builders are so busy getting on with the job that it’s only when they are finishing up they realise they had better bring in some professional cleaners so they can move to the next job quickly. Our after building cleaning is handy to utilise because we offer on demand cleaning services and can usually accommodate most cleaning requests.

A once-off domestic cleaning is often booked by home owners who need a quick cleaning service on a tight deadline. We can provide one off domestic house cleaning to residents in Perth because our teams of cleaners frequent all Perth suburbs regularly,  so we probably have a team nearby already.

Emergency window cleaning is also available. We provide urgent window cleaning for customers who want crystal clear windows very quickly.  This can be because guests are expected or because it is a cleaning task  which have been left to the last minute. Using professional window cleaners can make your life easier and you can forget about such a difficult cleaning task and leave it to Perth Home Cleaners.

Emergency cleaning is usually a one off clean due to a particular circumstance.  And thankfully for our customers the urgent situation is unusual and unlikely to happen again.

Emergency office cleaning in Perth is a valuable cleaning service we provide to commercial customers. If an accident occurs at your office it is usually paramount to get it cleaned asap. We provide full commercial cleaning services and this includes emergency cleaning so we are happy to help if you find yourself in a bind.

Phone or email Perth Home Cleaners to see how can solve your emergency cleaning problems.