7 Essential Precautions When Pressure Cleaning Your Home’s Roof

Of all the exterior parts of your home that you might use pressure cleaning for, it is the roof that throws up the most difficulties. Apart from the obvious point that the roof is on the top of your home and therefore the least accessible area, there are several other hurdles and issues that arise that make pressure cleaning a roof less than easy.

Whilst it might not be the easiest place to pressure clean, that does not mean it is impossible. In fact, pressure cleaning a roof could be considered essential to ensure it is maintained properly and that it continues its primary function to the fullest extent, which is to protect your home, particularly from rainfall.

If you believe it will be time for you to pressure clean your roof soon, the number one priority is safety for you and those below. In addition, you want to ensure that your roof is not damaged in any way. To these ends, there are several precautions that you should take before and during any pressure cleaning of a roof. Read on, and will discover seven of those precautions which are deemed essential for roof pressure cleaning.

#1 –  Plan And Prepare Properly

You must plan and prepare before attempting this task. The focus should be on safety such as safe access to the roof and ensuring you have the correct pressure cleaning equipment and detergents.

#2 – Cover, Protect, Or Remove Items Below

Anything adjacent to your home should be protected, either by moving it far enough so that it is out of harm’s way or by covering it to protect it. This applies especially to plants, garden items, and your car if it is normally parked on your driveway.

#3 – Wear Appropriate Clothing And Necessary Safety Equipment

Clothing should be such that it cannot snag on anything. Your footwear should have good tread so that your feet do not slip. Other safety equipment includes gloves and eye protection, plus you may also wish to wear a mask to protect against chemical fumes.

#4 – Have Someone Work With You

Pressure cleaning a roof is not a job that should be alone. You must have someone below at the very least hold the ladders, operate the pressure cleaner’s main unit, or raise the alarm should an accident occur.

#5 – Use A Sturdy Ladder

As well as someone holding ladders, you must ensure that you are not using just any old pair of ladders. They should be robust and checked thoroughly for any damage before you climb up or down.

#6 – Clean The Roof Section By Section

The simplest and safest way to pressure clean the roof is to work from the centre, starting from the roof’s apex and then working outwards to the edges of the roof, section by section

#7 – When Walking On The Roof Avoid Standing On Wet Tiles

One of the reasons we mentioned the previous point about working section by section, is it reduces the chances of you stepping on wet tiles. This should be avoided as much as possible given the risk of slipping and falling.