A Detailed Guide To Cleaning Your Doors

Many people don’t focus a lot on cleaning their house doors, because they think it is a hard task. If you are one of them, we are here to solve your problem. We have some amazing cleaning solutions which can bring neatness and shine to all of your doors. There are different procedures for doors of different materials which will be super beneficial for all your door cleaning needs. Now let’s just end the wait and get into the details of this fun cleaning task.

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How To Choose the Right Door-Cleaning Method?

Choosing the right door cleaning method completely depends on the material of your door. For example; the chemicals or cleaning method for a glass door would be different from that of a wooden door. This blog will get into the details of the perfect cleaning method for fiberglass, wooden, painted, and steel doors.

Fiberglass Doors

The two best things which make fiberglass popular are its easy maintenance and energy-efficient features. The first step is to wipe the dust and debris from your door using a clean cloth. Now mix some vinegar with some warm water and use a clean cloth or a sponge to scrub any stains present on your door. The next thing is to use a brush with soft bristles to target any tough spots on the fiberglass door.

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Once you are done getting rid of the stains the final thing is to rinse the door with some clean water. Additionally, you can use some drops of your favorite essential oil to add a nice scent to your doors. Usually, this procedure doesn’t take more than an hour but depending upon the stains or dust present on your fiberglass doors the time may vary.

Painted Doors

Cleaning a painted door may be a hard task for many people as no one wants the paint to come off. The procedure for cleaning painted doors also starts with using clean cloths to wipe off any dust present on your door. You can also use a microfiber cloth or a duster to do this step. Get some warm water in a bucket and mix in around a half a glass of soap. Mix it well until bubbles appear. Now, take a clean rag, and dip it into this mixture, thoroughly squeeze the excess solution before applying it to your door.

Whenever you are cleaning a painted door one thing you have to keep in mind is to stay gentle. Apply a little pressure only when it is needed. In the case you see any stubborn stains, you can apply some force on the door. Also, be careful that you are not using any harsh cleaner to clean your painted door. Harsh cleaners may save you a lot of time but it will decrease the life or quality of the paint on your door.

Wooden Doors

One big problem with a wooden door is that it catches dust easily. This is why using a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off dust before starting any other cleaning procedure is essential. This will save you from getting streaks on your door when you apply a liquid cleaner or conditioner for further cleaning. Now use a solution of water and mild soap, dip a clean cloth in it and scrub it gently on your wooden door. Special attention is needed for the molded areas of the door where small cracks are present which may allow a good amount of dirt to settle. If you want to bring extra shine to your door, don’t forget to add a mild oil to your water and soap solution.

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Also, don’t forget to use a dry towel to wipe off the excess liquid you have applied to your wooden door. Another common problem people with wooden doors experience is moisture issues. This problem can be prevented by drawing the excess liquid with a clean dry towel. Lastly, you can use a liquid polish specially made for wooden furniture to bring shine and lustre to your doors. The right way to apply this polish is to wipe in the direction of your door’s natural wood grain.

Steel Doors

Whenever it comes to choosing an easy-to-maintain door, a steel door is a popular choice. These doors are long-lasting, easy to clean, and super easy to maintain. The only problem many people experience when cleaning a steel door is dealing with scratches. To avoid scratching your door, the easiest solution is to stay gentle when cleaning.

Start with clearing the excess dust off with any clean cloth. Now add some all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle and mix it well. You may apply this solution by spraying it directly onto the door. The other way is to dip a clean cloth in this solution and rub this cloth gently over your door, and then dry it with another towel.

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To Wrap It Up

Who doesn’t need a shine on all the doors of their house or office? A nice and clean door can add a brightness to your whole home. A lot of people find it easier to clean glass doors as compared to wooden ones. We are sure that after reading our guide, you will find cleaning all your doors, regardless of the material they are made of, easy. If you have any questions or queries about professional home cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us