How To Keep Household Pests At Bay

Have you ever asked yourself the question “should I hire a professional cleaner?”. You might want one for your home, or maybe your office, your retail outlet, or an industrial site.

Hygiene is a very hot topic. Health is so important at this time. In fact, it’s the most valuable thing we all have.

So, we have some useful tips on why, when and how you should consider hiring a real estate cleaning company in Perth, Western Australia.

Your Health is your Most Valuable Asset

We all know that it’s important to keep your home clean. Your home will look better and smell good. A clean home is far better for your health too, as a regularly cleaned home keeps down harmful allergens, which can cause hay fever, as well as pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungus-like harmful household moulds which produce airborne spores.

Cleaning also cuts down on household parasites and pests, which thrive in poorly cleaned homes and dirty carpets, rugs, mattresses, laundry, bed linen, curtains and other cosy ‘bug hotels’. Poorly cleaned kitchens and bathrooms are also a big hit with the bug and bacteria community. Then there are dirty air conditioning units, too. Plenty of places for uninvited guests.

Australia is the “Lucky Country” but we have more than our fair share of household pests and Perth.

Perth’s warm but well-watered climate means it is a great place to live. Over the years, Perth has grown, as more and more people come to sample it’s a great location here on the western edge of the Land Downunder.

We have plenty of tourism too here on the banks of the Swan River, with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean on one side, and the outback and Nullarbor Desert on the other.

Unfortunately, as well as being a popular location for people, Western Australia is very popular with household pests too. Just as we love our homes, so do pests.

An A to Z of Perth household pests includes Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Mice, Moths, Rats, Spiders, Ticks, Termites, and Wasps.

You don’t want to keep calling in heavy-duty pest control services to get rid of these bad guys. A visit from a pest control company will often cost you a whole lot of money and it’s an unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing experience. That applies to industry and retail as well as the home.

Most of these household pest annoyances can be discouraged from coming into the house and maybe making a home in your carpet by thorough house or office cleaning. If you take away the reasons why these pests come in – or make their life a misery if they do – you will protect your home and yourself.

Life is better without having guys with chemical sprays wandering around your house, diving into your kitchen, setting indoor and outdoor traps and putting down noxious bait. You also might need some emergency cleaning when you are in a hurry too.

Let’s put the Perth Pesky Pest “usual suspects” into a line-up, and see what their motives are.


Ants should be living in your garden and leaving you alone. However, they will come into your house (especially your kitchen) if they can find sources of food. They love sugary stuff, so anything like that on surfaces in your kitchen, or dropped on the floor there or anywhere else, will have them telling all their Ant buddies to come to have a picnic. At your expense. Our Perth house cleaning service will send them packing.


Bed Bugs love you. Well at least, they love to eat you. Unless your sheets, bed, and bedroom are clean, expect to spend a scratchy sleepless night with them.

Authoritative studies show that one can carry disease too. People find this really gross right? So you need to keep sheets clean but also mattresses, pillows, bolsters and bedside carpets and rugs. Our Perth cleaning service will take care of that.


Cockroaches are gross and even more nasty disease carriers. They transport pathogenic microbes and can be linked to asthma and other diseases. If they get near your food, expect to get sick.

Cockroaches don’t like clean houses that much, because there isn’t as much to eat (or places to hide) as in a dirty one. Therefore, cleaning a house thoroughly with our western Australian cleaning service will also clean some of them out.


If you keep pets in the house, you are at risk of fleas, which spread all kinds of pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Sometimes fleas can carry tapeworms too which are really nasty. It’s not enough to just treat your pet for fleas, you have to make sure they aren’t hiding out in your house too. Our thorough household cleaning drives these nasties out.


Flies love food debris and your average housefly has pretty poor personal hygiene. So, just as you want the fleas to fly, you want the flies to flee.


Mice are great in cartoons and stories but not in your home. Forget Micky and Jerry. Mice will be after anything edible in the house and will be leaving disease-bearing waste matter as their calling cards.

Now, you can’t stop persistent mice purely by thoroughly cleaning your home, but it will help. Disrupt the best laid plans of your mice, with a visit from our cleaning services.


Moths can be serious textile pests. Keeping clothes clean (and cleaning where the clothes are stored) makes your house less attractive to them. Just say no to Tinea pellionella and Tineola bisselliella. They love dirty clothes and carpets, and think human sweat and other organic liquids are yummy – as it helps them raise a family!

So, it’s important to clean carpets and clean fabrics to help keep these bad guys at bay. Our Perth carpet cleaning services are second to none.


Rats. Enough said. It’s the same deal with them as Mice but bigger and more aggressive. They are major disease carriers. Don’t encourage them with bits of food lying around the house.

Who wants Rats as uninvited house guests? Keep your house or office clean with our professional cleaners and they will have less reason to hang around. You definitely don’t want them at the end of a lease.


Spiders in Perth can be nasty – as all us Aussies know from a young age. Perth isn’t London where few people need to worry about subtropical spiders, just like they don’t worry about keeping air conditioning clean – as most Londoners don’t need and don’t have air conditioning. Or subtropical spiders.

Perth isn’t Auckland or Wellington either. A lot of household nasties never made it to New Zealand. Some of our native Aussie spiders really mean business. If the world of spiders was like the world of cricket, we Aussies would be at the top – we have the Perth spider equivalent of a top Aussie fast bowler attack.

You really don’t want redbacks as lodgers around your house. Now they aren’t after you – or your food – but they will happily live in nooks and crannies. For example, they love damaged or loose tiles and grout. So, regular and deep cleaning by our team helps to reduce their numbers.


Ticks come into Perth houses on pets but are known disease carriers for humans too, including the very nasty Lyme disease. Again, don’t assume just dosing your pets will do the trick with ticks. What about your upholstery, furniture and curtains? Get our Perth real estate cleaning company in, and clean them out of fabrics and carpet too.


Wasps love sugar. People hate wasps. Simple. So, keeping things clean helps keep them away.

Now, read on to find out how our Perth professional real estate cleaning company will put pressure on pesky pests keep Western Australian household pests at bay and get answers to questions like:

“How can I clean my house in 2 hours?”
“Is hiring a house cleaner worth it?”
“How much does it cost to deep clean a house?”
“How do I book a house cleaning service?
“Do I have to be present during the cleaning?”
“What happens if I’m not happy with the service?”

When you should use professional house cleaners

Everyone should keep their homes clean. These days we are all aware of the serious issues with viruses and bacteria. So, even before we get to dealing with pesky pests, our professional home cleaning is a sensible option.

How much does a home clean cost, compared to getting seriously sick? Peanuts. Even an upset stomach is a hassle. There is nothing more valuable than our health, but many of us have busy lives, commitments, etc. Some of us might have mobility issues too. So, is hiring a house cleaner worth it? – For many people, the answer is “yes”.

What’s more, if you are either renting a property out – or it is your property you are renting to someone else, it’s important to know how to meet hygiene standards and a failed inspection will create big issues.

Even more important is when you have people in your home with health issues. Asthma and eczema sufferers and people with other debilitating health problems simply must live in clean houses. For anyone with an immune system issue, that’s’ critical too.

In these cases, our professional real estate cleaning service is a necessity, not a luxury.

Now read on to find out more about the cleaning costs and benefits of beating bed bugs, conquering cockroaches, wiping out wasps, suppressing spiders and annihilating ants.

How much do professional house cleaners cost?

Have you ever wondered how professional cleaning in Perth compares to the UK, US, Canada or New Zealand? In truth, things are much the same. Londoners do not have Mary Poppins popping in via umbrella to tidy things up. Sad but true. More likely it will be staff from the many London professional cleaning agencies.

Professional home cleaning costs vary in Perth, just as they do around the world. At the low end, you have a part-time lady or man who makes a few extra dollars coming around your home to do some light cleaning. However, you could easily do that yourself – so they might help with hygiene a bit, but not much.

You are also taking pot luck paying someone who may be untrained, unregulated and who has had no background checks. There is a worldwide issue with this – just as there is in Perth. These unlicensed, untrained maids can get up to all kinds of bad stuff.

Even the honest ones aren’t necessarily any good. That’s why Authorities like the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia. run a specialized course on cleaning to make sure strict standards are in place.

If you hire a cleaner from our well known and well-respected Perth real estate cleaning company, you are in safe hands and get some other benefits:

  • You do not have to be present during the cleaning
  • You can book a deep clean or a regular normal clean
  • You aren’t expected to tip (at least it is at your discretion)
  • If you are not happy with the service, we will send someone else
  • You can choose to provide the cleaning equipment and detergents, or not
  • We will have specialized protective clothes if needed for the specific job

We can also offer specialized services like interior window cleaning, deep fridge cleaning, deep oven cleaning, laundry washing and laundry ironing. These are all time consuming chores, so since time is money, well worth considering.

All in all, a lot of advantages to using our Western Australian Real Estate Cleaning Company, compared to struggling to find the time to do a thorough job yourself.

Dealing with Real Estate Cleaning Chemicals

This also brings us to the topic of “what are the most toxic household cleaners?”. American charity The Environmental Working Group (EWG) campaigns to raise awareness about some of the trace chemicals found in current cleaning products. These can include low levels of formaldehyde and chloroform, both of which are potentially carcinogenic. There are some EWG worries about untrained householders using products that have things like benzalkonium chloride, ethanolamines and triclosan. Just to name a few.

In reality, provided that you follow the household cleaner manufacturer’s instructions strictly, especially about ventilation, gloves, etc. you should not have a problem with any of these. However, why not leave that cleaning job to our professional cleaners who have been trained on exactly how to handle these products?

Be like Arnold Schwarzenegger

When you see Arnie battling aliens or killer robots in the movies, he isn’t using a penknife, right? More likely it will be a minigun.

In the same way, our experienced real estate cleaning company cleaners, also have access to far more powerful and effective cleaning equipment than is normally found in a home.

Because the team at Perth Home Cleaners work at cleaning every day, we can afford to buy (or rent) specific devices for carpet, floor, mattress, rug and curtain deep cleaning. Things like industrial-grade foggers, sprayers, sweepers and scrubbers. Do you have a professional real estate cleaning fogger? Or a high-performance floor polisher. Neither do I, right? But I know a company who can get one.

So, if you are in Perth and battling mold, viruses, bacteria or pesky critters, time to bring in the big guns right?. Then it’s ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby’, to your uninvited guests.

How long will cleaning my home take?

This depends on the size of your home and the amount of cleaning you need done. It usually takes professional cleaners less time to clean your home than an office, or a shop.

Homes are generally cleaned during the day, while offices and businesses are cleaned when they are shut.

There’s some useful background information on the Australian Cleaning Contractors Alliance and also the Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association.

Get Effective Hygiene with Perth Real Estate Cleaning

Our Perth real estate cleaning company brings real value to household cleaning. Hiring a professional and reputable real estate cleaner gives you peace of mind.

Whether it’s a regular service or occasional visits, your home will look better, smell better and be healthier. It’s important for everyone’s health but it’s especially important for people with health issues that can be worsened.

You do not need to share your home with things you can’t see, like viruses and bacteria, or fleas. You also don’t want stuff you can see, like ticks, flies, cockroaches, fabric pests, rodents or biting spiders.

So, call for backup from and lead a happier and healthier life.

There really is nothing more important than your health. So contact Perth Home Cleaners now by phone or by email to make a booking.