8 Tips To Boost Your Feng Shui With House Cleaning

lime green sofas on a polished hardwood floor with a potted tree

Find out how to balance the energy in your space with 8 simple house cleaning tips.

Feng Shui is a combination of theories, art, science, and philosophies that were all put together thousands of years ago in China.

It’s all about balancing the energy in your home for good fortune, health and happiness.

This veritable cocktail of wise axioms that we know as Feng Shui isn’t just great for the feel of your home. It can create a chic and beautiful look in any space. It works well with minimalist households, the kind of home bursting with more good vibes than belongings.

Do you want to help the energy in your space to feel balanced and healthy?

Incorporate these 8 tips into your next house cleaning session.

Clean Your Windows

Balancing the five elements (earth, wind, water, air, fire) is how you achieve harmony and balance in a space with Feng Shui. With that in mind, it makes sense that you let in abundant natural light into your home. Natural light represents the fire element.

Cleaning the areas that allow that natural light in can be completed in four steps:

  1. Remove any clutter or ornaments from around the window that blocks light.
  2. Cut down and trim any bushes or trees outside the window that block light coming in from the outside.
  3. Clean and refine window decorations like the blinds and curtains, ensuring they are easy to pull up or tie back during the day.
  4. Clean your windows thoroughly inside and outside.
a dog looking into an overflowing washing basket

Get Rid of The Debbie Downers

Get rid of the items in your home that bring you down or make you feel melancholic. The broken or stained things, the things you don’t really like, the things that irritate you.

Marie Kondo, the queen of tidying, says everything you own should bring you joy. As you meander around house cleaning, don’t just skim over what irks you. Think carefully about the item, and if it doesn’t give you joy, ditch that Debbie Downer!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Keeping your home decluttered is a strong aspect of Feng Shui. It’s no surprise, as clutter is generally bad news all round for the home.

It uses up space, it’s stressful, it makes house cleaning more difficult and it causes unwanted distraction from the things that really matter to you.

Deal with the overloaded drawer or the cupboard spilling out its papery guts next time you clean, for a better looking and feeling home.

Hygge Meets Feng Shui

An important aspect of Feng Shui is avoiding furniture being placed against walls as it creates negative space in the middle of the room. Instead your focus should be on encouraging social interaction, which is good for the soul.

The same sentiment is reflected in Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), a Scandinavian term for special moments and cosiness, often shared with others. It’s all about promoting that sense of intimacy and encouraging interaction with your decor layout.

Hygge is not part of Feng Shui but in this instance, borrowing Hygge social space ideas is a great idea. Next time you’re getting house cleaning done consider the following:

  • Is this space inviting?
  • What could I add or take away from this space to make it more social?
  • How could this area facilitate a special moment?

To help you find more Hygge inspiration, here’s a handy Youtube video.


Say It with Colour

Have you ever been house cleaning and you’ve suddenly realised that despite your best efforts, your house is kind of bland?

It’s time to level-up your home with some colourful visual treats. Colours have a huge impact on your mood, and true Feng Shui decor includes carefully selected colour palettes to contribute to the good energy of a home.

You can do this by putting out something as simple as a fresh bunch of flowers after a big weekly clean. It doesn’t have to be a total renovation with paint.

Think carefully about the colours you use though, as they are deeply impactful when it comes to the mood of your home. Learn more about the meaning of different colours in design.

Keep That Kitchen Clean & Well-Stocked

Feng Shui principles suggest that the kitchen is the area of the home related to your wealth.

With that in mind, it should be clean, well-stocked with ingredients, and uncluttered. Treat it in the same way that you want your finances to be well-organised, abundant and easy to manage.

When you are cleaning your home and you’re in the kitchen, pay a little extra attention to that space and hopefully you’ll boost your ability to attract money.

Clean Areas You Don’t Usually Clean

House cleaning usually centres around what is inside the house, but Feng Shui applies to any space and area important to you. Your front door, for example, is really important in Feng Shui. It represents the gateway to opportunity and it is also a clear representation of your home.

Make sure to keep the area around the door clear of obstacles. Regularly clean the dirt out of the door mat. Wash the tiles, carpet or floorboards around the front door.

boxes piled up in an otherwise empty room, cleaning equipment ready to go. A fresh start.

Give it a scrub and a wipe and make sure it’s free of bugs.

How about your garden? Being in nature has a profound impact on how we feel. Your house cleaning routine should extend to your garden. Even if you’re just clearing a few weeds or toys away, you’re nurturing your own piece of nature, and boosting that energy in your outdoor space.

You can transform your living space with house cleaning and Feng Shui.

Feng Shui inspired tips, like those above, are a helpful start to transforming your home for the better. With some thoughtful home cleaning, adjustments and creativity, your home can be a happy and healthy place absolutely bursting with good vibes and positive energy.

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